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Make Money Running: From Hobby To Running A Business

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Make money by running by winning races or starting a blog. Make Money Running: From Hobby To Running A Business www.runnerclick.com

Runners work hard for their efforts. So why not try to make money from running?

Okay, we don’t get into running for this reason.

Some start with track or cross country and continue past our school years simply because they love it and the active lifestyle. Others start later in life or without having any previous experience and find a real passion for it as well.

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But why not turn that passion from being a hobby to a real business?

Running a business, in general, isn’t easy. And this is especially true for this niche. But there are some ways you can make money from running.

Here’s how to transform our favorite fitness activity into a business.

How to Make Money Running: A List

how to make money by running
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Turn Pro: How Winning Titles Results In Financial Gain

Yes, some athletes are sponsored from college or picked up by the majors like Nike, Brooks, HOKA ONE, etc. But for this post, let’s assume the runner wasn’t recruited.

There is a chance to go pro without following the college track star path. Of course, this means putting in the hard work. It also means having paces comparable to the top runners.

But it is possible. Pro runner Ben Bruce won his semi-final heat at the Olympic Trials without a sponsor after his previous sponsor decided not to renew his contract.

Many find that chasing the dream of going pro is much like being a starving artist. Consider if it’s worth the financial risk or if it’s smart to pursue as a career.

However, the runner doesn’t need to be Olympic quality to earn some money. Finish as the top runner in local and nearby states often comes with monetary awards.

Just enter for lots of races in hopes to win the prize money. And this can really add up.

Although, it isn’t enough to live on as a salary. But it does cover the cost of race entries, travel and is pocket money. The bigger the race, the bigger the reward. Plus the recognition to make a name for yourself.

Blogging: Make Yourself A Brand

make money by blogging as a runner
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This leads to the next point, becoming a brand. The more wins, possibly the more followers. It means having lots to say about your experiences, the wins, and losses.

That is why is a great idea to start a blog or website to share thoughts and insights with those who also share a love for running.

To make money from a running blog, it does take lots of work. First, the runner needs to drive the traffic.

Here are ways to make money blogging:

  • Set up ads like CPC, CPM or private ads on the website (Google AdSense is the easiest way for beginners)
  • Sell a service like coaching advice or a product
  • Partner up with businesses for affiliate links

It might be a long time before money is made. But there are plenty of bloggers who run theirs as a business and a profitable one at that.

Make yourself a household name on social media, which also helps increase traffic to a website. Facebook and Pinterest also have business tools like paying for advertising to get your content delivered to more people.

Getting Sponsorships

Another way how to make money running is via sponsorships. This is possible both as a social media influencer/blogger and by winning competitions.

Here’s how sponsorships work. Running companies from everything from sports nutrition products to trail running shoes have teams of runners that represent their brand.

This includes wearing that company’s singlet and sharing about the brand on social media. It’s all about being a spokesperson for that company.

In exchange, the company either pays the runner outright or covers race fees or provides free gear.

While becoming a Nike brand ambassador might not be the cards, there are still other brands like Salomon that have dozens of sponsored runners.

Photo by Kristian Egelund on Unsplash

There is also the option to make money running by being a social media “sponsorship,” or influencer.

This typically includes free products or commission when others buy from the company.

To become an influencer on social, the runner needs to have a large number of followers. Brands either reach out or take the initiative to reach out.

Coaching: Sell Your Service

Another great way to make money running is to sell your expertise. And the best way to do that is to become a coach.

You don’t need to have extensive experience before becoming a coach. And there are different kinds of coaching certificates.

These include:

  • Road Runners Club of American Coaching Certification Program
  • United Endurance Sports Coaching Association Running Coach Certification
  • North American Academy for Sport Fitness Professionals Certification

Coaches must be 18-years-old or older, take the associated certification class offered by that program and some also require CPR-certification as well.

Once certified, offer online advice and tips. Offer one-on-one coaching and training for those preparing for a big race or new to running.

Work For A Running Store

Another way how to make money running is by working for a running store.

Of course, this option means you won’t be banking some serious chase, it’s still a job and one that pays. Apply for a position at the local running store. It’s a great way to be surrounded by what you love.

Be Creative

Sometimes it takes a little creativity when it comes to ways to make money.

And this means literally.

Use your passion for running to guest write for running blogs or sites where you could make some money. Again, this might just be pocket money but it could turn into a freelance career.

Start a running podcast, offer consulting or motivational speeches, or work for a race management company. The options are endless.



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