Adidas PureBoost X

Running shoes made exclusively for women, the Adidas Pure Boost X provides the technology needed for a smaller foot. One of the most unique features of this sneaker is the floating arch. Unlike most running sneakers, the Pure Boost X has a space between the midfoot and the midsole, hence the “floating arch” name. Overall, the Adidas Pure Boost X is truly a “woman’s shoe”, as it caters to the smaller build of the foot. It is meant to naturally form a support system around your foot and does just that with the technology equipped with the shoe. Wearing the Adidas Pure Boost X while you run will help you comfortably gain the exercise you need with the right amount of support and durability.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Floating Arch grabs onto the foot for extra support
  • Stretchweb outsole can adapt to any surface and easily flex
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
    • Users complain that the build of the shoe was made poorly.
    • Not suitable for running in wet conditions
    • Low level of protection & cushioning without much to offset the fact
    • Limited support
    • Key Features
      The outsole is made with a special stretch web material that allows the sneaker to stretch beyond the average limits. The soft stretch web can also mold the surface you are running on, causing better traction so that you won’t slip or fall. The stretch web outsole also enhances the comfort of the runner because of its soft texture, eliminating any stiffness. While the outsole might not be built for running throughout the woods, you can definitely gain excellent traction on the right surfaces.
      The midsole of the Pure Boost X consists of Adidas’ signature Boost material. The material is essentially a large number of Boost capsules that are compacted into the midsole for a highly responsive and comfortable running experience. The Boost capsules look very similar to that of a Styrofoam packaging. You will immediately notice the difference of running with the Boost technology as you will be able to easily bounce back during your exercise. You want a midsole to increase your comfort and help protect your foot against any vibrations caused by running impact, which the collection of Boost capsules is known for doing.
      Made with a textile upper, the Pure Boost X running sneakers are designed for a lightweight running experience with added flexibility. The tongue is attached to the rest of the upper, so you can expect a sock-like fit when putting on your Pure Boost X sneakers. By having this tight fit resembling a sock, you will be able to naturally run and feel light on your feet. The TechFit technology applied throughout the upper surrounds any foot size, which reduces the chances of your feet being irritated or feeling as if there is a lack of breathability. Based off of this technology, the upper on the Pure Boost X is subsequently thin. This is a good characteristic because it endorses the lightweight feeling that Adidas wants its customers to experience, and increases the overall flexibility and comfort of the shoe.
      Made with a textile upper, the Pure Boost X running sneakers are designed for a lightweight running experience with added flexibility. The tongue is attached to the rest of the upper, so you can expect a sock-like fit when putting on your Pure Boost X sneakers. By having this tight fit resembling a sock, you will be able to naturally run and feel light on your feet. The TechFit technology applied throughout the upper surrounds any foot size, which reduces the chances of your feet being irritated or feeling as if there is a lack of breathability.
      Despite the overwhelming look of the upper, this shoe is actually very breathable. The thin, sock-like fit of the Pure Boost X increases the ventilation that occurs throughout the upper. The stretchy fabric helps air go throughout the entire shoe, so no matter how hot the weather, your feet will feel cool at all times. A lightweight shoe with a thin upper such as the Adidas Pure Boost X will provide a substantial amount of breathability that can cool down your feet regardless of the temperature or any other weather conditions. Granted, are your feet bound to get wet if you run in the snow or rain? Yes. But this essentially reflects the thin, lightweight material used to manufacture this product, enhancing the overall breathability.
      The Adidas Pure Boost X is extremely comfortable thanks to the extensive cushioning throughout the midsole. This technology provides a great amount of comfort as it absorbs the impact that occurs when you run against a hard surface. You could wear these sneakers for basically any activity, whether it is walking throughout your house, going hard on the treadmill, or taking a local run in your neighborhood. The cushioning in the Pure Boost X is naturally comfortable so no need to purchase any. The Stretchweb on the outsole is also engineered to provide a comfortable run regardless of terrain.
      The Pure Boost X has the look of a modern running sneaker. The sole is naturally curved to accommodate the runner’s gait cycle. The attached tongue and high back encourage the sock feeling, which is different compared to the standard running shoe. This design declares the shoe as “different”, although runners have been seeing this shoe type more and more. What makes this shoe stand out the most is the Floating Arch feature that separates the midfoot entirely from the midsole. This is more of a subtle difference from the average running shoe, but nevertheless, something that is unique.
      The durability of this shoe is considered average and put into question at times. Some runners have claimed that they have experienced different tears and unstitching throughout certain parts of the shoes. After minimal use, one should expect a lot more from Adidas. These experiences aren’t speaking for the shoe in its entirety but should be something to consider when buying. In regards to the actual sole of the shoe, it looks as though it could hold up after well over 100 miles. With a mixture of the Boost capsules and the Stretchweb outsole, one can see that the Pure Boost X is made to last. The outsole is so soft that it is very unlikely for it to wear down as quickly as a standard rubber outsole.
      The protection factor within the Pure Boost X helps the bottom of the foot. With the advanced cushioning, you can run without worrying about hurting the bottom of your foot against the ground. The shoe’s material rubbing against the sockless runner’s ankles is what causes some arising issues. Without the use of socks, it is highly likely that the high back of this sneaker will cause blisters on the ankles of the runner. Despite the bad news for runners who don’t like wearing socks while they exercise, the Adidas Pure Boost X is put in a position to deter any possible damage that your feet can encounter while on the run.
      Adidas’ Boost technology substantially enhances the responsiveness of the Pure Boost X. Thousands of Boost beads are combined in order to offer instant responsiveness and extra energy. With the combination of the Boost material and the Stretchweb, this shoe is very responsive regardless of the runner’s foot size or body weight. The Stretchweb technology is meant to provide the smoothest running experience possible, and with the assistance of the trademarked Boost feature, it succeeds in doing so. The Boost and Stretchweb technology almost serve as a “springboard”, because it naturally helps the runner bounce throughout each stride.
      The support offered in this running sneaker is limited. The areas of this shoe with the most support are the midfoot and the forefoot. The Floating Arch is tight against the bottom of the foot; molding the runner’s foot and providing that extra support needed while running. The midsole also contains a fair amount of support, because it is made with a substantial amount of Boost capsules. The good news for distance runners is that the increased support of this shoe will allow you to run the extra miles without worrying about discomfort or potential damage to the shoe itself.
      With the soft stretchweb outsole, the Adidas Pure Boost X works best with flat surfaces such as a paved road, a gymnasium floor, or a sidewalk. There isn’t enough hard tread on the outsole of this shoe for the runner to test it out in the woods or a dirt-based surface. The Pure Boost X will be most effective on hard, flat surfaces. Your best bet is to use these sneakers at the gym, while playing sports on a flat surfaced playing field, or on the roads of your neighborhood. Running on these surfaces rather than a dirt patch or a grass field will help you gain better traction in the long run.
      Compared to other brands that are in high demand in the runner’s market, the Adidas Pure Boost X has a reasonable retail price. Quality running shoes tend to be high in price, so it is important to recognize a good deal when the opportunity arises. Based off of how unique this sneaker is, it comes to a surprise to some that it is not priced higher at retail.
      The two most flexible parts of the Adidas Pure Boost X are the upper and the outsole. The TechFit upper is extremely thin and flexible, as it easily adapts to the size of the runner’s feet. You don’t need to worry about your foot feeling too tight within your running sneaker, because this technology will work with your foot regardless of how wide or narrow it is. This lightweight technology keeps your feet feeling light and natural.

      The outsole of this sneaker is meant to adapt to all surfaces, regardless of how smooth or rough they are. Made with Adidas’ stretchweb technology, the outsole of the Pure Boost X is expected to mold any surface and help the runner bend their feet while running. You could essentially move your feet in an awkward position and expect no sign of wear and tear afterward. The stretchy material helps the foot move around while you run, eliminating any limitation that might hinder you with a standard running sneaker.
      The floating arch in this sneaker contributes to a majority of its stability. By offering a fit that holds onto you snugly, the foot will be in the same spot throughout your workout. The stability in this shoe is above average primarily because of the unique arch feature. This unique feature will provide women with a snug fit that best reflects their most common foot position. While most people with a high arch are required to wear inserts to accommodate, the Pure Boost X serves this exact issue. With this advanced fit, your foot won’t be moving around while running, causing an uncomfortable and unproductive running experience.
      The drop of the Pure Boost X is measured at approximately 9mm. Those who land on their midfoot while running would appreciate this measurement the most, although runners who rely on their heel while running could also benefit. The heel drop for the Pure Boost X is average and is the perfect size for a smaller foot.
      Key Features of the Adidas Pure Boost X
      • Upper made of a synthetic and textile material
      • Boost technology within the midsole increases responsiveness
      • Floating Arch enhances support
      • Lightweight
      • Stretchweb outsole adapts to runner’s stride
      • Superior flexibility
      • Extremely comfortable
      Bottom Line
      Why create a shoe just for women? The Adidas Pure Boost X is a lightweight, supportive, comfortable shoe, engineered specifically for women. With its unique design and arch support system, runners could access great benefits while using this sneaker. The price is set at an average rate and for what you receive in the Pure Boost X, it is quite a bargain. This shoe is made to fit the average woman’s foot snugly and comfortably, which will provide an exciting and productive experience. The Adidas brand has applied its signature technology to this shoe, making it one of the most comfortable, affordable, and supportive shoe in their collection. Whether you are wearing them for a marathon, short distance running, or just walking around town, the Adidas Pure Boost X is a great asset to your shoe closet.
      Where to Buy
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