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Nathan Zipster Lite Review: How It Compares To The FlipBelt

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Nathan's Zipster Lite is lighter and more comfortable compared to the FlipBelt when running. Nathan Zipster Lite Review: How It Compares To The FlipBelt www.runnerclick.com

Like many runners out there, this runner was a FlipBelt user. That is until I started running with the Nathan Zipster Lite.

Just like its name suggests, this is one ultra-light running belt that goes unnoticed throughout the run. While being lightweight is its main selling feature, the amount of storage space is another attractive feature.

These two things combined made it my gear go-to when getting in some quick miles.

Nathan Zipster Lite Review: How It Compares To FlipBelt
Photo: Lauren Keating

Before even discussing the product, it’s important to know the importance of running belts in general.

These are designed essentially to be pockets for the runner.

It allows the runner to be hands-free while storing goods. Worn around the waist, there is typically a slot for money, keys, a phone and sports nutrition.

The problem with many is that they “bounce” during the run, sliding up from the hips. This is something the FlipBelt doesn’t do, which was a major reason why so many people purchase the product.

So to my delight, I found that Nathan’s Zipster Lite also didn’t bounce, but that was just the start of the many pleasant surprises I uncovered during my runs while using it.

Nathan Zipster Lite Review: How It Compares To FlipBelt
Photo: Lauren Keating

How The Running Belts Compare: Design, Function, And Features

When putting the Zipster Lite against the FlipBelt, there is a clear winner when it comes to its weight.

The FlipBelt always felt light on, but it suddenly feels much heavier even in hand compared to the Zipster Lite.

The Zipster Lite also feels less heavy than the original Nathan Zipster Belt, which weighs just over an ounce.

The fabric is soft, yet stretchy. As a result, it conforms to fit around the waist like a perfect fit. Just make sure to consult the sizing guide to get the right size.

The size breakdown includes:

  • Extra Small: 26 to 28 inches
  • Small: 29 to 31 inches
  • Medium: 32 to 34 inches
  • Large: 35 to 37 inches
  • Extra Large: 38 to 40 inches

Some consumers find it hard to get the right fit. This running belt—like the FlipBelt is not adjustable. So measure correctly when it comes to sizing.

The FlipBelt comes in more sizes, including an XXS and XXL.

This belt doesn’t feel too tight, yet stays in place with no bunching or bulging of fabric. It also doesn’t slide up or around the waist.

The FlipBelt is also reliable for not moving when on. But this runner has experienced some sliding up the waist during long runs. To prevent this, wear it lower on the waist.

The material also features mesh paneling, making it breathable. This means runners can expect no chafing while wearing the Zipster Lite. Compared to the FlipBelt material, it’s defiantly lighter on and cooler.

Nathan Zipster Lite Review: How It Compares To FlipBelt
Photo: Lauren Keating

The FlipBelt is made of lycra but has moisture-wicking properties.

I wore the Zipster Lite both over and under my shirt. Both ways felt comfortable, whereas the FlipBelt feels better over or else it feels too bulky.

The Zipster Lite shines when it comes to its pocket space. There are four pockets in total, but it really feels like its just one large pocket after another around the entire belt.

Nathan Zipster Lite Review: How It Compares To FlipBelt
Photo: Lauren Keating

The FlipBelt has a zippered option, but only includes one zippered pocket. It too is stretchy and has three other open access points to use as a pocket. There is also a key hook, a feature the Zipster Lite doesn’t have.

While this runner never dropped or lost anything when using the FlipBelt, this was always a small concern. I would find myself checking that my ID or key fob was still in the belt.

However, running with the Zipster Lite, I never had this concern because everything tucked in snug and secure.

The front and back pockets have zippers. These are also weather-resistant. Then there are side mesh pockets, great for storing a smartphone.

The Nathan Zipster Lite can hold iPhone Plus sizes (as can the FlipBelt). What I liked the best was that my iPhone didn’t feel heavy or awkward on the belt.

What To Know About These Belts

Photo: Lauren Keating

Just keep in mind that the more gear that is packed into these running belts, the bulkier they become. Even still, both have thin profiles even filled.

I will say that my phone fit much for comfortably in the Zippier Lite. In the FlipBelt it defiantly goes noticed at first.

Both belts need to be put on over the head or by stepping into it. This makes it awkward to get on, but it isn’t a big deal. Both also cannot store water.

Final Thoughts: Nathan Zipster Lite Solves Storage Problems Without Sacrificing Comfort

Nathan is known for its high-quality hydration products for endurance athletes. And the Zipster Lite does not disappoint.

It’s the ideal product for runners or cyclists looking to get in some miles without worrying about needing pockets or how they will carry light gear.

Items like chapstick gels, chews, keys, money, ID and earbuds are stores perfectly without wearing the athlete down.

The Zipster Lite is one of the most comfortable running belts to run with and will be a major hit among anyone who swears by their FlipBelt. Just enjoy added perks like being more lightweight and having better material—especially during hot runs.

During both short and mid-distance runs, this running belt felt invisible on and didn’t budge at all. It was easy to take out items during the run without slowing down.

Nathan’s Zipster Lite is a worthy buy for just $29.99.


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