New Balance 1260 V7

The seventh iteration of New Balance’s 1260 is loaded with technological elements to make this the most cushioned, comfortable 1260 yet. New Balance takes the comfort of this stability running shoe to the next level with additions like the Strobel Last on the upper, the Abzorbs midsole foam and the dual rubber material used in the outsole. This is a shoe for the runner who is looking for a daily running companion for their long runs and training runs. New Balance designed this shoe as a heavy duty stability shoe for the runner who is looking for help with mild to severe issues with overpronation. New Balance includes a variety of technologies to help the runner improve their gait cycle and reduce their risk of injury over time. In terms of style, this shoe comes in a variety of bright and fun colors and styles that runners really loved. The shoe is sleek and fashionable looking and is perfect for the runner who likes to look good crossing the finish line. Because of its added technological elements and because it is the newest iteration of the 1260, the price is high and it might not be the best choice for the runner on a very strict budget. New Balance is an American made company that does all of their engineering, production, and distribution in the USA, so it is a company you can feel good supporting.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  •          Provides support with overpronation
  •         Lots of coloring options
  •         Comfortable
  •          Adding cushioning
  • Cons
    •          Heavier
    •          Expensive
    •          Not flexible
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this shoe is designed to last a long time and provides protection and energy return to the runner through the use of multiple rubber materials. The entire outsole is designed using a blown rubber material. This rubber offers more cushioning and helps give the shoe its overall springy feel. The blown rubber provides a very responsive feeling. Additionally, the blown rubber does a great job of returning energy to the runner which helps runners go on longer runs without fatiguing. In addition to the blown rubber, the heel of the shoe is also lined with Ndurance technology. This is a carbon rubber that is designed to withstand long runs and extensive usage. Carbon rubber along the heel of the shoe increases the overall durability of the shoe and helps to absorb the harmful shock of each footfall.
      The midsole of this shoe features New Balance’s patented Abzorbs material. This midsole foam is designed to provide superior cushioning and comfort to the runner. It does a great job of absorbing the shock of each footfall and reducing the runner’s risk of injury, especially to the joints. This midsole absorbs the shock of each foot fallThe 1260 V7 is a stability shoe, and the shoe features lots of stability elements in the midsole like the Fuel Cell technology that can be found along the lateral side of the shoe to help runners who struggle with overpronation issues. It also comes with an Ortholite sock liner to add some additional cushioning. This sock liner also does a great job of wicking moisture away from the foot and controlling the odor and bacteria build up inside the shoe.
      The upper of the 1260 V7 is breathable and comfortable. It is constructed using a seamless, engineered mesh. This mesh stretches and moves with the shape of the runner’s foot and provides a sock-like fit. This engineered mesh is highly breathable and supports air flow to the foot. This helps to regulate the temperature inside of the shoe and keep the runner cool and comfortable. It also reduces unwanted irritation that can lead to blisters. Regarding support, this shoe features synthetic overlays across the upper to keep the foot in place and provide a snug fit. In addition to this, the heel counter of the shoe helps lock the foot in place and reduce the risk of irritation and friction that can lead to blisters. New Balance also included details to ensure the inside of the shoe provides the runner with cushioning and comfort as well. This shoe features a technology called Strobel Last that lines the inside of the shoe with a soft, plush material that creates an extra comfortable ride.
      Just by looking at this shoe, it is clear that New Balance put careful thought into designing a highly breathable shoe. Runners commented that the ventilation along the upper does a great job of keeping the foot cool and dry regardless of the weather conditions outside. The engineered mesh material that is used to complete the entire upper is flexible and breathable and provides the runner with a comfortable ride.
      This shoe is much heavier than some other shoes on the market. This shoe is designed to offer added stability and for this reason, it comes equipped with a more powerful midsole and outsole section. The men’s size 9 weighs in at 11.8 ounces while the female size nine is 9.9 ounces. This is not for the runner looking for a lightweight speed shoe.

      Runners commented on the overall comfort of this shoe. From the upper to the outsole, this shoe provides the runner with a snug fit and added cushioning to carry them on their daily training runs as well as their weekly long runs. The midsole cushioning of the shoe is extra plush and adapts to the shape of the runner's foot to provide an individualized fit for each runner. Additionally, the stability features of this shoe make this an extra comfortable ride for the runner who needs assistance with their gait to improve their over pronation issues.

      This shoe is very fashionable. It is the perfect shoe for the runner who likes to stand out. With colors options like Pieces with Lime Glow, Bolt with Energy Lime, and Thunder with Black. This is a fierce looking shoe that is designed for the runner who likes to look stylish on the finish lines as well as running errands around time. Runners reported that they liked the vibrant look of this shoe and they appreciated the multiple color options.
      This shoe is overflowing with supportive details. To begin, the upper of the shoe comes equipped with synthetic overlays to help the foot stay stable and secure. Additionally, the shoe comes with a heel counter that locks the shoe in place and helps keep the foot secure. This eliminates the risk of blisters because it reduces the friction and irritation that can be caused by unwanted side to side movement inside of the shoe. The sock liner of the shoe also provides additional support. It cradles the foot and provides a snug, individualized fit for each runner.
      Although this shoe is thicker and more cushioned, runners reported that for a stability shoe, this shoe does offer a decent amount of responsiveness. This can be attributed to the nitrogen-infused Fuel Cell midsole. It provides a great springiness and superior feedback to the runner. Also, even though the heel height is relatively high, the overall heel drop is only 8 millimeters which helps runners feel more connected to the ground below them.
      This shoe features a variety of different protective elements. For one, the upper of the shoe features reflective details that keep the runner safe while working out in low visibility areas. Another protective element of this shoe comes in the form of the added stability technology in the design of the 1260 V7. Over time, improvements to the runner's gait can reduce the risk of pain and injury, especially to the joints of the legs. Finally, the outsole of the shoe features materials that protect the runner from the harmful elements that can be found on the road.
      The high level of durability that is associated with this shoe can be attributed to the extra cushioning in the midsole as well as the dual rubber material of the outsole. The midsole is stacked with plush cushioning that absorbs the shock of each footfall and maintains its shape and form even after extensive use. The outsole is lined with two different rubber materials. The entire shoe is lined with a blown rubber that provides a springy feel. The heel of the shoe is also lined with Ndurance technology which uses a carbon rubber to keep the shoe protected from wear and tear.
      This shoe is suggested for road, treadmill and track running. The outsole also provides enough cushioning to keep the runner comfortable and safe on groomed trails. Runners commented that the bulky feel of this shoe did not make it an ideal fitness class companion.
      This shoe is not designed for the runner on a strict budget. For many runners, this shoe may be out of their price range. The New Balance 1260 V7 is the newest model of the 1260 line. It also comes with a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies to ensure that this shoe is extremely comfortable and will last for a long time.
      Runners reported that the Ndurance technology along the heel of the outsole provided the runner with added traction. Runners commented that the higher level of traction provided by this shoe makes this a good choice for running on slippery and even wet terrain.
      This shoe is not the most flexible shoe on the market today. The midsole and the outsole are designed to provide stability and support as opposed to moving with the natural gait cycle. Runners who want a lightweight flexible shoe should look elsewhere because the 1260 V7 is designed for support, cushioning, and stability.

      This shoe is suggested for runners who are struggling with issues of overpronation. This means that while running, the foot tends to roll to far inward which can lead to pain and injury. There are a variety of elements included in the design of this hoe that addresses the issue of overpronation and improves the gait cycle of the runner. Along the lateral side of the shoe, runners can expect to find New Balance’s Fuel Cell Technology. There is also a stability post that corrects issues of overpronation.
      Although this shoe does provide added cushioning and support, it also provides a lower drop than many traditional running shoes. The heel height of this shoe is 27 and the forefoot height is 19 millimeters which give the New Balance 1260 V7 a heel drop height of 8 millimeters.
      Key Features
      - 8-millimeter drop
      - Blown rubber and carbon rubber outsole
      - Ndurance technology to improve the durability of the outsole
      - No-sew, engineered mesh upper
      - Abzorb Heel cushioning to absorb the harmful shock of each footfall
      - Fuel Cell technology along lateral side to assist with overpronation issues
      - Strobel Last inner material
      - Ortholite Sock liner for added cushioning and support

      Bottom Line
      The New Balance 1260 V7 is the newest 1260 iteration. It is a shoe that is designed for the runner who is looking for a daily training companion. This is a stability shoe that provides added cushioning and support for the runner. The technologies included in the outsole and midsole are designed to improve the gait cycle of the runner and fix issues with overpronation. Runners described this shoe as comfortable and stylish and were impressed with how long lasting it was. This shoe is on the expensive side, however, so runners on a very tight budget should consider more affordable options.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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