Adidas Supernova Sequence 6

The sixth edition of the Supernova Sequence has arrived! The Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 is a stability shoe that offers a good amount of protective features which add some heft but the shoe doesn't sacrifice overall comfort. Wearers commented that the shoe was quite comfortable and would be a good choice for daily training. This shoe is not meant to be used for speed work, so runners who want a very lightweight shoe might not find the Sequence 6 suitable for them. It's a great option for beginner runners training for their first marathon, though. The shoe is meant to correct overpronation and although it's quite heavy, it should please runners who enjoyed the Sequence 5. Many runners commented negatively about the fit of the Sequence 6. The toe box is roomier than before but the unstable hold around the ankle was a dealbreaker for several runners.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Full-length adiPRENE cushioning
  • Very comfortable
  • Long lasting Continental brand rubber outsole
  • Features PRO-MODERATOR support to help with excessive pronation
  • Cons
    • Bulky, heavy shoe
    • Rigid and inflexible
    • Runners complained about various fit issues
    • Some runners did not like the style updates
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Supernova Sequence 6 has improved even further in this model. The Continental rubber outsole also features adiWEAR rubber which provides excellent traction and grips wet surfaces quite well. Because of these materials, the outsole also happens to be quite durable., though the shoe should not be taken off-road.
      In the midsole of the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6, there's plenty of cushioning to pad the wearer's ride. The adiPRENE+ cushioning returns again and ensures an efficient ride with a comfortable toe-off. Even after several miles, the cushioning feels fresh. The midsole also has a PROMODERATOR unit which enhances the shoe's overall support, particularly in the arch area. It has increased in size in this model to help regain some of the stability lost.
      The mesh upper in the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 uses GEOFIT technology to ensure a secure fit for the wearer. Inside the shoe, the liner helps to wick away moisture. It can also be taken out and replaced with an orthotic. The laces have, unfortunately, not returned to their textured composition. They remain smooth and once again, runners commented that the laces often come undone during their runs. Tripping on laces is the last thing a runner wants during a long run.
      The Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 keeps the weight of previous models. It weighs a fairly heavy 11.8 ounces and is actually a slight bit heavier than the previous version. The previous version of the shoe got rid of excess weight by decreasing the size of some of the stability features. The Supernova Sequence 6 adds synthetic overlays once again which likely bumped up the weight of the shoe. The PROMODERATOR medial support feature also gets a larger footprint in this update.
      The same mesh material covers the upper of the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6. The mesh helps to ventilate and cool down the wearer's foot. Runners quite liked that the toe box was even wider than the previous version. It helped greatly to improve ventilation and reduce the chance of blister formation. The roomier fit might be a negative for some runners, though. Some commented that the roomier fit compromised stability.
      The Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 keeps runners feeling comfortable throughout their training. The generous midsole cushioning helps to keep runners happily running. Many runners did mention fit issues that were a problem with the Supernova Sequence 6. They found their ankles were unsupported, therefore compromising stability. Runners also noted that the toebox was even roomier than the Supernova Sequence 5. They complained that the shoe's fit is much too big because of this. The strange thing with the Supernova Sequence 6 is that while the toe box is square and leaves a lot of room to wiggle one's toes, the rest of the shoe fits rather snug. Women runners have commented that this is actually a welcome change. Women's feet do tend to be narrower, so the narrow width coupled with a wider toe box is a perfect update for female runners.
      The Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 has gotten a style update. The shoe is still not going to blend in seamlessly with casual wear, it still does have the look of workout training shoes, but there's a lot less white involved in the design. The colors are fairly muted, for the most part. The men's versions introduce darker colors to the model and some of the women's colors are also darker as well. It's a nice style change and it's a welcoming change for those who hate to look at dirty white shoes post-run. There are also other color options that are anything but boring. Many women runners mentioned that they were pleased with the newer color options offered in this model.
      Just a durable as before, the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 is a well-constructed shoe that can be put through a lot. The outsole, built with Continental rubber, can handle repeated pounding during training. The durability gets an upgrade in the Supernova Sequence 6, runners commented that this version was much more durable than its predecessor.
      We wear shoes for a reason. Running barefoot might seem like an attractive option for some, but the majority of folks want to protect their feet from debris, blisters, impact, and even hot pavement. The Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 works to protect runners from all of these things. The tough outsole keeps the wearer's foot from encountering obstacles that may cause injury. The shoe breathes and provides a comfortable interior to ensure blisters are kept at bay. Wearers are well protected from hot asphalt and pavement, and the midsole adiPRENE cushioning keeps the body protected from impact. The heel of the shoe also features a FORMOTION pad which helps to cushion the impact of each footfall. The shoe also offers some reflectivity for safety during times of day when there's little light.
      There's a lot missing when it comes to the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 responsiveness. The shoe performs poorly when it comes to rebound and energy return. Litle improvement has been made in terms of this aspect since the previous model of the shoe. The rigid construction of the shoe dampens rebound almost to zero. Sadly, still no improvement in terms of responsiveness with the Supernova Sequence. The soft cushion is comfortable but provides almost no feedback during a run. Thankfully, the cushion does a good job of keeping its pep. It doesn't seem to fall flat after several hundred miles of running.
      The Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 provides the same amount of support as before. The shoe has a PROMODERATOR component which gives some lift to the arch. In this version of the shoe, the PROMODERATOR feature has gotten a bit larger in order to provide even more support. The shoe is a lot more substantial underfoot than the previous version. The Pro-Moderator medial support feature has also become a lot more rigid in the Supernova Sequence 6.
      There's really little to say regarding terrain and the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6. This aspect is sure to stay the same with each subsequent update of the shoe. Adidas isn't looking to make a hybrid trainer and isn't going to change the Supernova Sequence into a trail shoe. The Sequence 6 is meant to stay a road shoe. The rubber outsole is tough but it just doesn't have enough grip for off-road running. The lugs underfoot are not aggressive enough to handle rocky terrain.

      The Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 can be purchased for about $120. The shoe is still a great price. Most wearers commented that the shoe durable and offered comfortable cushioning. They felt that this made the shoe worth buying. Runners going from the Sequence 5 to the Sequence 6 will definitely want to test these out first since the biggest complaint about this shoe has been the poor fit.
      There's no doubt about the fact that the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 should not be used for trail running. But on the roads? It's a star. It can grip the ground without a problem. Rain? No worries, the Sequence 6 has an outsole that can handle all kinds of runs on pavement. Remember, though, the lugs underfoot are not built for technical trails so you'll do best to stick to road running with this shoe.
      The Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 isn't a star in terms of flexibility. The detached heel allows for a bit more flexion, though, but overall the flexibility is poor. The TORSION SYSTEM also aids in providing a bit of give to the shoe. This feature allows the front and back of the shoe to move separately and independently. Still, the shoe is pretty stiff for the most part. The increase in the size of the PROMODERATOR feature adds to the rigidity of the shoe. It does a great job in helping to keep runners from overpronating but it makes the shoe even more inflexible.
      The PROMODERATOR returns to the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6. This feature provides a nice amount of arch support. The Supernova Sequence 6 also features the TORSION SYSTEM which aids in counteracting over-pronation. This features gives the shoe's forefoot and heel the ability to move independently of one another which helps keep a runner stable. Unfortunately, some runners were unhappy with the loose fit of the shoe. Many runners found their ankle felt unsupported because of the roomy design of the shoe. Some runners felt, that the shoe's stability was sacrificed because of this. This model does feature added synthetic overlays in the upper which were added to increase stability and comfortably secure the wearer's foot.
      You'll get a fairly high drop with the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6. The 11.2 mm drop is slightly higher than the previous version of the shoe and goes back to the standard drop seen with earlier models. Being higher off the ground means you'll feel the surface beneath you less.

      Key Features
    • Full-length adiPRENE cushioning (adiPRENE+ in the forefoot)

    • FORMOTION crash pad in the heel area

    • Durable Continental brand outsole

    • Excellent stability

    • Good traction

    • Nice variety of color schemes to choose from

    • Bottom Line
      The Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 is a fairly decent update. The stability components are not back to their original size. This has helped to bring back the ample stability in the shoe. The Sequence 6 is is still fairly heavy thanks to this and added synthetic overlays to the upper. Still, the shoe remains nicely cushion throughout its length and will suit heel-strikers well, thanks to the well-cushioned heel pad.

      So who should be looking at the Supernova Sequence 6? The shoe is meant for runners needing moderate correction. Runners who tend to run long will enjoy the shoe's well-cushioned midsole. The shoe might also work for a new runner who needs a bit more cushioning than most other shoes can provide.

      With a durable outsole and nicely cushioned base, the Sequence 6 will likely suit most overpronators. Fit issues aside, the Supernova Sequence 6 remains a well-constructed stability shoe that features a little bit more flair in terms of color scheme and design.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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