Adidas Alphabounce RC

The Adidas Alphabounce line is differentiated mostly by design. The Adidas Alphabounce RC is no different. The main components remain the same but the upper has gotten a small makeover. A few other small tweaks have also been introduced. The new heathered upper look is paired with a newer, sleeker logo. The midsole also looks a bit different, but only in appearance. It's really mostly a cosmetic update. Everything under the hood is mostly the same with the added bonus of a slight weight reduction. The Adidas Alphabounce RC is another stylish iteration in the Alphabounce line that will please runners looking for appropriately comfortable and attractive shoe wear for rest and cross-training days. The shoe is stylish, fits well, and features quality construction.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable
  • Sock-like fit
  • Super stylish
  • Price is right
  • Cons
    • Not suitable for high volume training
    • Some reviewers disliked the style update
    • Larger heel cup felt sloppy for some
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Adidas Alphabounce RC hasn't changed since the original. Again, we want to stress that this is not as much an update as it is a simple style change. The same quality, durable adiWEAR outsole outfits the bottom of the shoe. This isn't the type of shoe you'll be wanting to wear outside a lot. Many of those who purchased the Adidas Alphabounce RC chose to use it as their main casual wear shoe and were reluctant to "ruin" the shoe with a lot of outdoor running. It's not really built for high volume training anyhow so it's a good choice for the casual runner.
      The midsole looks slightly different but inside, nothing has changed. The Adidas Alphabounce RC features the same energy-efficient Bounce cushioning as before. One of the most appreciated features of the Alphabounce line is the responsive, bouncy cushioning, and once again, it does not disappoint. It's a good amount of cushioning that will suit casual runners or those who are simply looking for a good walking shoe.
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC's upper gets a little bit of a makeover in this edition of the shoe. In this version of the Alphabounce, a heathered upper material replaces the mesh look of before. Forgedmesh is still utilized in the construction of the shoe, it just looks quite different. A mesh tongue helps to enhance ventilation even further and adds a nice design touch. The shoe is topped off with the same traditional lacing system as before and an easy pull heel tab for getting the shoe on and off without a fuss.

      One additional small tweak is the larger, more supportive EVA heel cup. A few reviewers actually found this change compromised the overall fit of the shoe. For some, the heel cup was much too large and resulted in a sloppy fit with a lot of slippages.
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC weighs about 10.16 oz for men and 8.75 oz for women. It's a nice average weight that reviewers seemed to find comfortable enough. No complaints about the shoe being too heavy or too flimsy. The weight has actually been reduced slightly since the original. Reviewers complained about the first iteration of the Alphabounce feeling too heavy considering its composition. With this model, the shoe feels as it should, lightweight but solid enough to last.

      The Adidas Alphabounce RC's forged mesh upper allows for proper air circulation. Even with the new heathered look, the breathability stays the same. Reviewers had nothing bad to say about the shoe's ability to circulate air and regulate temperature. Nothing has changed in this department. The mesh tongue is comfortable and provides an additional location for venting air and heat build up. It's a good shoe for walking or running in warm weather or wearing indoors for work all day since heat dissipates quite quickly.
      Reviewers found the shoe comfortable, as before. The Adidas Alphabounce RC's Bounce midsole cushioning is soft without being too plush. The shoe fits like a sock, according to many reviewers who liked the way the forged mesh upper hugged their foot. The forged mesh adapts well to different foot sizes and feels comfortable for a wide range of users. The larger heel cup did cause problems for some reviewers who felt it made for a sloppy fit. Overall, though, users liked the feel of the Adidas Alphabounce RC.

      If you have a particularly narrow heel, you may be able to use the traditional lacing system to tighten the ankle collar area, but make sure the fit is right before purchasing. A sloppy fit can result in the creation of hot spots, blisters, and may even cause unwanted wobbling for an unstable ride.
      Since this is the biggest change of the Adidas Alphabounce RC, it's worth mentioning. Unlike most other shoe updates, the Adidas Alphabounce RC's biggest change is with a style update. The newest iteration in this lineup, the RC version, features a new heathered upper. The shoe comes in a multitude of colorways which will no doubt suit both runners and non-runners. The dark grey heathered material is the signature look, though. Adidas has moved away from a mesh look to this design.

      The logo also gets a bit of a makeover. It's sleeker and more minimalist in style. The midsole also looks a bit different, but nothing changes in terms of composition. Here's the thing, though, quite a few reviewers did not appreciate the design change. Many prefer the original Alphabounce design saying the update looks like a cheap knock-off of the first iteration. Although the heathered upper is a nice style choice, the rest of the shoe has a look that's rounder and less sleek than before. It almost looks like a cartoon version of the original. That's not to say it's an ugly shoe, it's just a different aesthetic altogether. The style of the shoe is important with the Adidas Alphabounce RC because many users tend to wear it casually. It's clear from user reviews that many choose the shoe not for its performance capabilities but for its aesthetic.
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC features an adiWEAR rubber outsole which is very durable. It's the same outsole that's featured in the original Alphabounce and nothing has changed. There's a fair bit of traction underfoot and reviewers were happy with how resistant the outsole material was. Overall, the shoe should last a while if used for casual wear. If you're planning on wearing it down by using it heavily for training purposes, you might be disappointed in how long it lasts.
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC features enough adiWEAR rubber underfoot to protect from generalized wear and tear. Reviewers were happy with the durability of the product. The Bounce midsole cushioning is another layer of protection that helps wearers from feeling too much of the impact as they walk or run. The lightweight forged mesh upper is resistant to wear but it also helps to regulate temperature and fight overheating and friction. All of these features have been carried over from the original Adidas Alphabounce and nothing has changed.
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC is fairly responsive. The midsole's Bounce cushioning provides a nice amount of energy-return to wearers which reviewers really enjoyed. Again, the shoe functions exactly the same as the original Adidas Alphabounce. The inner components haven't changed and neither has the responsive nature of the shoe. The ride is essentially the exact same as before so those who enjoyed the original Alphabounce will likely find this iteration just as responsive.
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC is actually meant to be a bit more supportive than the original. How so? The larger heel cup is meant to accommodate larger footed runners but it's also meant to provide additional support by ensuring a locked-down feel. Unfortunately, wearers complained that the bigger heel cup felt sloppier than it felt supportive. The newly designed upper looks different but the amount of support it provides remains the same. Reviewers commented that the shoe fits a lot like a sock thanks to the forged mesh construction.
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC is meant for running or walking on pavement or indoors. It's not at all meant for heavy use when going off-road. Most wearers used the shoe for casual wear so didn't use it in very rough conditions but the construction simply isn't meant for the uneven and rigorous terrain.
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC is priced fairly but that's assuming you are purchasing the shoe based on its looks alone. It's a nicely designed shoe and may suit the occasional runner but for more serious athletes, it's doubtful that the shoe will serve much of a purpose. The cushioning is comfortable enough but isn't appropriate for heavy distance training. The sole is probably not durable enough to be used for rigorous training purposes. If you're okay with purchasing a shoe that will serve primarily as a fashion shoe and you'll only wear for the occasional training session, then it'll be well worth the price.
      The adiWEAR outsole on the Adidas Alphabounce RC remains unchanged and provides enough traction underfoot so that it can be worn in sunny and rainy weather. It may not be the most grippy option available for rainy day runs, but it still does manage to provide some traction underfoot.
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC offers some flexibility to wearers. The sock-like fit is helped greatly by the fact that the upper's forged mesh is flexible enough to accommodate all foot shapes. It's still supportive enough, though, to ensure a stable ride.
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC is about as stable as the original. The larger heel cup in this version is meant to provide a bit more support and stability but some wearers found the size was too big and promoted a sloppy fit. The front part of the upper does manage to lock down the foot sufficiently so a bit of lacing trickery may help to ensure the overall fit is secure.
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC features the same drop as before. The 10mm drop is fairly standard and reviewers had nothing negative to say about it.
      Key Features
      - Redesigned logo on the upper
      - New heathered upper style
      - Midsole gets a new look
      - Slight weight reduction since the original
      - 10mm heel to toe drop
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas Alphabounce RC is a solid style update to an already great fashion oriented running shoe. The heathered upper looks stylish but retains the excellent qualities of the original Alphabounce. The shoe is comfortable, features bouncy cushioning, has a great fit, and breathes well. The larger heel cup may cause some runners to feel a bit unstable, particularly those with smaller heels, but overall, the shoe is a good choice for those seeking a good looking reliable everyday shoe that can double as a trainer. Complaints about the shoe were limited to the design change, so if you find the new heathered upper attractive, it's likely you'll enjoy a ride in the Adidas Alphabounce RC. Reviewers loved the sock-like fit and the bouncy midsole.
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      By Steph Coelho
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