Nathan Zipster Belt Reviewed & Rated

The Nathan Zipster Belt comes in three colors and sizes from extra small to extra large to fit and suits a variety of runners. The belt is lightweight and made of expandable material. With four pockets in total, there’s a lot of room to store the essentials you need. Unfortunately, as you can see in this Nathan Zipster Belt review, it has gotten mixed reviews from users. You can’t fasten the belt at the waist since there’s no closure. It’s one piece of fabric, so you need to slip it over your head like a piece of clothing.  Additionally, since the fit is non-adjustable, even when picking the correct size, it may be hard to get the belt on and have it fit correctly.

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Pros & Cons
  • Weather-resistant pockets
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Easy access fold over pockets
    • Not adjustable
    • One solid piece of material makes it awkward to put on
      Key Features
      The Nathan Zipster Belt is a running accessory that’s meant to carry whatever items a runner might need on the run. The belt included in this Nathan Zipster Belt review is outfitted with not one but two zipper pouches and two additional non-zippered pockets to store plenty of stuff. Store energy chews, lip balm, and even a little tube of sunscreen inside the Nathan Zipster Belt to ensure you have everything you need even on a long out and back run. The two non-zip pockets feature a fold over construction and are best suited to storing items you’ll want quick access to during your runs, like gels or other types of fuel. The zippered pockets keep valuables like credit cards, keys secure.

      Reviewers liked the fact that the belt had plenty of storage space but they were less impressed by the form factor of the belt. Despite being offered in a wide size range, too many reviewers had issues with getting the belt on and getting it to fit correctly.
      Since you’ll be wearing this around your hips or waist and no on your body, there’s not much need for it to be breathable. In fact, the opposite is true. You don’t want your stuff to sopping wet, so that’s why the Nathan Zipster Belt features weather-resistant fabric for its zippered compartments. The zippers, too, as you can see in the Nathan Zipster Belt review are resistant to the elements.

      Reviewers appreciated the fact that they didn't have to worry as much about rainy day runs causing water to seep into the pockets of the belt. Keep in mind, though, the pockets are only water-RESISTANT. If your belt somehow gets submerged in water, the pockets won't save them from water damage.

      The stretchy belt is meant to be worn around the waist, but runners can also move it lower down if they prefer. You’ll need to slip it on since there’s no actual closure for the belt, which might feel annoying to some runners. As shown in this Nathan Zipster Belt review, the belt itself is pretty lightweight weighing just over an ounce, so unless you pack it to the brim, it shouldn’t weigh you down when you train.

      Many runners found getting on the Nathan Zipster Belt was too time-consuming and troublesome. The lack of closure was a real deal breaker for some people included in the Nathan Zipster Belt. Those that did like the belt found it fit quite well and didn’t move around or bounce. Runners seemed to have the most luck avoiding bounce by wearing the belt lower down in the hip area.
      As seen in the review, the belt isn’t adjustable so you’ll need to make sure you pick the appropriate size. Sizing will also depend on whether you’ll be wearing it around your natural waist or lower down on your hips. The belt is available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. The extra small size fits waists from 26 to 28-inches, and the extra large belt can fit waists between 38 and 40-inches. Again, make sure to measure the circumference of where you actually intend to wear the belt to get the best fit.

      The Nathan Zipster Belt’s pouches are big enough to fit large phones, as big as the iPhone 7 Plus. That also means you have room for storing other stuff, too. You don’t even need to worry about removing your big phone from its case to carry it in the Nathan Zipster Belt.

      Reviewers did find that the sizing of the Nathan Zipster Belt wasn’t entirely accurate. Since users have to put the accessory on by slipping it over their head or stepping into it, it’s a bit difficult to know beforehand whether someone will be able to get it on. Those who are shaped like hourglasses, for instance, may have trouble getting the belt past wider parts of their body.
      Although the fabric is meant to stretch and retain its shape, the fact that there’s no closure means you have to stretch it out quite far to get it over your head or to step into it. Over time, this constant stretching tends to wear out the stretchiness, as you can see in this Nathan Zipster Belt review. It’s also not adjustable so don’t expect to be able to use it once you lose a few pounds.

      The Nathan Zipster Belt review is not compatible with any accessories. You cannot attach water bottles to it and there’s no way to upgrade the belt with other types of attachments. The Nathan Zipster Belt is meant to be a standalone piece of running gear.
      The Nathan Zipster Belt comes in either blue, black, or grey. It features a thick width that’s meant to be worn around the waist or at the hips. It has a fairly flat profile so it shouldn’t show if you choose to wear it under your clothes. Runners had no complaints about the belt’s overall style for this Nathan Zipster Belt.
      It’s a little more expensive than other waist belt options and since reviewers found the fit so difficult to get right, the higher price tag might not really be worth it for some. If you’ve tried multiple waist belts and haven’t had any luck, then it might be worth trying the Nathan Zipster Belt, but it’s definitely a good idea to try before buying.
      Key Features
      - The soft material feels nice against the skin
      - Stretchy fabric
      - Fits even large phones (e.g. iPhone 7 plus)
      - 4 pockets in total (two with zipper and two foldover pouches)
      - Zippered pockets are weather-resistant
      - Comes in three colors
      - Available in sizes XS-XL
      Bottom Line
      The Nathan Zipster Belt included in this Nathan Zipster Belt review has one big downside, it’s hard to get on, and once you pick a size, you can’t adjust the belt circumference. This makes it a poor choice for runners who are actively trying to lose weight. It also may be particularly tricky for runners with broad shoulders or large busts to get the belt on comfortably.

      Still, reviewers for this belt has some things going for it. It has four storage pockets. The zippered ones are weather resistant so you can rest assured that your stuff won’t get damaged. The others are perfect for placing gels for easy access during a long run or race. The belt is also constructed of very soft fabric, and the pockets are relatively large, so those with big Smartphones won’t have to struggle to pack their devices, as you can see in this Nathan Zipster Belt review.
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      By Steph Coelho
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