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What Is The GOLO Diet? It Could Work For Weight Loss!

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The GOLO Diet calls for wholesome eating and exercise combined with a hormone regulating supplement. What Is The GOLO Diet? It Could Work For Weight Loss! www.runnerclick.com

Another day, another diet trend makes its way to the masses. But while many are fading fads, the GOLO Diet continues to rise in popularity. In fact, according to GOLO Diet reviews, it actually works when it comes to weight loss.

So what is the GOLO Diet?

GOLO Diet And It’s Humble Beginning

The GOLO Diet is not new. It was extremely popular a few years back, being one of the most common diet searches on Google in 2016.

But it first was created back in 2009 by a team of doctors, pharmacists, and researchers. Their goal was to find a diet plan that helps people not only lose weight but also keep it off.

The diet took off, reaching “over a million people worldwide” according to the diet’s website.

And while it’s been there in the background, it’s made headlines yet again as people continue to search for a weight loss diet that works.

At its core, the GOLO diet is about healing metabolism issues. With a healthy metabolism, the body is properly able to lose unwanted weight and keep it off.

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Overview of the GOLO Diet

While the keto diet is linked to low carbs, GOLO is all about managing insulin levels.

The idea is that if a person is practicing mindful eating and exercising and not seeing results, it could be a hormone imbalance to blame.

More specifically, GOLO targets insulin levels.

The idea is that imbalanced levels of insulin, which regulates blood sugar, can slow metabolism and cause fat storage no matter if we are dedicated to healthy choices.

And this makes sense since there are studies that found that diets filled with foods that don’t raise insulin and blood sugar levels are effective in weight loss and fat burn.

GOLO is said to work because of balancing insulin levels. This is done a balanced diet combined with a supplement called GOLO Release.

What To Eat On The GOLO Diet

We all want to know is what can we eat—or better yet, what can’t we eat—when following this weight loss targeted diet.

In our review of the GOLO diet, we find that it has a high potential to work in weight loss because it doesn’t feel like a diet.

Instead, the plan focuses on whole foods including fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. There is nothing that is forbidden in the diet, including bread and pasta.

Of course, this doesn’t mean cookies and ice cream are on the menu, especially since these are blood sugar spiking foods. Added sugars and sweetness are frowned upon.

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The diet focuses on fresh and whole foods, not processed foods. So it’s recommended to make smart food choices like lean meats compared to fatty cuts.

Another good thing is that this diet can be customized based on dietary restrictions and needs such as those who are vegan, vegetarian or have other sensitivities.

Diet followers are encouraged to eat three meals per day that include the standard serving of protein, carbs, vegetables, and fats with each meal.

The GOLO experts claim that followers can eat 20 to 30 percent more food than other weight-loss diets. But this still is about 1300 to 1800 calories per day.

The GOLO Rescue Program

But there’s almost is a catch.

The exact diet is fully detailed only by paying for the GOLO booklet that provides customers with eating guidelines and meal prep ideas as well as for the GOLO Release supplement.

This ranges from about $50 to $100 depending on getting the 30-, 60-, or 90-day program.

A major component of this weight loss program is the supplement, which is what sets it apart from other diets.

Customers must take one supplement during or directly after each meal.

GOLO’s Release supplement contains seven natural plant-based ingredients and three minerals. This includes Zinc Bisglycinate, Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate, Banaba leaf extract, and Rhodiola Rosea.

These ingredients are said to help regular blood sugar and curb hunger and sugar cravings while boosting energy.

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Does It Work?

The jury is still out on this.

According to its creators, following the GOLO Metabolic Plan can result in one to two pounds of fat loss per week.

The GOLO Diet does have lots of success stories and positive reviews. However, these are mainly from the website itself where it’s biased.

Some studies show results. One found that overweight and obese adults who exercised, followed the eating guidelines and took the supplement saw an average weight loss of 31 pounds over 26-weeks.

However, this study conducted by the GOLO Diet creators. There is a lack of peer-reviewed research on the diet.

Still, there are aspects of this site that makes it a good candidate for a successful weight loss program.

For starters, at least it is helping people lean towards smart food choices. The diet calls for a focus on healthy eating habits. At a minimum, it’s just valid and good nutrition advice.

It also includes exercise, which is still important to see results. It’s not simply a magic pill to lose weight. GOLO has followers exercises for at least 15 minutes per day.

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It’s a no brainer that cutting back on calories and exercising leads to weight loss, so the real difference here is selling people on the hormone regulation aspect.

Another positive aspect is that the diet is all about losing weight slowly at nothing more than two pounds a week. It isn’t a crash diet and the customer isn’t left hungry if filling up on wholesome foods.

This makes it less restricting and more of a lifestyle change and this is easier to keep up over time.



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