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7 Things to Look for in Cheap Running Shoes

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What to Look for in Cheap Running Shoes 7 Things to Look for in Cheap Running Shoes www.runnerclick.com

You can certainly break the bank when shopping for running shoes. On the other hand, you can also find quality running shoes at a lower price.

If you are looking for quality and function along with a low price point, we can help!

Qualities to Look For in Budget Runner Shoes

  1. Fit: Your running shoes must fit you properly. If you are not happy with how they fit on your foot, it does not matter how inexpensive they are. Shoes that fit properly are not too tight across the foot yet offer snugness throughout the heel that the shoes stay in place when you run. For more details on how running shoes should fit, read our full guide here.
  2. Comfort: Saving a few bucks on a running shoe that is not comfortable is of no value. And it is not just fit that matters. Don’t leave with a pair of shoes unless they feel good the first moment you put them on. Shoes don’t break in enough to compensate for an uncomfortable rubbing or chaffing. Get it right before you leave the store!
  3. Performance: Pay attention to what you want the shoe to do for you when you make your decision. If you are mostly running on the road, don’t buy trail shoes to save money.
  4. Cushion: Whether you are looking for a cushion or minimalist shoes, you likely know what kind of shoes work best for you. Focus on those qualities.
  5. Style: Some people can skimp on the cute factor or aesthetics of a shoe. If this is you, disregard this part. I want shoes that fit my style. After all, I plan to wear them for 350+ miles.
  6. Durability: Check out the shoe ratings. Do people say they last for 300-500 miles? Or are there multiple complaints about them falling apart after a short period of time?
  7. Value: Considering all of the things you want in a shoe, look at the overall value. Sure, you might find a pair of running shoes on clearance for $50 somewhere… but if they don’t check enough of the above boxes, walk on by.

Our Top Rated Cheap Running Shoes

There are some top brands and styles for saving money on running shoes. The runners at RunnerClick have tested shoes and chosen the 7 Best Cheap Running Shoes of 2023.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it. Many others agree with our assessment.

Criteria for Evaluating Budget Running Shoes

Anytime you are looking at a buying guide, you need to dig into the criteria for evaluating the product. After all, oftentimes, you are not comparing apples to apples.

The first thing we consider is the features the shoe offers. More expensive shoes offer a lot of frills that some of us recreational runners simply do not need. Evaluating the features makes it easy for consumers to know if they can live without these things.

RunnerClick also looks at durability because, let’s face it, many times, people sacrifice the longevity of a product to save a few bucks. The last thing we want to do is recommend a shoe that won’t last for you. You can bet that we won’t steer you wrong in that regard.

Although some runners don’t really concern themselves with this, others certainly do. The weight of the shoe is another thing to think about. Many people want the lightest shoe possible.

Style is another thing that seems to either matter to runners a lot or not at all. Some people can sacrifice style to save money, and others would not even think of it. RunnerClick does consider the style factor when making recommendations.

Top Brands to Choose From

Brooks makes a couple of shoes that fall into a high-value category. The Brooks Revel and Brooks Launch are both shoes that can be had for a good price.

Another shoe that does not get the recognition it deserves is the Merrell. This shoe is big in both function and style!

As anyone who follows the racing world will tell you, Skechers is another quality shoe you can get at a good price. And let’s be honest here. If they are good enough for marathoning great Meb, they are good enough for us!

How to Save Money

First off, you can save money by knowing when to shop. Since so many people make resolutions to begin the new year, shoes and other athletic items are often on sale at this time of year.

You can also learn when your favorite shoe switches to the newer model. This is when the shoe is most likely to be discounted, as long as you don’t mind buying last year’s model.

Taking your search online can also help you saving money. Being a smart consumer may be as simple as some Google searches.

If you are traveling to a race, don’t hesitate to look for shoes at the expo. Many vendors bring their clearance collection with them to races in hopes of cleaning out their storage room. This can equal a great deal for you!

Getting on a mailing list is something else to try. You never know when your favorite shoe company will be holding a sale. If you don’t mind wading through some email junk, get yourself on those lists to get valuable coupons.

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