Reebok Flexile

The Reebok Flexile is a member of the Reebok Flex family and continues the tradition of reliable, quality shoes we’re used to getting. Whether you need a gym shoe or a sneaker for going out and about, this is a solid choice, especially given its more than decent price point. It’s breathable, lightweight and responsive, and the Flexcage technology offers enough stability for most people to enjoy their fast workouts without worrying about injury. This would be a perfect gym shoe if it had a slightly lower drop and more ankle support and protection. But the way it is currently, it’s a great everyday trainer that has enough of everything for an average gym rat.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Seamless 3D structured upper for stability and support
  • IMEVA midsole
  • Very breathable
  • Strategically placed traction pads on the rubber outsole
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Very comfortable
  • Modern, sleek and unobtrusive design
  • Great pricing
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
    • Not that supportive or protective, especially around the ankles
    • 13mm drop isn’t suitable for everyone
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this versatile gym shoe is made of durable rubber. There are deep flex grooves throughout the outsole, which encourage natural foot movement and both forefoot and rearfoot flexibility. Strategically placed in two areas of the rubber outsole is a specific traction rubber, which grips to the surface and provides added stability, especially when lifting weights. Unlike strictly running shoes, which usually feature this kind of rubber in the toe area, the forefoot traction rubber placement on the Reebok Flexile ensures traction in the key foot pressure point when it comes to gym work. Whether you’re doing lunges, squats, of lifting weights, you’re leaning into the ball of the foot, and having some extra abrasion rubber there is of great help.
      The Reebok Flexile trainer features an injection molded EVA (IMEVA) foam midsole which offers bounce, lightness and great cushioning, especially in the heel area where the cushioning is thicker, providing extra comfort. The flex grooves are present on the lateral sides of the midsole, further increasing the flexibility of this workout shoe. The one-piece IMEVA midsole is soft and of high quality. Along the sides of the sculpted midsole are small triangular grooves that make the upper and the midsole in tune with one another, from an aesthetic point of view, and make the whole sneaker look modern.
      The upper of the Flexile shoe dons a Flexcage frame that locks the foot in place and offers multi-directional support and flexibility without unnecessary overlays that could potentially create uncomfortable pressure points. The rest of the upper is made of engineered mesh that is lightweight and breathable. The sleek-looking mesh material is ‘knit’ so that it varies between two types of knit – a firmer, denser one that adds to the overall upper stability, and a looser, more flexible one. In the front of the mesh is a 3DFuseFrame – a rubber toecap that is thin, lightweight, yet durable. This toecap reduces the bulkiness of the shoe while adding stability and support that is more than welcome when performing compound bodyweight movements. The lacing system is standard, without any peculiar aspects to it, and the tongue is minimally padded and not attached to the upper, but it won’t bulk up or slip to the side.
      This shoe weighs 184g/6.5 ounces for women and 227g/8 ounces for men, meaning that it’s a really lightweight shoe. Several users have been pleasantly surprised by how light this shoe actually is, and one even remarked that when getting them through the mail, they were sure that the box they came in was empty – that’s how lightweight they are. The Flexile’s weight makes it a good shoe to have on hand when going on walks, or when you need a little boost just to get out the door and go to the gym.
      Save for the Flexcage frame and the toecap 3DFuseFrame, the whole upper is seamless and made of engineered mesh. This means that there is more than enough ventilation to the shoe even when you’re not walking or running, and the thin upper material won’t hold the after-workout moisture for long. Additionally, this synthetic mesh upper fabric is able to absorb some of the sweat during the workout, so your feet won’t be uncomfortable, and the chances of blisters forming are close to zero. The Reebok Flexile will keep your feet dry, cool and ventilated throughout the workout, no matter its intensity, making this the ideal summer shoe. However, if you need a slightly warmer shoe for walking in colder weather we recommend either getting a less breathable shoe or putting extra thick socks on.
      This gym shoe is so comfortable that the verdict is unanimous: we’re looking at a great everyday shoe that can be worn day in and day out. It’s lightweight, breathable, with soft cushioning; in short – extremely comfortable. The foot base is wide, as is the toe box, leaving more than enough wiggle room for the toes. One user noted that there is a break-in period for the upper heel material to adjust to the Achilles (or the other way round) because it might be a bit hard when putting on the shoe for the first time, but that’s nothing a good sock can’t handle. Also, the only general complaint is that the shoe runs smaller, so if you’re ordering it online, be careful to order at least a half-size up.
      This is an ideal shoe for people who don’t want to attract attention to the shoe itself, but to their outfit as a whole. The minimalist approach to design and style makes the Reebok Flexile extremely blendable; it will complement almost any gym outfit you can think of without a problem. The modern, sleek silhouette is combined with an intricately designed midsole, and the low-cut design ensures that your feet will appear smaller while wearing this shoe. It comes in three flattering colors: black, grey and navy blue for men, and deep berry, black and coal for women. The blue variations go amazingly well with an everyday jeans outfit.

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      While durability isn’t the Flexile’s main selling point, it doesn’t fall short when it comes to high-quality materials. The outsole rubber is durable and the traction areas ensure a long-lasting wear, while the rubber toe cap prevents the upper from deteriorating faster from workouts such as burpees or squat jumps. The IMEVA midsoles are known to crease faster than the compression molded EVA midsoles, and show signs of wear and tear on the lateral walls of the midsole; however, seeing how this is a gym shoe that isn’t meant to log extensive miles, this most likely won’t be an issue. One of the benefits of the seamless upper is that it’s unable to fall apart at the seams – there is only the risk of the upper loosening up over time, but the varied-density knit will prevent that from happening too soon.
      The Reebok Flexile isn’t a protection shoe, which doesn’t mean it offers no protection whatsoever, but it really isn’t the primary focus of this workout-oriented shoe. The Flexcage frame keeps the foot stable even when doing lateral movements and the toe cap rubber will protect the toes from any unwelcoming impact that comes from jumping, speed work and other similar movements. However, the low-cut design, while promoting natural foot movement, doesn’t do much to protect the ankle, so keep that in mind, especially if you’re used to high-ankle shoes.
      By definition, the sculpted injection-molded EVA midsoles offer better responsiveness than the compression molded ones. The Flexile IMEVA midsole is no exception to the rule: it provides amazing bounce, energy-return and responsiveness, all while being comfy and cushioned. The responsiveness, combined with the lightness of the shoe, will make it easier for you to perform some tiresome movements and give you the energy to get into the workout without worrying that your shoes will take you ‘down’.
      This is a neutral workout shoe that is best for gym-goers with normal pronation and medium to medium-high arches. While the Reebok Flexile is described as the ideal shoe for footwork and movement-oriented training, it is by no means a traditional support shoe. This might seem confusing to some who have grown accustomed to having additional ankle support in that type of shoe, and they’re not entirely wrong. It is true that the Flexile could use a bit more ankle support, but most of the time, the Flexcage technology will suffice – the upper webbing provides enough support for multidirectional movements.
      Gym floor, treadmill, flat surfaces and pavement all go well with the Flexile workout shoe. It is primarily intended for HIIT, circuit training, intervals, multi-direction movements, speed work, and daily training drills, although it can withstand some moderate treadmill runs.
      The price is the missing piece of this puzzle that when added, makes it all that more beautiful. The price point of the Reebok Flexile is incredibly good, and if you happen to catch them on sale or discount, you might get them at the cost of three or four averagely-priced burgers. When the quality of the materials, manufacture, and build is compared to some of the more popular and widely worn brands, the Reebok Flexile’s price is better almost by a 50% margin. In our books, that’s a bargain.
      Due to the traction rubber positioning (there’s none in the outsole toe area of the shoe), the Reebok Flexile isn’t meant for sprints on longer runs, because it will lack grip and traction where it's most needed when running. However, a lot of people use it for treadmill cardio conditioning, and on that surface, the outsole is grippy enough to provide a comfortable ride for up to 10k. When used as intended, for gym workouts and the like, the traction the Flexile offers is very good. It’s comfortable with a solid grip to the gym floor, and one user even noted that it has more grip than some shoes that are specifically designed for court.
      The Reebok Flexile’s outsole hits the sweet spot between having enough traction rubber to provide a firm grip on a flat surface and being flexible enough to accommodate the complicated, multidirectional movements this shoe is intended for. The deep outsole flex grooves, along with the lateral vertical midsole flex grooves in the forefoot give great flexibility to the shoe, while the Flexcage upper keeps it structured and supportive, without feeling restricted by the shoe.
      The 3DFuseFrame technology offers good multidirectional support in the forefoot, enabling fast movements without compromising the form. The webbed structured upper stabilizes the foot and provides a secure fit during compound and/or fast movements.
      The Reebok Flexile features a 13mm drop, which is an interesting, but not an unusual choice for a gym shoe. Everything above 12mm is considered to be a moderate heel-striking shoe; however, since you won’t run in them as much, the heel-striking moment is of lesser significance. What’s important to note, though, is that the Flexile’s drop indicates that the ideal use of this shoe is for speed work, burpees, jumps, etc. Essentially, every movement that requires you to land on your toes first and just lightly touch the ground with the heel. This drop height choice might prove to be a bit unstable for squats and similar exercises where it’s important to be balanced in order not to tip over. If you’re interested in a flat gym shoe, our recommendation would definitely be the Nike Air Max Trainer 1.
      Key Features
      - Deep flex grooves on the outsole
      - IMEVA responsive midsole
      - Very comfortable
      - Extremely breathable
      - Gym shoe
      - Excellent price
      - Made for multidirectional movements
      - Flexible
      - Seamless upper
      - Lack of ankle support and protection
      - 13mm drop can be tricky for some gym exercises
      Bottom Line
      The Reebok Flexile is definitely an all-rounder. It’s flexible and stable for any kind of movements that concentrate the weight at the ball of the foot. The injection-molded EVA midsole is responsive, cushioned and fairly durable, and the breathable, seamless mesh upper is modern and minimal-looking. The structured upper frame stabilizes the foot and enables multidirectional movements, and you get all this at a really great price. If you need a good and inexpensive gym shoe that can work for both weights and cardio conditioning, this is a great choice. The only reason not to get the Flexile is if you require additional support and protection, or if you’re used to lower-drop shoes.
      Where to Buy
      By Lizzy Pavlovic
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