Adidas Alphabounce

The Adidas Alpha Bounce is a versatile and multi-purpose shoe that’s suitable for a variety of physical activities. It’s hard to label this shoe under a single category, as it can be used for running just as much as it can be used for cross training, walking, or simply wearing for daily use. If your primary reason for purchasing the Alpha Bounce is to replace your old running sneakers, you should know that these shoes are not intended for long distances. They are better suited to be used as a daily trainer for short runs or for jogging.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Overall comfort
  • FORGEDMESH Technology provides an extremely flexible mesh upper
  • The sock-like fit feels snug but comfortable
  • Bounce midsole provides great responsiveness
  • Cons
    • It’s too heavy for a shoe that implements an entire upper built with lightweight materials
    • It can fit tight around the collar
    • Not suitable for the trails
    • It may not offer enough cushioning for long distance running
    • Key Features
      The outsole incorporates Adidas ADIWEAR technology. ADIWEAR outsoles are used in other Adidas models. This type of rubber material is known for being highly resistant against abrasions and wear and tear that comes with normal use. ADIWEAR outsoles are water resistant, making them very effective under cool and wet climates. Located on the surface of the Adidas Alphabounce shoe, you’ll see a unique tread pattern with what looks like a collection of small pods spread throughout. This tread pattern allows the shoe to retain a considerable amount of grip and traction.
      The Midsole contains Bounce technology which differs from Boost technology. Boost technology has more advanced components than the one found in a Bounce midsole. This explains the extra cost for the Adidas Ultra Boost. Bounce technology is a toned down version of the Boost Technology, but it still offers some of the same great qualities of the Boost midsole, like it’s impressive responsiveness. Bounce material is soft, but it’s actually firmer than Boost material. It adapts well to temperature changes and has plenty of flexibility. It won't give you the same type of cushioning as Boost Technology, but it has a sufficient amount to keep you comfortable in your Adidas Alphabounce.
      The Alpha Bounce upper contains another key feature: FORGED MESH technology. FORGED MESH is a highly stretchable material that covers the entire upper, allowing for optimal flexibility. Inside the Adidas Alphabounce shoe, the inner lining contains soft cloth-like material that’s comfortable over the skin of the foot. The soft interior makes it possible to wear these Adidas Alphabounce shoes without socks. The heel cup area contains a pull tab for easy slip on/off the Adidas Alphabounce. There’s also a TPU heel cap on the rear for protection. There are no pressure points on the upper so the entire fit and feel of the Adidas Alphabounce shoe are smooth and seamless.

      The men’s version of the Adidas Alphabounce weighs 10.5 ounces while the women’s Adidas Alphabounce version weighs 9.1 ounces. When it comes to running shoes, it’s on the heavier end of the spectrum. One would think that the stretch upper would reduce the overall weight of the Adidas Alphabounce shoe but it does not. Physically, the Adidas Alphabounce shoe appears to be lighter but looks are deceiving.
      The Forged Mesh upper contains small perforations scattered throughout the surface which allow for airflow to penetrate the interior. This allows your foot to remain cool, dry, and comfortable. Having cool and dry feet is the first step in preventing blisters, hot spots, and other foot ailments.
      Users of this Adidas Alphabounce shoe reveal that it fits true to size and most are happy with the overall comfort. There is adequate cushioning but it’s not as plush as it would be on a more running-specific type of shoe. This is one of the reasons why Adidas does not market the Alpha Bounce solely as a running shoe. It simply does not have the characteristics, like enough cushioning, that would make it sustainably comfortable for long periods of running.
      Style is one of the central components of this shoe. Most running sneakers are built for running functionality, and style is something that’s secondary. But with the Alpha Bounce, street style looks to be part of its purpose. There is a vast array — in fact, too many to list for this review- of prints and Adidas Alphabounce color options. There are both solid and printed pattern combinations, all of which are very unique, creative, and showcase the brand’s design talent. An interesting note about the Adidas Alphabounce is that does not have the iconic “in your face” Adidas emblem imprinted on the side. You’ll find it tucked away discretely on the front tab.
      Adidas outsoles are generally known for their resilience. Adiwear technology is highly resistant and stands tough against wear and tear. On the upper, the FORGEDMESH material is also reliable through the fact that it functions as a seamless piece of strong fabric with no stitching. Stitch-less overlays are stronger and sturdier, as well as flexible. Bounce technology in the Adidas Alphabounce also provides for a firmer midsole that can withstand long periods of use.
      Since this is mostly a multi-use/casual type of sneaker, protective features are going to be minimal and basic at best. However, there are a few subtle points on it that will keep you safe. A raised heel counter keeps your foot locked in place and helps with avoiding any accidental slip-ups. The midsole is thickest at the rear and helps to maintain an elevated distance between your foot and the ground. There is also a small toe cap int he front, but it’s not very obvious. Overall, the Adidas Alphabounce is not a heavy armament of protection as it’s not meant for grueling runs.
      Users of the Adidas Alphabounce shoe have taken note of its good responsiveness thanks to the Bounce midsole. When comparing it to the Ultra Boost, the construction on this Adidas Alphabounce shoe is sturdier, firmer, and heavier. Yet, it still has enough bounce, no pun intended, to deliver a great responsive ride over any type of terrain.
      This shoe has a mid-profile/mid-height quality to it. The FORGEDMESH upper has a natural inclination to wrap comfortably around your foot. While there are no obvious supportive features that stand out in Adidas Alphabounce, the shoe’s general fit is a form of support. The way it wraps around your foot with its sock-like fit maintains the foot sealed and safely secured without the need of having to implement any other type of rigid support structure.
      The Alpha Bounce is more of a jack of all trades than a master of one. As previously indicated, it’s suitable for a variety of physical activities, but it’s not specialized toward a particular one. Undoubtedly, this is not the shoe for the trails, unless you’re going to a picnic and just want to be comfortable. In terms of running, it will work just fine over your neighborhood streets, the track, or simply as your go-to pair of gym shoes. Adidas Alphabounce flexibility makes it easy to pack as well.

      The suggested retail cost of the Alpha Bounce is in the low $100s, making it more affordable than other Adidas running models. On Amazon, there are more price variations of Adidas Alphabounce, but generally, the price range is about the same as it is on the Adidas website. As mentioned, style options are limitless. Some of the more popular styles will cost a little more. If your goal is to work your way up to a more advanced Adidas running shoe, then price-wise, the Alpha Bounce makes for a great start.

      Adidas ADIWEAR outsoles include tread patterns which provide ample grip and traction. Adidas has been known to be one of the few shoe manufacturers that have given special attention to the construction of their outsole components. As an example, Adidas has established a partnership with Continental Tires to produce outsoles for some of its running shoes. Continental Tire technology is not featured on the Alpha Bounce. However, it still delivers a worthy amount of grip and traction, thanks to Adidas’ focus on outsole technology in the Adidas Alphabounce.

      This shoe has oodles of flexibility all over the place thanks to its use of FORGED MESH technology. If you happen to purchase the Adidas Alphabounce, you can get a terrific sense of how bendable its when you bend and twist it. It has a glove-life fit which allows your foot to move freely and without any constriction. Flexibility is similar to Nike’s FlyKnit upper material in that it has a stretchable, cloth-like feel.

      The Alpha Bounce has neutral arch support that is suitable for mild overpronation. If you’re a runner that needs more support and stability to correct any running deficiencies, this shoe will not offer enough corrective features. There are no aggressive support and stability components to make a noticeable difference when it comes to running mechanic corrections of the Adidas Alphabounce. However, the shoe’s construction and the fit itself works as a way to maintain a stable environment for your foot. Also, the midsole section is higher and thicker in the rear, giving you more support in this part of the foot.
      The drop offset, which is the difference in height between the forefoot and rear, measures 10 mm. A 10 mm drop is considerably high when compared to how a lot of running shoe manufacturers are producing shoes that have lower drops.

      Adidas could afford to reduce the stack height on the shoe and reduce its drop. It would maintain and probably add, greater aesthetic appeal while making it more appealing to those who plan to use it strictly for running. Lowering the drop would also make it more functional as a running shoe while still being effective as a trainer for other activities.
      Key Features
      • Neutral Arch Support
      • Bounce Midsole Technology
      • Seamless FORGEDMESH Upper
      • Graphic Imprint styling
      • ADIWEAR Outsole
      • Sock-Like construction for a snug and comfortable fit
      There are many comparisons between the Adidas Alphabounce and the Adidas Ultra Boost. In reality, it’s an unfair comparison. For one, there’s the significant price difference, about $80 to be exact. The Ultra Boost is more expensive than Adidas Alphabounce. And secondly, the Ultra Boost is a true running shoe designed specifically for the sport. You can think of the Alpha Bounce as the introductory shoe into the rest of the more advanced Adidas line. We think Adidas purposefully meant to for the Alpha Bounce to be taken less seriously than its other shoes. But Adidas Alphabounce still a shoe that can provide the running essentials while maintaining a casual appeal. Let’s find out what puts the Alpha Bounce in a category of its own.
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas Alpha Bounce is a unique shoe in a category of its own. While we’re not quite sure how to label it, it technically does qualify as a running shoe as much as it does as your pair of casual streetwear sneakers. Of course, it’s not the only running shoe out there that can serve both functions. However, the Adidas Alphabounce proves that a shoe manufacturer can purposefully design a shoe that is meant to be used for more than a single use.

      It’s safe to say that the Adidas Alphabounce is a shoe that leaves the consumer with the freedom of how to label it. “Are these my running shoes? Or are they my wear to the office on casual Friday shoes?” Why can’t they be both! Perhaps the Adidas Alphabounce are the sneakers with no labels and categories attached.

      Granted, we still feel that there are some minor tweaks that Adidas could do on their follow up versions if they want to cater to the more serious runner — those of us who are looking for something that can sustain longer running sessions. For instance, Adidas could try to add more cushion into the Adidas Alphabounce midsole section while reducing its weight and drop. In that sense, you have a shoe with an added cushion that’s lighter and leads a runner to land neutrally. We feel that all this could be done without having to strip it from its versatility and streetwear aesthetics either.
      Where to Buy
      By Cesar Marin
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