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Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Review: A Water Bottle That Delivers

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Nathan Sports SpeedDraw Plus is as functional as it is comfortable, giving it two thumbs up in our review. Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Review: A Water Bottle That Delivers www.runnerclick.com

When it comes to handheld water bottles, comfort and function are key. And after using Nathan Sports’ SpeedDraw Plus its crystal clear that it delivers when it comes to these two categories.

With its ideal shape to fit the hand like a glove to its oversized pocket that holds running and cycling essentials, Nathan hits it out of the park with the SpeedDraw Plus.

The best feature we found in this review? It’s Race Cap that provides an instant stream of water without having to open, bite down, or do anything but drink.

The Nathan SpeedDraw Plus has everything athletes need and more when it comes to staying hydrated during a workout or race.

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Review

Photo: Lauren Keating

Design: A Size To Get Used To, A Shape That’s Worth It

One of the most attractive things about this water bottle is how it is designed.

While it looks great—made to be taken out for a run in colors like the Astral Aura/Majesty/Blue Radiance option pictured in this post—the real selling point is its shape.

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus bottle
Photo: Lauren Keating

Compared to options like the Camelback Quick Grip Chill that does an amazing job at keeping water cold, the SpeedDraw Plus fits so much better in the hand.

But speaking of insulation, this water bottle is double-wall insulated, so expect water to stay properly chilled.

This is thanks to its unique bottle shape that curves to follow to the natural bend of the hand. It’s inside features grippers that prevent the water bottle from slipping even when sweating.

SpeedDraw Plus in hand.
Photo: Lauren Keating

The bottle itself is insulated and stores 18 oz of water. This makes it a great option for those looking to have more water on hand.

Now for those used to smaller handheld options, this does take some time to get used to. It’s easy to notice the weight of a larger size bottle against the hand. The best suggestion here is to make for the adjustable strap is tight enough but not too tight.

The SpeedDraw Plus has adjustable strap
Photo: Lauren Keating

The good news is that over time, this is a fair tradeoff for being able to carry more water for those longer runs.

And since it fits so comfortably in the hand, it’s this runner’s new go-to handheld compared to Camelbak’s similar model.

Those who are used to belts or hydration vests will like how they can almost go hands-free. The Nathan SpeedDraw Plus wears a backpack that serves as a storage pocket and a strap for holding.

Photo: Lauren Keating

This ergonomic hand strap allows for the hand to remain open without the bottle falling.

Storage: Enough Space For Running Gear

Another big bonus to its large size is its large pocket.

There is only one pocket, but that’s all that is needed. It is large, zippered, and expandable, with enough room to fit most smartphones. Just be mindful that it won’t fit Plus-sized iPhones or similar phones in size.

There is enough space to fit energy gels or chews, salt tablets, keys, ID, money, earbuds and more.

The more things stored in the pocket, the bulkier it gets. But the bottom line is there is enough space for the essentials.

Best Features: Race Cap And Grip-Free Design

The best feature found in this SpeedDraw Plus review is its Race Cap.

Photo: Lauren Keating

This means there is no lid or turning the mouthpiece to drink water. Simply drink.

Now many might fear leakage with this feature. After testing and testing and testing, there are no leaks that happen.

Turn the water bottle upside down and nothing comes out. The only time it does is when physically drinking and if squeezing the bottle.

With that said, be careful when the bottle is full in a sports bag. Spills can happen by accident squeezing.

Still, the Race Cap is a great feature when needing to get a fresh sip of water mid-run or during a race. There is no bitting down or fussing with the bottle to get hydration on.

Another standout feature already touched on is its grip-free design.

There is nothing more annoying than having to hold a bottle in the hands. This design is nothing new, but combined with the bottle shape makes for really comfortable use when running

The runner can loop the strap around their hand with the thumb free to hold and un-hold. But there is even a comfortable space to have the thumb go under the fabric as if wearing gloves.

This results in an even better fit and grip that still allows the hands to be open and move freely.

Conclusion: SpeedDraw Plus Review Wrap Up

Photo: Lauren Keating

Nathan’s SpeedDraw Plus is an overall high-quality product that gets the job done. It delivers when it comes to performance, minus the slight worry over accidental spills.

It is among the most comfortable handheld options, even at its large 18 oz size.

That only means that there is plenty of water to fuel a run, with even ultra runners making this flask an option in their hydration gear.

It might be a bit too big for shorter distance runners, but still valuable.

It has reflective fabric to increase visibility and is breathable in the hand. The adjustable strap allows for a tighter fit and there is more than enough room to bring along a smartphone and nutrition products.

In short, the Nathan SpeedDraw Plus is a worthy buy for those in the market for a reliable, functional, and most importantly comfortable handheld water bottle.


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