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Nike has taken all of their expertise around looking good, feeling good, and lasting longer, and have incorporated it into their Zoom Domination Cross Trainer. This is a great option for the athlete who is constantly changing things up in their workouts. This shoe is designed to tackle fast and quick tempo runs, powerlifting, Zumba class, and even off-road adventures on groomed trails. In addition to all of this, the shoe is fashionable and looks great paired with any casual outfit. Nike included details, like the durable, layered rubber in the outsole that makes this shoe last and last. The Zoom Air midsole unit adds plush cushioning that adapts to the shape of each individual foot. All of this comes in a lightweight design that flexes and moves naturally with the runner. There are no surprises with the price of this shoe. It will run you right around the average price for a high quality running and training shoe on today’s market. The color pallet is more subtle, relying on pops of color to accentuate the look.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

Good for almost all terrains

Good choice for powerlifting and Cross Fit


Sleek and stylish design


Not suited for long runs

Narrow fit makes it uncomfortable for wide feet

Key Features
The outsole design of this shoe is one of the details that separate it from other cross trainers. Nike uses a flexible, durable rubber all along the outsole. This rubber is thick yet flexible and moves naturally with the runner’s gait cycle. The tread design that covers the outsole is a triangle design with tiny flex grooves and an aggressive tread pattern. This makes the Zoom Domination good on almost any surface. The outsole also comes equipped with rubberized pods along the heel to add even more durability in the highest tread areas. This outsole is thick enough to protect runners from wear and tear but thin enough to provide good responsiveness.
The midsole of the Zoom Domination features a favorite among Nike fans, the Zoom Air midsole foam unit. This midsole unit is plush and gives the shoe its cushioned feeling. It also bounces back to its original shape quickly. This midsole conforms to the shape of each foot, providing arch support regardless of the height. The Zoom Unit is highly responsive making it a favorite among dynamic athletes. In addition to the Zoom Air midsole foam, the Domination comes with a removable insole. This can be replaced with an orthopedic insole if runners need additional support.
The upper of this shoe serves to provide breathable, lightweight support to each runner. The key feature of the upper is Nike’s patented Flywire cables. They attach to the lacing system, allowing the runner to adjust the tightness based on their individual needs. This system keeps the foot locked in place and reduces the risk of friction. The upper material is a combination of lightweight textile and mesh. This open mesh promotes ventilation and helps to keep the foot comfortable. Runners will also find a pull tab along the heel of the shoe for easy on and off wear.
The upper of the Zoom Domination is lightweight and a huge reason for that is the combines textile and mesh upper material. This material is durable but also very breathable. Runners reported that the material promotes ventilation and allows air to flow freely into and out of the shoe. This helps keep the foot cool and dry regardless of the weather conditions. The lightweight breathability also reduces the risk of friction that can lead to blisters and hot spots.
This is a very lightweight shoe, making it a good choice for speed work and cross training. Although the midsole of the shoe is plush and provides extra cushioning to the runner, the Zoom Air foam is lightweight and responsive. The outsole has a heavier feeling due to the added rubber in the highest tread areas, but because the upper and the midsole are both very lightweight, the overall weight of the shoe is minimal.
One of the highest rated elements of this shoe is the overall comfort. The main contributor to the overall comfort of the Domination is the Zoom Air midsole foam unit. This midsole foam is lightweight and plush. It adapts to the shape of the foot, cradling the foot and providing arch support regardless of the height of the arches. In addition the midsole, runners found the supportive engineering of the upper to be comfortable as well. The upper relies on Nike’s patented Flywire cables to hold the foot in place. It should be noted that runners did comment that the narrower design, especially the narrow toe box, is not a great fit for those with wide feet.
Nike has become the go-to name for athletic gear that doubles as fashionable clothing and accessories. These shoes are no exception to this rule. They are sleek and designed to look slim and light on the foot, making them a good option for the gym as well as paired with any casual outfit. This shoe doesn’t feature the vivid, eye-catching colors that some runners crave, rather they offer a more mellow base with vivid color accents along the base and sides of the shoe.
Although this shoe is lightweight and sleek, don’t be fooled by its minimalist look. Athletes report that this shoe holds up well to wear and tear and needs to be replaced much less frequently than similar shoes on the market. The outsole of the shoe features a layered rubber outsole. Additionally, rubber in the form of rubberized pods has been added to high tread areas like the heels of the shoe to protect the shoe from the elements and extensive use. Additionally, the upper of the shoe is made from a combination of mesh and textile. The textile blend protects the upper and keeps the shoe looking new regardless of how much it is worn.
The main way in which the Zoom Domination protects the runner is through the shock absorption and responsive midsole cushioning that it provides. The plush Zoom Air midsole unit is designed to absorb the shock of each footfall, alleviating pain on the joints and reducing the risk of injury in the long run. Additionally, the lightweight breathable upper of this shoe is designed to promote airflow, eliminating moisture that can lead to painful blisters. Finally, the outsole of this shoe has a much higher level of traction than similar cross trainers, helping runners stay upright and safe on any terrain.
The outsole of this shoe is designed to be thicker in higher tread areas but still maintain a fit that keeps runners connected to the ground below them. The lower heel drop also helps with this endeavor. The Zoom Air midsole foam is responsive and helps runners quickly and efficiently change direction and speed making this a great shoe for speed work or for a variety of different activities and terrains.
Nike has created a unique design to help with support, and lucky for runners who are looking for more support, the Zoom Domination comes equipped with them. Nike’s patented Flywire Cables run along the sides of the shoe, connecting to the lacing system to provide a supportive, secure fit. These cables keep the foot locked in place and reduce unwanted side to side movement. Additionally, the Zoom Air midsole unit is plush, adapting to the shape of each runner’s foot which means added arch support regardless of the height or shape.
This shoe is perfect for the runner who is constantly changing up their workouts. Whether athletes are participating in a CrossFit class, doing sprints on the track, a tempo run on the pavement, or uphill hiking on groomed trails, the Zoom Domination can handle it. The main reason for this is the aggressive tread system that is found on the outsole. The underfoot looks like a series of triangles and these allow the shoe to grip onto whatever terrain comes in its path.
There is nothing surprising about the price of this shoe. Runners should expect to spend what is the average price for a high quality running and cross training shoe on today’s market. There are less expensive Nike options for the runner on a tight budget who still wants to rock the Nike brand, but runners were overall very pleased with the high level of durability exhibited in this shoe which makes it an overall good value.
This shoe is unique from similar cross training shoes in that the traction provided to the runner is much more advanced than most shoes in the same category. This is due to the tread pattern on the underfoot. This aggressive pattern creates a multi-surface traction that allows athletes to use this shoe for a variety of activities without the need to purchase different shoes for different surfaces.
Runners appreciated the flexible nature of this shoe. It is not a good choice for runners who are looking for a motion control or stability shoe. This shoe is designed to move with you as opposed to correct your gait cycle.
This shoe is not designed as a stability shoe. Instead, runners who are looking or a shoe that moves naturally with them and supports a natural gait cycle will enjoy the fit and feel of this shoe. However, the shoe does come with a removable insole. This means that runners can replace the insole with an orthopedic insole that will assist with stability issues.
Runner found this shoe to be a good option for heavy lifting like Olympic weightlifting and cross-training activities like Cross Fit. A key reason for this is that the drop of the shoe is lower, leading to a flatter more stable base than most running shoes on today’s market. This shoe won’t provide runners with the zero drop option that some are looking for, but it is an option that is much lower than the traditional 10 mm heel drop. Due to this lower drop, if a runner is used to working out in a traditional shoe, it will require some adjustment to get used to the feel and fit of the lower drop Zoom Domination.
Key Features
- Breathable mesh and textile upper
- Flywire Cable technology attached to the lacing system for added support
- Midsole made of Nike’s patented Zoom Air Foam
- Tough tread pattern along outsole makes it good for all terrains
- Rubberized pods along the outsole for added durability
- Removable insole can be replaced with orthopedics for added support and stability
Bottom Line
Athletes who are looking for a lightweight shoe that is as good on quick tempo runs as it is in a CrossFit class will be pleased to find the Zoom Domination. A flatter base and lower drop make this a great option for powerlifting and cross-training activities. The added tread along the outsole make these shoe a good choice for all surfaces from the court to the trail to the track. A key feature of this shoe is the Zoom Air midsole foam unit. This material provides a plush, adaptable fit for each runner. It bounces back to its original shape, providing long-lasting durability and comfort to runners. The layered rubber outsole includes a pod shape design at high tread areas to protect the runner from the elements as well as protect the shoe from wear and tear. This is a good choice for the runner who is looking or a flexible support. The lightweight nature of the Domination makes it great for speed work and agility. The price is average for a shoe of this caliber, and while it isn’t overly expensive, it isn’t for the runner on a tight budget. This shoe has a subtle, sleek style to it but doesn’t expect to find wild colors and designs.
Where to Buy
By Stacey O'Connor
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