10 Best Ultra Running Shoes Rated & Tested


Ultramarathons include any race that’s more than the 26.2 miles.  For these long distance races, runners need high performance, lightweight, and durable ultra running shoes to perform at their best. Often, a basic pair of running shoes won’t hold up, so ultra running shoes are needed.

There are many different running shoes available for ultra marathon runners. To decide which pair of ultra running shoes would best fit your needs, we have put together this list of the best ultra running shoes you can buy.

Last Updated: February 3, 2018
By Brian Price:

Some of the updates we made to this guide include solid picks from Saucony and Inov-8, in addition to more in the FAQ section.

Hoka One One Clayton
  • Hoka One One Clayton
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High-Rebound Cushioning & Traction
  • Price: See Here
Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2
  • Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Full-length EVA Stable Frame
  • Price: See Here
Tesla T320
  • Tesla T320
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Shock Absorbant Synthetic Midsole
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Ultra Running Shoes


1. Hoka One One Clayton

Most runners want a balance between a lightweight running shoe for top speeds and a supportive shoe that's comfortable to wear over the long term. The Hoka CLAYTON line is a top rated, high performance running shoe with the comfort, stability, and features endurance runners need. It is available in both men's and women's sizes. However, it is not available in narrow or wide widths.
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The Hoka CLAYTON is known for comfort. With a firmer front and a softer heel, joints are better protected and runners experience better propulsion. The extra cushioning promotes comfort during long endurance races.

Many marathon runners report that they are able to wear these shoes through the training and race day for many races. The mix of synthetic and mesh materials on the exterior increase durability. The rubber sole better protects runner's feet against the elements.

These shoes are among the most expensive shoes featured on this list. However, many serious runners say these are their favorite shoes to run in and how they last a long time. For this, these shoes are worth the price.
  • Superior cushioning and support
  • Excellent traction and grip
  • Lightweight considering the features
  • Not available in narrow or wide widths
  • More expensive than competitor versions

2. ASICS GEL-Venture 5

The ASICS GEL-Venture 5 is a best selling race shoe. It is available in both men's and women's sizes. Its gel-based sole promotes ultimate comfort.
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The innovative Rearfood GEL Cushioning System promotes great comfort for runners. This is great for everyday training sessions or long endurance races. A removable liner allows space for custom orthotic inserts.

Several components of this shoe promote durability. First, a trail-specific outsole means runners can travel on any terrain. High abrasion rubber means rough surfaces won't damage the shoes. Last, a rugged exterior ensure longevity.

These shoes cost less than most comparable versions, from ASICS and other manufacturers. Depending on the size and color, these shoes may cost roughly half of what shoes with similar features cost.
  • Superior arch support
  • Affordable and feature-driven
  • Highly durable shoes
  • Heavier than other ultra running shoes
  • Might be narrower than other shoes

3. Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2

The Adidas Adizero Adios 2 is a running shoe made for long, endurance races or training runs. The solid energy return makes it great for conserving energy in ultra marathons. It is available in men's and women's styles.
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These shoes promote stability and comfort for high performance runners who rely on their mid to forefoot. They carefully balance weight against efficiency and speed. Advanced cushioning promotes added comfort.

Its full length EVA frame promotes both stability and durability. A rubber sole protects the shoes from the elements.

For runners who need more stability from their running shoe, the Adidas Adizero Adios 2 is a solid bet. The full frame and added cushioning are a great value, given the average price.
  • Affordable
  • Offers tremendous stability and cushioning
  • Great breathability

4. Inov-8 X-Talon 200

Inov-8 has been designing high-quality footwear for outdoor athletes for years. These shoes have been specially designed for running over soft and extreme terrain.
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The X-Talon 200 has been designed with a 3mm heel-to-toe drop and injected EVA midsole in order to increase performance and comfort by bringing the foot closer to the ground. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance with this shoe. They are very light and highly flexible, encouraging the natural moment of your foot. The rubber studs on the bottom have been designed to prevent slipping even on wet ground. The tough, thick rubber tow dump will help protect your feet from obstacles like rocks.
You may need to take some time to break these shoes in before a truly long run, though many runners have found they work great right out of the box. Like many other extremely lightweight ultra-shoes, they run small and close to your foot. The sizes are all for men, so women should figure out men’s sizes work for them. These shoes can fit people with wider feet very well. If you need inserts or orthotics, you can fit these inside the X-Talon 200s without making the shoes impossible to get on.
The forefoot mesh allows the shoes to drain out faster in order to keep feet drier. They shed mud really well and will look like new after a wash. All the pieces are attached very well and the rubber studs on the bottom are very durable. You don’t need to worry about wearing them down very quickly or finding some of them tearing loose.
These are pretty budget friendly ultra running shoes. Price varies a bit based on sizes, but they’re easy to find online.

Mud doesn't clump in treads

Very light weight

Solid traction


Invest in gaiters, as debris gets in easily.

5. Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 is an affordable and stylish running shoe. It's available in a wide range of cool tone color combinations. Available in men's and women's versions.
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The Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 features a synthetic sole and a breathable upper, so runners don't have to worry about becoming sweaty during long runs. A U4icX stroble board improves underfoot comfort. It's also available in wide widths.

Mizuno, as a company, has made shoes since 1906. Part of their longevity is from building high quality athletic gear. The firmer sole found in these shoes helps to promote durability.

For overpronators or those with flat feet, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 is one of the most affordable choices on the market. If you compare its price to competitor versions, it's consistently around 30% or so less in price than the others.
  • Solid pair of motion control running shoes
  • Perfect for runners with overpronation or flat feet
  • Affordable price
  • May be tight around upper
  • Firmer sole

6. Saucony Peregrine 6

Designed for rugged trail, running, these shoes offer great protection and cushioning. It’s a great ultra running shoe for all kinds of surfaces.
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The Peregrine 6 was designed to both protect and stabilize your feet. It’s not so rigid that your foot can’t flex like it should, but the shoe’s EBO rock plate will help prevent injuries from rough terrain. The sticky rubber sole has an incredible amount of traction, which is what makes this shoe so versatile. You can wear it when running on rock, dirt, snow, and more with ease. Every landing is very well cushioned thanks to the structural board, heel pad, and midsole cushioning. The balance between stability and lightness found in this shoe is hard to beat.
These shoes do fit very true to size and many runners find that they run pretty small. The toe box might be small for some with wider feet. The added stability of the structural board can cause problems for those with flat feet. You will likely have to take some time to break them in before you really use them for run.
After a year of use, you may notice that some of the rubber around the toe will start to show signs of peeling. The upper mesh can get holes worn into it if it rubs up against anything while you run. Snags, in general, can cause durability issues.
These shoes can get expensive. Their versatility makes them worth it, especially if you are running year-round, but their durability can be issue.

Exceptional stability

Solid traction over various types of off-road terrain


Sizing runs a bit small

7. Brooks Ghost 9

The Brooks Ghost maintains its recognition as one of the best pairs of running shoes for marathons and other long endurance races. It's available for both men and women in a wide range of colors.
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The Brooks Ghost was designed to meet the needs of neutral runners and underpronators, so most people can benefit from using this shoe. Its advanced cushioning means that even those with high arches can find the support that they need. Plus, the removable foam insole means that runners can customize their level of support.

The removable insole means runners can replace the existing insole when it wears out. An Element upper design protects the shoe from natural elements so it lasts longer. Many customers report having their Brooks Ghost shoes for many years.

This pair of shoes balances affordability with high performance. Depending upon the color and size, this shoe can cost runners more or less than average. For a shoe that's available in half and wide sizes, it's considerably affordable.
  • Affordable
  • Available in wide and half sizes
  • Design and cushioning reduces foot discomfort
  • Soft fabric and mesh components may fray
  • Can rub feet and cause blisters if worn without socks, due to design

8. Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3

This shoe comes recommended by professional ultra distance runners. It is an extremely light shoe designed first and foremost for trail running.
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You will barely notice the weight of these shoes when you run. Support is provided by the Zoom Air cushioning system, which uses pressurized air pocket. There is a heel crash pad to help mitigate shock. The traction is excellent. You can use these shoes to run on snow and ice without issues. They're very comfortable for various foot sizes. A lot of people say that they fit like a glove. Flat-footed runners will like them, as well.

The exterior side of the tongue is sewn shut. This can be off-putting, but they was a purpose to this design. It keeps out sand, dirt, and other debris as you run, which helps prevent blisters and worse. Don’t worry about breathability, however, because these shoes have been made to keep your feet cool.
The biggest issue with these shoes and a symptom of their lightness is that they offer very little protection. Thorns and rocks can easily poke right through.

Again, because of the ultralight design, these shoes can develop issues under a lot of wear and tear. The lack of protection for your foot is also a lack of protection for the structure of the shoe.

These are priced like many specially designed Nike shoes: pretty expensive. If you're looking for an ultralight shoe with a great traction, however, it's well worth the price. If you're going to be running through rough rock or thorny areas, not so much.
  • Extermely lightweight
  • Designed to prevent debris from getting in
  • Easily pentrated by thorns and rocks
  • Expensive
  • Design may be off puttign to some

9. Nike Lunaracer+ 3

The Nike Lunaracer+ 3 is a responsive and stunning ultra running shoe designed for races. It's available in both women's and men's editions, in a wide range of complementary colors. These shoes feature a distinguished exterior, with a bungee cord-like design. These flywire cables are integrated to enable a better conforming upper and fit.
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The Nike Lunaracer+ 3 was designed to promote a comfortable running environment for feet. Its Dynamic Flywire allows the shoe to better adjust to a runner's changing foot shape. An engineered mesh reduces the need for overlays, which helps keep runners more comfortable.

Many runners consider the Nike Lunaracer+ 3 their favorite running shoe. This is in part due to its durability. Plus, Nike is a major industry player known for standing behind the products it sells.

Although the Nike Lunaracer+ 3 is a solid running shoe with great features, its price falls within the middle range for ultra running shoes. Some of the other shoes on this list offer a more comprehensive group of features than this pair.
  • Better fit due to dynamic exterior construction
  • Spacious area for toes
  • All day comfort, even during long races
  • Can rub tops of feet if not positioned correctly
  • Sizing runs narrow

10. Saucony Fastwitch 6

The Saucony Fastwitch 6 is a solid running shoe available in men's and women's styles. Its lightweight construction and breathable air mesh exterior keep feet cool during long races. It's available in a wide range of bright and fun colors.
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This ultra running shoes offers breathability and high performance in a lightweight shoes that weigh less than 7 ounces. The FlexFilm technology enhances the fit, so these shoes feel even more premium than they are. These shoes are easy to travel to a race with.

These shoes offer stability with Saucony's innovative grid system that improves traction without adding the weight.

Depending on what size and color is needed, the price of these shoes is in the moderate range. These shoes are in the middle range of what runners should expect to pay for a pair of quality ultra running shoes.
  • Available in bright colors
  • Lightweight design and construction
  • Features more cushion and give than other shoes
  • Shoes are sized smaller than average
  • Sole is a bit firm

Buying a pair of quality ultra running shoes ensures that runners have the best chance at successfully finishing an endurance race. For runners that love to participate in long races, investing in several pairs of ultra running shoes makes sense for training and actual race day. Just make sure that you don’t wear a new pair you haven’t worn in to a race.


Our Criteria For Evaluating 10 Best Ultra Running Shoes

 Comfort, Durability, Protection  and Value.
Ultra sports shoes are for long distance runners on very challenging surfaces therefore they need to meet a focused criteria of running needs which will match the different challenges required upon the shoe and the runner.
We looked closely at shoe weight as this is very important for long distance running. We wanted to confirm that though the shoes are offered at various weights they are still suitable  for a runner covering long distances.
Reviewing covered how firm the shoes are at the front when they are performing on challenging surfaces which are totally different to road surfaces.
We wanted to see toe protection built into the shoes in combination with plates designed underfoot to give solid protection from sharp rocks and tree roots.
We looked for Midsoles which offer strong resilience through superb cushioning and capability to take the shock levels created through hard strikes or landing on rocks while still giving stability on challenging descents.
The provision of sturdy protective materials built as overlays into the shoe for defense against sharp thorns.
We looked at support through stiff solid shoe build design in the uppers , the use of internal shanks all of which give a runner the edge on surfaces which can be very unstable.
Very tough challenging environments require the shoe to go a step further in features, were foam midsoles offered in tough polyurethane for greater durability?
Did the shoe designers look at providing more stoutness in the shoe which will result in better torsional rigidity especially as a runner is very likely to be on ground which is difficult to predict and barely ever even or flat.
Running in the wilds means streams, wet mud, rain soaked surfaces and this means that the designers needed to consider very good wickability, defense against water penetration and water drainage features for the shoes, how did they do this? Which features did they engineer into a shoe and which types of combined materials?
Much consideration was given when looking at traction/grip, how diverse and innovative were lug systems for providing maximum grip and angular stopping power?
Ideally we looked for soles which allowed for traction on soft muddy surfaces through innovative lug layouts and we wanted to see that the design ensured that sticky mud would not stay clinging to the sole but can be dispersed away from the sole.
Did the shoe designers consider providing more durability through hard quality grippy rubber or even softer grippy rubber for tackling wet wood and rocks.
The lace systems designed into the shoes were interesting, how well did the systems serve towards contributing towards FIT and stability?
Our review found that Ultra give a lot of careful thought into how they design running shoes for long challenging distance running in tough environments. They clearly understand that there are many different types of challenges on different sorts of trails and there are many different types of runners feet and personal shoe preferences or needs.
Therefore the shoes offered are designed for a wide array of difficult running conditions while cleverly staying focused on key requirements.
The shoes are up for the challenge and the different shoe models give superb comfort, durability, protection and value.
A Quick Look at Five Very Different and Challenging Trail and Hiking Runs Around The World Which You Might Try.

The SpaceRock, Vasquez Natural Park in California. At number one in our choice of five very different and challenging trail runs, there is a choice here for all runners , new runners or those that prefer a shorter distance can try the 5km trail and enjoy the fantastic scenery and character building challenging which naturally occur in this trail. For more experienced or those that want more challenges while also enjoying breathtaking scenery two more choices are on offer, the 10 km run or the famous 13.1 mile run.

Vasquez Natural Park

Rocks and view of Vasquez Rocks County Park, in Agua Dulce, Cali

What scenery can you expect? Think of Planet of the Apes,  Star Trek and many other movies which used this park because of it’s unique features.

You will be running in elevations which vary over 3200 feet and the amazing rock formations may well give you the feeling you are running in a terrain on a far away world in another galaxy. Don’t forget to bring a GPS.

The Kalalau Trail in Hawaii on the remote island of Kauai, a vacation and running experience combined, starting of at a beautiful beach, you make your way along incredible trails into and through a lush valley which runs through the State Park.

The Kalalau Trail

Aerial view of Tunnels beach, Kauai

Here you will experience every type of surface you would expect in a remote Hawaiian forest and valley location and you will also encounter parts of trails that you had never imagined.

The scenery is spectacular, the wildlife exotic and spellbinding, this trail run is a once in a lifetime experience which will stay in your memory forever. Take with you a good selection of running gear and essential survival kit and of course a camera because you will want to take many snap shots.

Your route will be 11 miles and a combination of running and a lot of trekking due to challenging terrain, you start at Ke’e beach front and head along the coast to KaLaLau beach but to get here you travel through the national park valley inland, you do not directly follow the coastline. In reality you pass through five valleys within the park system, through lush green awe inspiring valleys, along cliffs which tower as they face the blue ocean till you eventually descend to sea level.

I suggest you bring a reliable GPS.

Huckleberry Mountain, Montana USA

Lake in Glacier National Park

Try six miles in breathtaking spectacular scenery, you get lowland, medium elevations and higher and the actual trail is not too challenging as you make your way through a Glacier regional national park  in Montana.

Take a good solid running kit with you including a GPS and watch out for the wild Bears, not your standard brown bear but the Grizzly types. This type of trail is for runners that want the wilderness and all its natural beauty. The condition of the trail will very much depend on which time of year you visit.

Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa.

Amphitheatre, Royal Natal National Park, South Africa

This trail is tough and its for runners and hikers that want a challenge which they will never forget, we are talking 220 km of amazing landscapes in a South African environment, incredibly steep at times and flat at others, you will do a lot of ascending and descending, at times in conditions you might have not thought possible.

If your up for challenges that will ultimately test your endurance this has to be the one that will work for you, it’s a long way to travel to get to South Africa and then you have the journey to reach the trail run where you can combine running and hiking. This unique challenge is clearly not done in a day so you must go equipped  to be there for 3 or possibly 4 days even if it does not take you that long.

Yes it is actually a trail that has been used in competitions and it is not unknown for people to quit. The actual trail is not clearly established so you will want a good GPS system. Without any doubt this is one you will find tests you and stays as one of the most challenging experiences in your life. A country in which the animal population are really wild and at times may well regard you as food.

Aonach Eagach Ridge – Scotland

Scottish Highlands

The trail distances vary in fact you can create your own trail runs, the views in the Scottish highlands are really memorable, it’s wild and untouched and though very beautiful you will need to take care, the terrain can change very quickly from firm to boggy, you will run ridges where if you slip off you will be severely injured and with no other people around to help you.

Beautiful loch’s, (lakes), valleys full of heather, hills, mountains, bog land, forests, everything is here, be ready to tackle steep elevations, descend into stunning valleys littered with herds of red dear, wild grouse and fantastic fauna.

At times the weather can change dramatically so your running kit needs to be of the type to be ready if that happens, take a good GPS and phone along with energy rations and water.

The best time to choose to do trail running in Scotland is during the summer months.



Q; For endurance running, which energy bars do you suggest?

A: This will very much depend on the type of endurance run, is it a speedy ride over a short distance, long distance, easy or very challenging terrains? The market is full of good quality energy bars and it is worth your time to read a review so that you can choose the bars which you best feel suit your needs.  Runnerclick review energy bars.

Q: I want a GPS but I’m not into the hand held models which need to be carried or stowed in a pocket, can you suggest an alternative?

A: The fact that you want a GPS makes it clear you are thinking about taking on some remote rides on wild trails, though I am tempted to persuade you to go for a hand held GPS because they also come with other extra useful functions, as an alternative I can suggest you review the best GPS watch for you.

Q: I want a solid pair of running pants, not shorts, because I’m going trail running in a very cold mountainous area.

A: it’s always an extra challenge when we take a trail ride in winter conditions. Check this review for best winter running kit and I am sure you will choose something that’s right for you.

Q:  I’m into trail running in really sticky wet muddy conditions, which type of lug style and configuration should I look for?

A: You need to choose a robust durable lug which is laid out in a configuration on the sole which allows for solid grip but does not pick up and hold wet mud to the sole of the shoe. The lugs need to also be spaced to take into account foot strike at angles if your also running on uneven trail surfaces. You need to look at a choice of really good top performance trail shoes and select the best shoe.

Q: I’m thinking of going on a full daylong trail running event in Montana, can you suggest a good runners back pack?

A: Yes I can, your backpack needs to carry essentials without overburdening you and such essentials can be a pair of running pants to slip over shorts, food, water, some type of first aid, spare socks or top and whatever other essentials you feel you need. Check here for a very good runners backpack.

Q: I’m into trail running big time and one of my preferences is a lot of protection and sole between me and the surface, any suggestions?

A: If you want a very high performance shoe which gives a lot of protective and comfortable sole between you and the many types of trail surfaces, you need to review the best shoe for you and this means looking at very focused selective brands.
Summit Unknown Trail
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