Reebok Hydrorush TR

Reebok designed their Hydrorush TR workout shoe to be equal parts stylish, supportive, and highly functional during training. Its name comes from a dual-density liquid foam unit placed into the heel of its EVA foam midsole. This enhances the shoe's levels of cushioning and responsiveness where they're needed most and reduces overall pain and fatigue. This sits on top on a high abrasion rubber outsole, in a stylish camouflage pattern, ensuring greater durability and stronger traction. Of course, it's the shoe's engineered sandwich mesh upper that gives the most support and overall stability. Its adaptive fit and overlays work with the lacing system and padded collar to keep the foot firmly in place. All of these features work together to make this shoe equally supportive during workouts and everyday life.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
Road Runner Sports Link
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Pros & Cons

-Extremely versatile

-Reasonable price tag

-Comfortable support

-Very responsive


-Great traction


-Does not fit true to size

-Midsole is too stiff for some

-Inconsistent durability

Key Features
A high abrasion rubber covers the Hydrorush TR’s entire outsole area, allowing with to withstand constant use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. This also adds to the shoe’s overall level of traction, making it more effective for different types of indoor and outdoor workouts. Its tread pattern adds to its multi-surface wear, comprising of multiple shallow flex grooves that form angular lines running across the width of the shoe. The forefoot also features several deep flex grooves which aid in overall flexibility. As an added bonus, the rubber compound has a camouflage print to make the shoe’s overall design more appealing.
The Hydrorush TR features a full-length EVA foam midsole unit for lightweight cushioning and responsiveness. While many brands now rely on their own custom technologies, and Nike has plenty of that they could choose from, reviewers still feel that this standard material has offered the shoe a suitably comfortable wear. And its levels of shock absorption and energy transfer keep the runner protected and powered up through their workouts. Adding to this is a dual-density liquid foam unit placed in the heel, which increases the shoe’s level of shock absorption where it’s needed most. As one would expect, it also gives this unit more flexibility.
For equal parts breathability and structure, Reebok gives the Hydrorush TR an engineered sandwich mesh upper. Overlays are melded into the fabric, particularly along the midfoot and heel, to encourage greater support and overall stability. There is also a midfoot cage that integrates with the lacing system to keep the shoe locked into place, along with the shoe’s padded collar and tongue. As a finishing touch, pull tabs are stitched onto the instep and heel to ensure easier insertion. Most reviewers seem to appreciate this shoe’s upper not only for its level of comfort but also for its supportive yet flexible wear, although several wish that the toe box was wider.
There are no online listings or reviews that show exactly how much the Hydrorush TR weighs. Typically, most men’s running shoes average out between 9 oz. and 11 oz. while women’s sizes are about 2 oz. less than this. So it’s pretty safe to assume that this particular model falls within this exact range. Despite this, many reviewers have praised this shoe for its lightweight and easy wear. Its features and overall design give a great deal of support and stability for workouts, yet they’re engineered to keep the wearer light on their feet.
A good workout shoe needs to be breathable in order to keep the wearer cool and comfortable as they train. The Hydrorsh TR’s engineered sandwich mesh upper allows for plenty of airflow along the forefoot, and some along the midfoot, to reduce foot odor and different types of skin irritations. While there are a few buyers who would have liked even more ventilation, especially along the sides, most seem to be satisfied when it comes to this quality.
Reviewers seem to be incredibly happy with how comfortable the Hydrorush TR’s wear is. While its EVA foam midsole already provides enough cushioning and responsiveness on its own, the inclusion of dual-density liquid foam in its heel greatly enhances these qualities. The level of shock absorption that it gives keeps runners pain-free for longer, which in turn enables them to run and workout for longer. And its breathable sandwich mesh upper feels soft against the foot as it actively prevents skin irritations. However, there are some reviewers who still aren’t satisfied with this shoe’s overall levels of support and breathability. Others feel that this model doesn’t fit true to size and wish that it provided them with more toe room.
The Hydrorush TR’s relatively simple design allows it to effortlessly fit in to both fitness environments and everyday life. It’s also able to pair incredibly well with a number of different casual and athletic styles. The different textures of its sandwich mesh upper and midsole, as well as the camouflage pattern on its outsole, are particularly appealing to buyers. While it is available in a number of different color combinations, they mostly consist of the same few colors. Buyers can buy single or multi-colored options in black, white, grey, red, and blue.
Although reviews don’t seem to indicate exactly how durable the Hydrorush TR is, buyers can still guess how strong it is by the quality of its materials. Its high abrasion rubber outsole is specially engineered to withstand constant use on both paved roads and gym equipment, which also makes it extra sturdy for everyday life. While standard EVA foam isn’t quite as strong as the technologies made today, this particular model still manages to hold up well. Of course, the inclusion of dual-density liquid foam in its heel allows it to last longer. And the adaptive nature of its engineered sandwich mesh upper, along with its printed-on overlays, allows it to better resist wear and tear.
Aside from protecting the rest of the shoe from damage, the Hydrorush TR’s high abrasion rubber outsole also provides suitable traction to ensure completely safe movement on everyday surfaces. Its full-length EVA foam midsole is enhanced by a dual-density liquid foam heel unit for added cushioning and responsiveness where it’s needed most. This results in a drastic reduction of pain and fatigue that would come right after an intense workout. And its engineered sandwich mesh upper is equipped with overlays in its midfoot and rear areas to keep the top of the foot supported and prevent accidental removal.
A full-length EVA midsole already provides the Hydrorush TR with a decent amount of responsiveness, allowing it to be suitable for training. However, this shoe is also outfitted with a dual-density liquid foam unit in the heel to enhance this quality where it’s needed most. This unit’s enhanced levels of shock absorption lessen the effect of each impact to ensure that the wearer feels less pain by the end of their workouts. This, along with the midsole’s ridges, also brings the shoe’s energy return to a higher level, allowing buyers to stay powered up for much longer.
The Hydrorush TR’s EVA foam midsole already does a decent job at keeping the underfoot area supported. However, its dual-density liquid foam heel unit adds to this significantly in the area where it’s needed the most. And they’re reasonably flexible so its supportive wear can continue throughout the gait cycle. The same is true with the engineered sandwich mesh upper, which wraps around the foot as it adapts to its every move. The shoe’s printed-on overlays and padded collar add to this by supporting the mid and rear sections of the foot, successfully preventing unstable movements.
Since it’s meant to be used for different types of workouts, the Hydrorush TR has to be able to function in both indoor and outdoor environments. Buyers have stated how satisfied they were with this shoe’s performance on surfaces such as paved roads, sidewalks, and the floors of indoor fitness centers. It can also hold up to constant use on gym equipment, which can damage certain shoes over time. The design of its sandwich mesh upper also allows it to give a comfortable wear in both warmer and cooler temperatures. Although its lack of waterproofing features and gripping lugs do limit this shoe’s usage quite a bit.
Compared to Nike and Adidas, Reebok is known to keep their prices relatively low. This is also the case when it comes to the Hydrorush TR, which is priced at just $80 across all online retailers. These stores include Dick's Sporting Goods, Road Runner Sports, Eastbay, and Reebok's own website. And its high levels of comfort and support, as well as its incredibly versatile wear, make this shoe an incredible bargain. Its inconsistent sizing does tend to scare buyers away, however, so it would definitely be a good idea to try this model on in-store before making a purchase.
Another one of the Hydrorush TR's bigger selling points is its multi-surface traction. Instead of lugs, its outsole consists of multiple angular grooves and small slits that run across the underfoot area. This design, combined with the full-length high abrasion rubber, allows the shoe to properly grab on to paved roads and most indoor surfaces. Considering that some shoes tend to lose their traction after constant use on gym equipment, knowing that this shoe can maintain its strong grip is a huge relief to many reviewers.
Reviews are mixed when it comes to how flexible the Hydrorush TR actually is. Many feel that the EVA midsole moves along with their foot without issue, and the upper’s engineered mesh is able to easily adapt to bending, flexing, and even mild swelling that occurs during runs. On the other hand, there are some who feel that it’s too stiff for their liking. And this shoe’s tendency to fit smaller and narrower than average may impact its overall pliability for certain runners.
The Hydrorush TR’s stability starts off with its high abrasion rubber outsole, which enables a strong grip for safe workouts. Its full-length EVA foam midsole and dual-density liquid foam work together to provide a responsive wear that steadies and smooths out the runner’s movements. Of course, it’s the shoe’s engineered sandwich mesh upper that proves to be its most secure feature. Between its dual layers of fabric, padded tongue and collar, and overlays that integrate into the lacing system, runners know that their feet will stay securely in place no matter what they do.
Usually, a training shoe will feature a low-drop platform in order to give the runner a better sense of balance and posture during their workouts. However, the Hydrorush TR's heel-to-toe drop height measures in at 11mm, above the average of 10mm. Despite this, reviewers don't feel that this difference has any negative impact on the shoe's overall performance. If anything, some say that it adds to the overall effectiveness of their training.
Key Features
-High abrasion rubber outsole
-Full-length EVA midsole
-Dual-density liquid foam in the heel
-Engineered sandwich mesh upper
-Protective overlays
-11mm heel-to-toe drop
-Reasonable $80 price tag
Bottom Line
Although the Reebok Hydrorush TR was designed primarily to serve as a workout shoe, its multiple supportive features and stylish design also make it an excellent choice for casual walks and everyday life. It's most responsive where it absolutely needs to be and provides durable traction for long sessions of training. And its upper fits comfortably around the runner's foot for an adaptive and breathable yet stabilizing wear. Certain reviewers have still encountered problems with this model, as it does have a tendency to not fit true to size. Several of these same buyers have also stated that it's not a good model for those with wide feet. Despite this, most seem to be quite happy with this shoe's overall wear and design.
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