Under Armour Charged Bandit 3

Under Armour made some big improvements to the Charged Bandit 2 and came out with a totally reimagined, totally improved Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 for 2017. You can expect to find a lightweight stability shoe with a ton of plush cushioning. This is a shoe that is versatile enough to take you through longer, easy runs as well as fast-paced tempo workouts. Runners love this shoe for marathon training as well. It includes some of the newest technologies to improve the running experience. The midsole of the shoe features Under Armor's patented Charged Cushioning midsole foam. This provides superior feedback to the runner and does an excellent job of absorbing shock. The midsole also provides superior bounce and cushioning. The upper is designed using Under Armour's patented SpeedForm that conforms to the foot to provide a unique, adaptable fit for each individual runner. Runners who are looking for a minimalist shoe can look elsewhere, but runners who need something cushioned and stable for their longer runs, they may have found their match in the Under Armour Charged Bandit 3.

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Pros & Cons






Not great for wet conditions

Loses traction once they get wet

Key Features
The two areas where this outsole shines is really in its flexibility and durability. The outsole is constructed using a durable rubber material. Additionally, there is added reinforcement in the highest wear areas like the heel and midfoot. Due to the lightweight rubber material, the shoe is able to provide superior durability and protection without adding an unwanted weight to the shoe. The underfoot of the shoe is designed with deep flex grooves to add flexibility to the shoe and promote the foot's natural movement. The use of the lightweight rubber provides the runner with extra traction that makes this a great shoe for treadmills and urban running.
The main focus of the midsole of the Under Armour Charge Bandit 3 is to ensure a responsive, springy ride for the runner. That is why Under Armour went with a compression molded EVA midsole foam. Compression molded midsoles, compared to injected molded midsoles, tend to offer more cushioning and spring, and also hold their shape longer. Runners found that CMEVA midsole foam was a more responsive choice too. Finally, the CMEVA midsole foam tends to be more cost-effective than it's slightly more expensive IMEVA.
The upper of this shoe has been redesigned from the Charged Bandit 2 to include some run new technologies. The start of the upper of this shoe is the UA SpeedFoam, a breathable material that molds to the foot to provide a personalized fit for every runner. Reviewers commented that their feet stayed dry and cool regardless of the weather or the length of their run. Another new addition to the 3 is the extensive details that have been added to the heel of the shoe. The heel now features an external heel counter that keeps the foot locked in place. This protects against blisters and friction and provides the runner with superior stability.
Due to the extreme breathability and cushioning of the upper, one reviewer went so far as to say that the upper on the Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 was one of the most comfortable uppers that she's ever experienced. The breathability in this shoe does an amazing job of regulating the internal temperature of the shoe to keep the foot cool, dry, and free from irritation and blisters. Keep in mind it is not waterproof or water resistant and running in wet conditions is not suggested for this shoe.
For as much cushioning as this shoe provides, it is surprisingly lightweight. The shoe weighs in at only 9.14 ounces, which keeps it in the lightweight category. This can be attributed to the CMEVA midsole foam and the upper material. The upper is made from a lightweight breathable mesh that molds to the foot. While the midsole features added stability features like a secure heel counter, it uses a lightweight outsole and midsole to offset the weight. What you end up with a lightweight shoe that can provide enough cushioning to carry the runner on long miles.
Runners loved the overall comfort that this shoe provides. It features a lightweight design that makes it good for fast workouts and races but provides enough cushioning and support to carry the runner through long runs too. Runners also loved it for everyday wear and casual, fashionable, walking shoes. Runners from all abilities levels found this shoe's comfort to be a welcoming inclusion to their running shoe arsenal. One of the details that make this shoe such a comfortable choice is the Under Armour patented SpeedForm technology. This is a technology that actually molds to the shape of the foot and gives the shoe a snug, glove-like fit and feel.
The Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 comes in three color combinations. The color options available in this style are more subdued. If you are runner looking for a vibrant running style, this shoe might not be the best option for you. However, runners did really love this shoe for its understated style. It is a great shoe no only for your athletic endeavors, but also as a stylish everyday casual shoe.
This shoe offers light protection in a few key areas. The first is through the external heel counter, which keeps the heel secure and protects against blisters and unwanted friction. Since the outsole is made from a durable rubber material, it also does a great job of protecting the runner from the elements of the road. The prominent cushioning protects your joints from the damage of repeated impact on roads and other paved surfaces.
Runners reported that the durability of this shoe is average. The outsole material is made from a durable rubber that protects the shoe from premature wear and tear. In places of high tread, Under Armour included thicker outsole material too. The CMEVA midsole foam also does a great job of bouncing back after runs and maintaining its original form. However, some runners commented that because of the extra soft, breathable upper material, runners experienced some fraying along the collar and laces of the shoe.
Runners can expect to find support in this shoe is a few different areas. First, the shoe comes with an external heel counter which is designed to keep the foot stable and secure. The heel counter keeps the foot in place and eliminates chafing and friction that can lead to blisters. Another supportive element of this shoe is the material used in the upper. Runners loved Under Armour's patented Speedform construction. This creates an adaptive fit that morphs to the shape of the foot. It is snug and supportive but still lightweight and breathable enough to not infringe on the natural movement of the foot.
The midsole of these shoes, combined with the lower drop, makes them exceptionally responsive. The midsole foam is a CMEVA midsole and uses Under Armour's patented Charged Cushioning material. This material provides superior responsiveness through its springy material. This material actually absorbs the shock of each footfall and returns the energy to the foot to keep the runner from fatigue. In addition to this, the 10 mm heel drop provides the runners with excellent ground feel. Since runners felt more connected to the road below them, they were able to change directions and speed quickly and efficiently.
This shoe is best suited for urban running. The traction afforded through the outsole is grippy enough that runners liked this shoe for track and treadmill workouts. However, since the traction becomes less effective when it gets wet, it is not suggested for slippery conditions, including trail running.
There is a lot to love about these shoes, but one of the elements that runners raved the most about is the price tag. This shoe costs almost half the price of the average running shoe. It provides the runner with a versatile shoe that is good for distance running, tempo running, and a variety of other athletic endeavors and casual use. Runners commented that they were surprised such an affordable shoe could provide such a great fit and feel.
The outsole provides the runner with great traction. Runners loved these shoes for pavement and treadmill running because of the added grip to the bottom. However, runners commented that these shoes were unable to maintain their traction once they got wet. For that reason, these are not great shoes for running in the rain or in slippery conditions.
Runners loved the flexible feel of the Under Armour Charged Bandit 3. In both, the outsole and the upper, athletes found flexibility elements that made for a very comfortable ride. The upper of the shoe features Under Armour's patented SpeedForm design that adapts to the unique shape of the runner's foot. This provides the runner with a highly flexible upper that promotes the foot's natural movement. The outsole is made from a durable rubber material but is designed with flex grooves along the underfoot. These flex grooves bend and move easily with the foot and also promote a natural movement.
This is a neutral running shoe, but it does provide the runner with slight stability support. The midsole of the shoe cradles the foot, providing added arch support. This helps the runner improve their gait if they suffer from overpronation issues. This is not a shoe for the severe overpronator, but a runner who is looking for slight pronation support could benefit from this shoe and find it comfortable.
The drop on these shoes is 10 millimeters. This keeps them from being labeled a barefoot running shoe. However, runners did appreciate that although this shoe does provide added cushioning and support it doesn't feel too clunky or bulky. This shoe is still close enough to the ground to provide the runner with superior responsiveness.
Key Features
- Patented Under Armour SpeedForm
- Ortholite sock liner
- Flex Grooves along the underfoot
- CMEVA midsole
Bottom Line
The Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 is a versatile shoe that can take the runner on swift, quick runs as well as longer, slower runs. This shoe offers superior cushioning through the CMEVA midsole. It also uses Under Armours patented SpeedForm material that molds to the foot to provide a unique, customizable fit. Runners report that the fit is extremely snug but because of the breathability of the upper, they never felt restricted or claustrophobic. The outsole of the shoe features deep flexed grooves to increase the flexibility of the shoe and promote a natural gait cycle. Finally, the shoe features added support and stability through the addition of an external heel counter that keeps the foot in place and reduces unwanted friction and movement.
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