Reebok Yourflex Train 10

The Reebok Yourflex Train 10 is specially designed to give lightweight cushioning and stability to cross-trainers of all levels. Its IMEVA midsole unit gives responsive cushioning while allowing easy yet stable wear. Beneath is a thin layer of high abrasion rubber, aided by carbon rubber on the heel and forefoot, places over its lugged outsole for durable traction. And its upper fused breathable microweb mesh with padded neoprene for multi-directional movement that’s still stable. It should be noted that this model’s size range for women is known as the Yourflex Trainette 10 and is marketed as a completely different shoe, even though it has the exact same design characteristics and materials.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Comfortable wear

-Extremely supportive

-Provides great traction

-Affordable price tag

-High-quality materials

-Perfect for training


-Inconsistent sizing

-Can lack durability

Key Features
A white, high abrasion rubber compound covers the Yourflex Train 10’s entire outsole, keeping the midsole unit protected against the wear and tear caused by multiple intense workouts. The heel and forefoot areas, which receive the most impact, are made up of a colored carbon rubber for increased durability. Its tread pattern features a number of thick, curved rectangular lugs lined up against each other for multidirectional traction, and they’re separated by deep flex grooves for an easier and more pliable wear. Both of these make for a stable and much more effective workout.
Reebok uses injection-molded EVA, or IMEVA, for the Yourflex Train 10’s midsole unit. Known for being more lightweight than compression-molded materials, it provides the wearer with a high level of shock absorption to keep them moving along smoothly during intense workout sessions. Its rebound qualities are also strong, enabling them to power through as they train in various ways. Aiding this unit is a Memory Tech sockliner, which contours to the wearer’s individual foot shape for customized cushioning and much more effective support. While most reviewers seem to be satisfied with this particular feature, there are some who would have preferred a more pliable midsole.
The forefoot and midfoot areas of the Yourflex Train 10’s upper are made from a breathable micro web mesh, while the heel and collar are constructed from neoprene. Both of these materials are welded together just underneath the ankle for equal parts comfort and stabilizing support. Stitched on overlays are also present across the midfoot and toes to help the shoe retain its structure. The collar and tongue are also padded for extra security and protection against chafing. Finally, a traditional lacing system includes flattened laces to ensure that they stayed tied. All of these features combine together to allow easy yet stable movement in multiple directions, further enhancing its performance as a training shoe.
According to multiple reviewers, the YourFlex Train 10 manages to strike the perfect balance between being lightweight and stabilizing. Men’s sizes average out at 7.1 oz while the women’s Trainette version comes in at around 5.8 oz., making it extremely easy to move around in during aerobics, speed training, and jumping rope. Even better is that reviewers never once felt unsteady or at risk of injury thanks to the inclusion of this shoe’s stabilizing features, meaning that they’ve all been carefully engineered by the brand to weigh less.
Reviewers have taken note of how breathable the Yourflex Train 10 is, especially during their workouts. This is thanks to the micro web mesh that covers the forefoot and midfoot areas, where hotspots tend to occur the most. This results in a much cooler and dryer wear, as well as a huge reduction in odor and skin irritations that could occur after consistent heavy training. Of course, the shoe’s narrower than average fit may diminish this particular quality for buyers with wider feet.
Most reviewers praise the Yourflex Train 10 for its level of comfort. Its IMEVA midsole provides lightweight and supportive cushioning, and its responsive nature allows the wearer to be pain-free even after an intense workout. The inclusion of a Memory Tech sockliner enhances this further with its customized cushioning. Its upper’s micro mesh permits an incredible amount of breathability to eliminate hotspots where they happen most. The neoprene heel and collar support the ankles while actively preventing skin irritations. However, a large number of buyers state they this shoe fits smaller and narrower than average. Others have stated that the midsole is too stiff for their liking, while some state that the shoe’s overlays dig into their foot and make for an uncomfortable wear.
The Yourflex Train 10 has almost all of the same design elements as its most recent predecessor, aside from the more subdued logo on either side of the foot. The logo it also prominently displayed on the instep, and the brand name is printed on the medial side of the heel. Although it does have a significant range of color options, most consist of various pairings that include black, blue, white, red, and grey. A black/solar yellow option is available in men’s sizes, and the Trainette has a couple of pink and purple options for women.
Another major selling point for the Yourflex Train 10 is that it’s made with high-quality materials that are known to withstand heavy use. Although the IMEVA midsole has a decent amount of pliability, it’s still engineered to resist potential damage and maintain its level of cushioning. This is enhanced even further by the high abrasion rubber outsole and carbon rubber pods, allowing its grip on the surface below to stay secure for even longer. The combination of micro web mesh and neoprene stays stronger than standard mesh fabrics, and the use of stitch-on overlays allows the shoe to better maintain its complete shape.
The high abrasion rubber that covers the Yourflex Train 10’s outsole keeps the midsole protected against early damage. This material, enhanced by carbon rubber pods, also provides solid traction that enables the runner to workout safely. Its IMEVA midsole cushions the foot while its responsive nature safeguards the foot from any resulting chronic pain and fatigue. This is enhanced even further by the shoe’s Memory Tech sockliner, which gives customized cushioning and stability. The upper’s micro web mesh material permits a breathable wear that, along with the padded neoprene collar, actively works to prevent blisters and skin irritations. This same collar works with the shoe’s lacing system and overlays to keep the foot locked into place.
All good training shoes need to have a responsive midsole unit, as this will lessen the impact on the wearer’s feet during their workouts. The Yourflex Train 10’s IMEVA midsole is not only lightweight but also offers an incredible amount of shock absorption to keep them pain-free even after they’re done training. It also offers an added bounce that’s not found in compression-molded materials, allowing it to better retain its original shape and powering the runner forward as they train and jog.
The Yourflex Train 10's IMEVA midsole supports the underfoot by providing it with lightweight yet responsive cushioning that keeps them safeguarded against impact. And its soft Memory Tech sockliner completely conforms to the foot's shape for greater stability. As for the top of the foot, it's supported by the micro web mesh, stitched-on overlays, and neoprene heel unit. Its collar and tongue also have a substantial amount of padding for secure yet comfortable ankle support.
Obviously, the Yourflex Train 10 was designed for optimal movement through all types of indoor training facilities and on gym equipment. Yet a number of reviewers state that it works just as well on paved road surfaces and sidewalks. Cross-trainers and teens taking physical education classes find this shoe equally useful for their activities. Those who participate in short-distance racing also claim that this model keeps them stable yet lightweight on their feet. As an added bonus, its breathable wear makes it an excellent pick for activities in warmer weather.
Considering its levels of durability and comfort, as well as its overall impact on workout routines, the Yourflex Train 10 is incredibly affordable. While Nike or Adidas would price similar models at around $130, Reebok has this shoe listed at just $60. Buyers are also thrilled with the much lower prices that they can find via other online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. With that said, this shoe’s tendency to fit smaller and narrower than average has had some questioning whether or not they should buy it. Although it is reasonably priced, it still wouldn’t be a bad idea to try this model on in a store before making a purchase.
The Yourflex Train 10’s high abrasion rubber outsole features carbon rubber pods along the heel and ball of the foot, giving a stronger grip to the areas that receive the most impact. And its tread pattern is made up of thick, rectangular lugs that enable better multi-directional traction. These result in more stable movements during intense cross-training sessions, and they also allow for a secure grasp on paved road surfaces during runs and other types of athletic activities. However, there’s no indication of how well this model can perform on wet or slippery surfaces. And it’s best to not use this particular model for more rugged activities such as trail running.
The Yourflex Train 10’s tread pattern features several deep flex grooves that run across and down the underfoot. Its IMEVA midsole unit is known to be more pliable than compression-molded EVA, making it a better fit for cross-training or other forms of fitness and athletics. And its upper fuses a micro web mesh forefoot with a neoprene heel to allow for more natural yet controlled multi-directional movement. Although most reviewers feel that this shoe is relatively easy to move around in, some feel that it’s a little too stiff for their liking. They especially note that it midsole feels more rigid than they had expected.
As stated before, the Yourflex Train 10 is able to offer an ideal balance between a lightweight and stabilizing wear. The thick lugs of its tread pattern are curved and rectangular in shape, allowing secure movements even as the wearer runs quickly in multiple directions. Its IMEVA midsole cushions the foot and gives high levels of shock absorption and energy transfer to ensure as smooth a gait cycle as possible. Enhancing this is its Memory Tech sockliner, which contours to the foot’s individual shape to prevent in-shoe wobbling. Although most of its upper is made from micro web mesh, its heel and collar are made with neoprene to hold the heel in place. Stitched on overlays are also present along the midfoot and toe areas to retain the shoe’s shape and aid the padded collar and lacing system in preventing accidental removal.
The YourFlex Train 10 features an unusual heel-to-toe drop height of 8.5mm, a bit lower than the average measurement of 10mm. Cross-training shoes typically come with a lower drop, even lower than this one, as it gives the wearer a better sense of balance as posture during weight-lifting sessions. Still, reviewers say that they not only feel completely stable during their workouts but also notice that they have a decent amount of underfoot cushioning.
Key Features
-High abrasion rubber outsole
-Carbon rubber pods for added traction
-Responsive IMEVA midsole
-Microweb mesh and neoprene upper
-Padded collar and tongue
-Traditional lacing system
-8.5mm heel-to-toe drop
-Affordable $60 price tag
Bottom Line
Anyone who cross-trains, or at least works out frequently, would definitely get a great deal of out of the Reebok Yourflex Train 10. Its durable outsole provides incredible traction for a wide variety of indoor activities while also being fit for an outdoor run. The midsole unit keeps the foot properly cushioned and free of pain thanks to its lightweight responsiveness. And its upper combines two different materials to encourage an easy wear that’s still stabilizing enough for intense gym sessions. While there is definitely some room for improvement, especially when it comes to the shoe’s inconsistent fit, reviewers seem to be satisfied with how effective this model is when it comes to their training.
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