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Are Running Subscription Boxes Worth It?

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Running subscription boxes generally are shipped monthly, packed with items like sports nutrition and accessories. Are Running Subscription Boxes Worth It? www.runnerclick.com

Subscription boxes are a trend that has flooded our mailboxes for quite some time now. There is literally a monthly box stuffed with goodies for just about every interest and hobby. This includes running subscription boxes.

But is it really worth it to get these running subscription boxes each month?

Are we just adding to the expense of our “inexpensive” hobby that includes $150 sneakers? Not to mention the even more than we spend on races throughout the year?

Then again, let’s be real.

We are obsessed with running gear and always looking for new products to help motivate and fuel us.

What Comes In Monthly Running Subscription Boxes?

Great for both beginners and seasoned runners, these crates deliver various health, nutrition, and running goods.

The types of products filled in the boxes change each month. Certain products come sample size. Others are must-have finds like wearable lights for night runs or SPF for summer runs.

The runner can expect to get items like energy gels, post-run snacks, anti-chafe products, and various running gear and accessories. This can be anything from headbands and hats to water bottles and bags.

The boxes are delivered monthly with automatic renewal but are generally easy to cancel at any time. Just make sure the cancellation occurs prior to the set date each month when the payment is made for the next box.

Keep in mind that the products chosen are not made by the consumer. This is done by the company. There are some that can be customized. However, this comes at a price.

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The Pros And Cons Of Running Subscription Boxes

When it comes to subscription boxes, consumers either love them or hate them. Like with any subscription there are pros and cons.

Some consumers enjoy getting new running, fitness, and nutrition-related products to try out every month. But for some, the novelty wears off after a few months.

The Enlightened Runner: Discovering New Products

The main selling point of these subscription boxes is to get exposed to various running products. For those who love to buy new running items, this is priceless.

This type of monthly mail might be best suited for those who are new to running. This is because they are able to try out various products from body glide to different forms of sports nutrition.

Perhaps they haven’t used KT tape before or haven’t been exposed to the relief provided by a massage ball for the feet.

Because these products are generally given in sample sizes, they can find what they like and what they don’t without shelling out full retail value for every little item.

For runners, this might include a new Bottleband, flavored gel, or moisture-wicking hat.

Other pros include a generally affordable price, great value based on the quality of products, and the motivation to keep on running.

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It’s All About The Money: The Cons

The biggest negative aspect of certain subscription boxes is the inability to skip or pause a month. This isn’t the case for all of them but can be a problem if money is tight one month.

While there is sometimes a first-time promotional price, that discount subsides with the second month. A typical running subscription box can cost anywhere from $20 to $50 a month depending on the company.

Some even add shipping fees that increase the price. This can be up to $15. The boxes suddenly aren’t so cheap.

It might not pay to get them monthly if all the consumer gets is some snacks and sunscreen.

The problem is it’s hard to please all consumers. Some runners might already have certain products—like chafing cream—in bulk.

Dietary restrictions and allergies make it hard to be able to consume some snacks.

Not All Boxes Are Created Equal

The needs and wants of runners might change over the course of the subscription. And not all boxes are created equal.

A few of the popular running subscription boxes are:

  • The RunnerBox
  • StrideBox
  • Runner Crate
  • Runner’s World Box
  • RunLocker
  • Fun Run Box

These are the boxes that usually are filled with accessories, sports nutrition and hydration, and other must-haves from lip balm to recovery items.

Then there are boxes that are the “next level up,” if you will.

This includes the popular FabFitFun box. The items are customized based on interests and preferences. That is if the consumer pays $180 in this case. The box is delivered quarterly with makeup, workout gloves, jump ropes, and other beauty products.

Other popular running subscription boxes for women are clothing kinds. These include Fabletics and Ellie. These generally come with a themed outfit along with an accessory or piece of gear.

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Final Thoughts: To Buy Or Not To Buy

Those who love to shop or just are always on the search for the best new gear should absolutely give running subscription boxes a try.

It’s the best way to sample flavors of sports nutrition and decide if the consumer is a sports beans vs. energy gel runner.

Just make sure that the box is affordable and has a cancellation policy that works in the consumer’s favor.

Those who have their go-to favorite products might not see the benefits.

Then again, who doesn’t want a present from the running gods sent every month?

The verdict is if the consumer is interested to give it a try. There are plenty of running subscription boxes out there for every runner.

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