Newton Fate

Newton, named after the renowned scientist Isaac Newton, is not the most widespread shoe brand as they are fairly new, having been around only since 2007. Despite being a fairly young company, Newton has shown that they are capable of making quality running shoes that perform for both new runners and seasoned veterans alike. The Newton Fate is one of their core shoes and is in many ways one of the company’s flagship models, akin to the Ghost for Brooks. It is worth noting that the Fate II model has been released, but the Fate still stands on its own as a solid shoe. The Fate is a neutral shoe, offering some of Newton’s unique technology which provides good traction, breathability, and responsiveness all in one package.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very breathable
  • agreeable weight
  • Lugs Offer good traction
  • Very responsive
  • Cons
    • A bit on the pricier side
    • Some complaints about durability
    • Key Features
      The outsole of a shoe is always a very important piece to consider, especially in regards to durability and traction. The Newton Fate has an outsole made of a Super High Abrasion Rubber Compound, or SHARC. As its name implies, this material is designed to be very long lasting, even against hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. In addition to this, however, this rubber compound also offers good traction in most conditions, including rain.

      The outsole also features lugs underneath the toe area. These lugs are designed to improve responsiveness and allow for a more natural running feel. As a whole, the outsole is fairly impressive. The SHARC material offers a lot in its ability to maintain traction, and stay durable even against hard surfaces. The lugs are also a useful feature of the shoe, offering more responsiveness. It was noted by some that the lugs wore out a bit more quickly than expected, however, so that is definitely something to consider.
      The midsole is always a part to consider in any shoe, due to the fact that it provides not only cushions against shock and impact, but also is responsible for providing energy return. The midsole of the Newton Fate is interesting because it offers some features and technology, which Newton advertises as unique. For example, the Fate features external lugs, dubbed Action/Reaction technology, that are designed to improve responsiveness, and also help improve shock resistance.

      These lugs are present in both the heel and the forefoot area for maximum effectiveness. A plate called a Biomechanical Metatarsal Sensor Plate, designed by Newton is present in the forefoot as well. This serves a similar purpose to the lugs and is designed to help runners feel the ground more and facilitate a natural running motion. Finally, the midsole is lined with EVA foam, a standard choice for midsole cushioning, as it provides solid energy return while also being lightweight. As a whole, the midsole features some very useful and unique technology and is a strong component of the shoe.
      The job of the upper of a shoe, which is the part that wraps around the entire top of the foot, is to provide stability and protection, while also allowing for flexibility and breathability. The upper of the Newton Fate is a mesh design, which has become extremely common in recent models of running shoes. The main advantages of the mesh are its breathability and flexibility, both of which are due to the fact that it is woven with very small holes in it intentionally.

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      Synthetic overlays also line the upper, as a way to help hold the foot in place, and make it more secure from above. The liner is Newton’s own design and is advertised as being anti-bacterial, which supposedly would help with smell inside the shoe. Overall, the design of the upper, though not groundbreaking by any stretch, is solid and does its job of supporting the foot, while also providing some breathability and flexibility.
      The weight of a shoe can actually be fairly significant, though it sometimes may not seem it. Shoes that are lighter tend to encourage more natural ranges of motion, at the cost of less cushioning, whereas heavier shoes tend to be more cushioned and supportive, but are less suited to very quick running, like in races. The Newton Fate weighs in at 9.6 ounces, which is pretty much to be expected of a neutral trainer. Overall the weight of this shoe is fairly standard and probably shouldn’t be an issue or most.
      Breathability is actually a very critical aspect of a shoe because a shoe without good breathability causes humidity and clamminess. In some cases, this can even contribute to blisters, which no runner wants to deal with. The Newton Fate is a fairly breathable shoe as a whole primarily due to the upper. The upper generally plays a big role in the breathability of a shoe, and that holds true in this case as well. The mesh design is a big part of this, due to the inherently breathable nature of woven mesh designs. This design allows an ample amount of air to flow in and out of the shoe, preventing any issues with breathability.
      Every runner has worn shoes that are uncomfortable at some point and knows just how important it is to run with shoes that are comfortable. An uncomfortable pair of shoes is compounded by the fact that they will be worn for many runs. In the case of the Newton Fate, comfort does not appear to be an issue. The midsole with its EVA foam and lugs do a good job of cushioning the foot appropriately and make for an overall comfortable stride. The upper is also a major contributing factor. The mesh design comes in again, as, in tandem with the synthetic overlays, it snugly secures the foot while still maintaining flexibility. Overall the Newton Fate is a fairly comfortable shoe.
      Newton offers a similar style to shoes like Saucony, Brooks, and to an extent Asics. They feature vibrant colors and laces, while still also offering modest colors for runners who prefer darker colors. The Fate itself is a fairly clean design and is offered in a myriad of colors, including a special USA edition. As a whole, the shoe looks solid but does not particularly stand out in terms of style. The Fate would probably be a bit more difficult to double as an everyday shoe than other popular models of shoes.
      Durability is something that should be looked at when buying any new shoe. Purchasing new shoes often is definitely not something that anyone, but especially runners, want to be doing. The Newton Fate is fairly durable but it does have its issues. The outsole is quite durable, mainly due to the Super High Abrasion Rubber Compound, which does its job quite well in resisting abrasions against the bottom. The midsole is solid as well thanks to the EVA foam, which is a very durable compound in and of itself.

      The main complaints have come against the lugs. The lugs have been reported to wear out a bit more quickly than expected. With that said, many have found success using the Fate for long distance running or training, even as far as marathons. As a whole, the durability of the Fate seems to be solid, but the lugs are definitely something to keep in mind.
      In terms of protection, the Newton Fate does a solid job. The outsole once again comes into play here. The SHARC material is very strong and does a good job at protecting the foot from impact from below. The upper also does a good job with protection. It primarily does this through its snug design with synthetic overlays and its overall solid construction. Lastly, the midsole comes in, offering protection via the EVA foam cushioning, and the forefoot plate. Overall, the Newton Fate offers solid protection and should help protect from common grievances and issues that can be bothersome on runs.
      Responsiveness refers to the capability of a shoe to return energy upon impact. Essentially, this is how a shoe feels and responds with every stride. The Newton Fate is fairly good in this respect due to several key features. The lugs, which are present on the outsole and midsole, beneath the toe area are big parts of this, as they increase the responsiveness of every step. The EVA foam in the midsole also contributes to this. EVA foam provides solid energy return, which is why it is a mainstay in running shoes, and it does so in the Fate as well. Overall, the responsiveness of the Newton Fate is a fairly strong aspect of the shoe in which it does well.
      The support of the Fate is decent. The primary contributors are the upper and the midsole. The upper’s synthetic overlays, paired with the snug mesh design, secure the foot from the top very well, while not being overbearing. Support also comes from the midsole. The midsole’s EVA foam offers solid support, as does the special plate located near the forefoot. These factors make the Newton Fate an altogether solidly supported shoe.
      The Newton Fate is probably best suited to common terrains like road, sidewalk, grass, and dirt, as most running trainers tend to be. That said, they should be able to fare decently on some less extreme trails. For more extreme rocky or icy areas, however, the Fate should probably not be the first choice. The Fate should also be usable in rain, though caution should definitely be exercised.

      Price is a very important thing to consider in any pair of shoes. The Newton Fate was definitely on the higher end of prices when it first released, but the release of the Fate II has caused its price to fall a good amount. Currently, the Fate is solidly, but probably not amazingly priced. As a whole, the shoe offers good, but definitely not exceptional value for its price.
      Traction of a running shoe refers to the grip it has. The Newton Fate has solid traction, mainly due to the outsole. The SHARC material comes in once again and is the main proponent of traction in the shoe. The SHARC material is designed to grip various surfaces, even in wet conditions where it can sometimes be dangerous to run. The lugs on the outside contribute to this as well, by helping provide grip. The Fate offers overall good traction for any surfaces it might be used on, though it will likely fare best when used on the road.

      Flexibility is an important feature that helps alleviate bad twists and potential strains, and also is critical in facilitating good movement. The Newton Fate is a decently flexible shoe, primarily due to the upper and the midsole. The mesh design is big here, as the mesh is often much more flexible than traditional uppers. The midsole comes in with its EVA foam material. EVA foam is a fairly flexible material, allowing the shoe to respond properly during every stride. As a whole, the flexibility of the Fate is not amazing but is definitely solid.
      The stability of a shoe describes how well the shoe supports a runner’s steps, which in turn is very important in helping prevent injuries. The stability offered by the Newton Fate is decent though not outstanding. The main proponents of stability are once again the midsole and the upper. The midsole contributes via its lugs, and also the forefoot plate, both of which do a solid job increasing stability. The upper provides stability from the top via its synthetic overlays, which hold the foot in place well and generate good support. Overall these features do a good job in facilitating stability and make the overall stability of the Fate solid.
      The drop on the Fate is 5 mm. The drop of a shoe refers to the size of the heel essentially. 5mm is actually fairly low for a shoe of this type. For those that prefer a more minimalistic feel, this should be right on the money. For those that exclusively prefer higher drops, this shoe might be on the edge.
      Key Features
      • Super High Abrasion Rubber Compound
      • Mesh upper with synthetic overlay
      • Anti-Bacterial Liner
      • Bio-mechanical metatarsal sensor plate
      • Lugs for a more responsive step
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Newton Fate is a very solid pair of shoes, particularly since the price has gone down a bit. They offer unique technology, and a solid looking design overall. For anyone seeking an all around trainer for almost any type of training, the Fate is definitely a strong choice.
      Where to Buy
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