Inov-8 Roadtalon 240

Inov-8 is known to deliver high quality products that are ideal for a variety of terrains and is growing as a popular brand in all terrain footwear, clothing, and equipment.  The Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is a lightweight, neutral road running shoe.  It features a simple, yet stylish design and is minimalist in nature when it comes to the cushioning it provides.  The innovative construction of the TRI-C rubber outsole is built to last long and perform well in both wet and dry conditions.  The POWERFLOW midsole technology is designed to beat out its competitors in shock absorption and energy return.  With a better energy return and weighing only 240 grams, you will feel faster.  The low 4-mm heel-to-toe drop allows runners to feel the road while the lugs provide some cushioning and adjust to the terrain.  The Adapterweb Met-Cradle keeps your foot snug while adapting to the movement and swelling of your foot.  The Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 keeps your foot comfortable and secure.

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Where to Buy
Road Runner Sports Link
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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Fast running shoe
  • Wide toe box
  • Very responsive
  • Seamless upper design
  • Cons
    • Runs small
    • Minimal arch support
    • Few color options
    • Key Features
      The Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 features a TRI-C rubber outsole. This outsole compound is a mix of three different rubber materials. This outsole is formed from soft sticky, hard sticky and endurance rubber. The endurance rubber used in the outsole of the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is meant to go the distance. The sticky rubber provides the ultimate traction as it adjusts to the bumps and divets that are present along the running surface. This sticky rubber is often found on the outsole of climbing shoes and is used to prevent slipping when in use. Runners will also notice the multi-directional claw-shaped cleats, or lugs, across the outsole surface. These lugs are 1.5 mm deep and provide runners with excellent grip over a variety of terrain.
      The Roadtalon 240 running shoes offer runners an ultra-smooth ride on the road. With the POWERFLOW midsole technology, this road running shoe will provide better shock absorption and energy return than standard midsoles. In fact, the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is guaranteed to deliver 10% better shock absorption upon impact and 15% better energy return during the toe-off. This is an improvement over traditionally used EVA foam midsoles that deliver less than 5% energy return. This minimizes the effort expended by runners allowing them to run with more confidence. Runners experience a kick of energy during their stride thanks to Inov-8’s midsole shank technology, the Dynamic Fascia Band. The Dynamic Fascia Band is designed with the runner’s foot in mind, improving the efficiency of the runner’s gait cycle.
      The upper features Adapterweb, which gives runners a snug-fitting shoe. The name of this upper material tells runners exactly what it does. The upper of the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is designed to adapt to the runner’s natural foot movement and swelling that occurs during a run. The upper design of the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 includes a synthetic seamless overlay across the toe area and through the midfoot. An overlay is stitched across the back of the runner’s foot for added security and support in the heel area. A breathable fabric lining keeps the runner’s foot cool and comfortable. Comfort is enhanced with the padded tongue and heel collar. A standard lacing system that features flat shoelaces completes this upper design.
      The Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is a very light running shoe. Weighing in at just 8.5 grams, or 240 grams, this shoe will help you run faster while keeping your feet comfortable, protected and supported. The lightweight mesh material used through the upper helps keep the weight of the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 low. Some wearers found this lightweight running shoe to be ideal for shorter distances and speedwork.
      The Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is a very breathable running shoe. The upper fabric features a large open mesh design for excellent ventilation. This open mesh design is also included on the tongue and through the heel area of the upper for all around foot breathability. The lining of the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is made from a breathable fabric. This allows air to flow through the shoe, keeping the runner’s foot cool and dry. Wearers shared that their feet stayed dry during their run.
      The Roadtalon 240 features a wider toe box that accommodates the natural toe splay of the runner’s foot. With increased room in the toe area, the runner’s foot is more comfortable during a run. The POWERFLOW midsole technology delivers an effortless run, providing all around comfort for the runner. The midsole of the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 provides the runner with a thin layer of cushioning. This thin layer of cushioning gives runners some comfort during a run, but it can increase the runner’s level of discomfort during a higher mileage run. With a 4-mm heel-to-toe drop, the runner experiences a medium amount of underfoot cushioning. The padded tongue and heel collar keep the top of the foot and the rearfoot comfortable during a run. The ventilation provided by the upper helps the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 to maintain a comfortable temperature for the runner’s foot.
      The men’s version of this shoe is available in two different colors- one for those who prefer a less bright running shoe and one for those who prefer to wear a vibrantly colored running shoe. The women’s version of the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is available in a more muted color pattern. The midfoot and toe area of the upper are one color while the interior, tongue and heel area are another color. The midsole area is white with two colors differentiating the rubbers used through the outsole. The signature Inov-8 overlay is embedded in the upper on the midfoot. The Inov-8 foot symbol also appears on the rear of the shoe.
      The rubber compound used through the outsole is constructed to withstand the abrasive nature of the road. A longer-lasting rubber material is used in the heel and toe areas. The synthetic seamless overlay in the toe area of the upper is meant to lengthen the life of the upper. For those runners who experience holes in the toe area, the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 utilizes a strong upper fabric that is reinforced with a synthetic overlay.
      The open mesh design of the upper keeps the runner’s foot protected from sweat buildup and bacteria. The breathable fabric liner keeps the interior environment of the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 healthier and drier. The seamless overlays reduce foot irritation. The midfoot overlays, padded tongue and padded heel collar keep the runner’s foot snug so it is protected from accidental slippage. The wider toe box reduces the occurrence of blisters and discomfort as the toes are free to move naturally.
      The low heel-to-toe drop allows the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 to give runners a more responsive running shoe. Runners are more likely to feel the road when running in the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 than they would be running in a shoe with a higher drop. The responsiveness of the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 makes this running shoe a great option for speed work drills and interval training. The Adapterweb upper is responsive to the runner’s foot movement and change in size throughout a run. This is particularly beneficial during hotter running conditions when the runner’s foot is more likely to swell.
      The Roadtalon 240 is a neutral road running shoe. Wearers did comment that the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 does not provide enough support and cushion for long distance running. Thus, this would be an ideal running shoe for those looking to run shorter distances such as 5Ks and 10Ks. There is no major arch support provided in this running shoe.
      This Inov-8 trainer is designed for road running. However, the claw-like cleats featured on the rubber outsole provide great grip on trails and bridle/canal paths. Inov-8 focuses on designing shoes that are meant for a variety of running surfaces and the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 won’t let you down.
      The Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is in the middle of the ground when it comes to the price tag. Most wearers shared that the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 was used more for shorter training runs and speed work drills throughout the week than long endurance runs. Therefore, if you are training for a marathon or do a lot of long distance races and are used to running in a shoe with medium levels of cushion and less arch support, the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is the shoe for you. If you prefer a more cushioned running shoe for logging those longer miles, then this may not be the best candidate for you.
      The Roadtalon 240 gives runners a great outsole grip that has been optimized for road running. The soft and hard sticky rubber used in the outsole guarantees the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 grips well in wet conditions. This means you can run confidently and with little to no worries about running through standing water or along wet roadways.
      The Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is a flexible running shoe. The Tri-C rubber outsole compound and claw-like cleats give the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 the ability to adjust to the running surface. The Adapterweb met-cradle used in the upper moves naturally with the foot during a run. The Dynamic Fascia Band is designed to create a windlass effect by imitating the fascia of the runner’s foot. The Dynamic Fascia Band starts at the front of the heel’s outsole, divides into five bands similar to the structure of the plantar fascia of the foot, and stops at the ball of the foot. Despite the presence of this midsole shank technology, the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 remains flexible. The runner will experience an active toe-off.
      This shoe provides the runner with less arch support than other neutral running shoes. The lugs on the outsole provide the runner with more cushioning underfoot and a stable platform. This works well with the midsole cushioning to provide runners with a shoe that encourages natural movement of the foot, resulting in an effortless stride.
      The Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 features a low 4-mm heel-to-toe drop. This gives runners a flatter foot platform when compared to the conventional 10-12 mm heel-to-toe drop in other neutral running shoes. The low heel-to-toe drop in the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 reduces the risk of injury as the impact forces are more evenly distributed. This lower drop may not be the best option for every runner. The running shoe is meant to be an extension of the runner’s foot, which means some feel more comfortable in a higher foot platform while others prefer running in a lower platformed shoe.
      Key Features
      • TRI-C Rubber Outsole
      • POWERFLOW Midsole Technology
      • Dynamic Fascia Band Midsole Shank Technology
      • Adapterweb Met-Cradle used through the upper
      • 4-mm heel-to-toe drop
      • Breathable Fabric Interior Lining
      • Breathable Large Mesh Upper
      • Seamless Synthetic Overlays
      • Padded Heel Collar
      • Padded Tongue
      Bottom Line
      The Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 is perfect for the runner who is looking for a faster, more responsive running shoe. The Inov-8 Roadtalon 240 was designed with the runner’s foot in mind. The Adapterweb Met-Cradle and POWERFLOW midsole technology join forces as they promote natural foot movement from heel to toe. The 4-mm heel-to-toe drop increases the responsiveness of the Inov-8 Roadtalon 240. All in all, the runner will run effortlessly and with increased confidence thanks to Inov-8’s POWERFLOW midsole technology and TRI-C outsole.
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      By Gwendolyn Reinhard
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