Under Armour Run True Jacket

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Under Armour Run True Jacket Review Facts

The Under Armour Run True Jacket is an all-around good running jacket. Customers love the color options they have available to them, especially in the men’s sizes (as there are many more options to choose from). The jacket fits great which customers love, it is made to fit you snugly without squeezing or suctioning onto you so it does not hinder your movements at all. You do not want to feel like you are trapped in a jacket whether you are running in it or not. The jacket is reflective so you do not have to worry about running in low visibility or low light areas and you can make sure you are seen wherever you are so you can remain safe. Many customers love the fact that this has pockets! There are two front zippered pockets and an internal media pocket for your phone or other items. Customers have complained, unfortunately, that this jacket’s sleeves are a bit too short which was disappointing to them. Reviewers also suggested that they do not like the size of the hood, as they wish it was a little bit bigger. With the exception of the hood and the sleeves the jacket is true to size and fits wonderfully. The jacket allows for superior airflow due to the mesh inserts that are located throughout the arms, upper back, and lower body of the jacket. The breathability which coupled with the sweat-wicking and fast drying materials of the jacket work together to keep you dry and warm. Customers tend to love the look and feel of this jacket and they would recommend the Under Armour Run True Jacket to their friends, family, and fellow runners.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ultra lightweight so it does not hold you back
  • Mesh inserts to maximize breathability
  • Materials made to wick sweat and keep you dry and warm
  • If it does get wet it is quick to dry
  • Zippered hand pockets in the front and an internal media pocket
  • The men's jacket comes in a plethora of colors
  • Sleeves are short if you have longer arms
  • Hood is smaller than customers would have liked
  • Women's sizes do not offer a whole lot of color options
  • Women's jacket has limited sizing


The Under Armour Run True Jacket is definitely designed with runners in mind. The jacket is perfect for those who enjoy early morning runs in the nice brisk air or those who live in colder climates. The jacket is meant to help you stay warm while you are out running in low temperatures. The jacket will also keep you dry, as it is moisture wicking, so when you are sweating while out on the run you do not have to worry about your jacket soaking through and making you colder.

The jacket is great for any kind of run, anywhere. The four-way stretch material means that it will stretch any way you can imagine. This is great because that means it will be able to keep up with you without restricting your movements. It is also wonderful that it is made out of super lightweight woven materials so it will not weigh you down. You do not want to be in the middle of a run and feel like you are wearing a weight on your back. The material may be lightweight, but it is also durable and will be able to keep up with you and your runs.

Everything about this jacket is made to keep you, the runner, happy and comfortable while on the go. Customers love this jacket and what they can accomplish while wearing it.


The Under Armour Run True Jacket is extremely breathable which is a huge bonus for runners, as you do not want to run in a jacket that is not going to offer any kind of ventilation. There are mesh inserts strategically placed throughout the jacket, in the lower body, arms, and upper back, to ensure maximum airflow. In addition to the ventilation this jacket offers, the Under Armour Run True Jacket is made out of sweat-wicking materials to make sure that when you sweat it rolls right off the jacket so you do not become drenched in your own sweat. If the jacket does happen to get wet, either from your sweat or the rain, it is quick to dry. This jacket will keep you warm, dry, and well ventilated while you are out on a run.


Customers have commented that this jacket is exceptionally comfortable and that they love wearing it for their morning runs. The jacket itself is made out of an extremely lightweight stretch woven fabric that gives you a lot of stretch for completely unrestricted movement. You can move as freely and comfortably as you want with no issues. In addition to the material it is made from, it also features a four-way stretch construction that lets you move better and more efficiently. Customers also enjoy that the jacket is fitted, which means that it sits on your body snugly, but it is not too tight and will not make it feel like it is squeezing you.


The Under Armour Run True Jacket comes in both men's and women's sizes, so this is something to be aware of when ordering the jacket. Customers say that the jacket is fairly true to size, the only problem being that the sleeves are a bit shorter than they would have liked to see in a running jacket. The Run True jacket is made to fit you snugly so when you are out running it is close to your body and will not get in the way with your run. The men's jacket comes in sizes extra small to 5XL. Women's sizes are a bit more limited, only being available in sizes extra small to XXL. Under Armour does provide you with a size chart so it might be wise to take a look at that and take your measurements before deciding what size jacket to purchase.


The Under Armour Run True Jacket is made out of an ultra lightweight, but super durable woven material. In addition to the already durable materials, Under Armour uses woven overlays throughout the jacket to give you just a little bit of extra protection.

Customers have not had any complaints about the durability of this jacket, they say that they have worn it on numerous runs and have had no problems with rips or tears. You will not have to worry about being in the middle of a long run and snagging your jacket on something and it tearing and getting a hole in it. This jacket will hold up for you and last you for quite a long time.


The Under Armour Run True Jacket is a lightweight running jacket and therefore does not come with any accessories. That being said, because of its thin and snug fit, you can easily wear a running vest or a hydration pack on your back without any additional discomfort. The jacket does come with two zippered hand warming pockets on the outside as well as a pocket on the inside to carry things such as a cell phone. Because of the pockets, you may not need to wear a running vest with it, but it is nice to know that you could wear one comfortably if that was something that you wanted to do.

This is a thin jacket and on cold days it may not keep you as warm as you might like. Customers stated that they could comfortably wear a long-sleeved layered shirt or a thin sweater under the jacket without it bunching up or being too bulky so you can stay comfortable and warm when out for your run.


Customers love the look of the Under Armour Run True Jacket. It is thin and snug so it fits them wonderfully and looks good on them. They like that it is a fitted jacket that hugs the body without it being tight and squeezing them in unflattering places.

The jacket comes in a plethora of colors that customers love. Many have said that they have purchased numerous ones so they could have a couple different colors. The men's jacket comes in a lot more color options than the women's jacket, so women tend to buy the men's jacket for the color options. Women can choose between just three colors; black and reflective, blackout navy and reflective, and imperial purple and reflective. The men's color options are; bayou blue and reflective, black and reflective, blackout navy and reflective, blue marker and reflective, marathon red and reflective, Phoenix fire and reflective, stealth gray and reflective, and yellow ray and reflective.

You may have noticed that all of the color choices include reflective. All of the Under Armour Run True Jacket's include reflectivity on them so that way you are safer when running in low-light areas. You want to make sure that others can see you and the reflective nature of this jacket will help you with that.


The Under Armour Run True Jacket comes in two different versions, the men's and the women's. You would not think that there would be a price difference between the two jackets, but there is. The men's jacket has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $79.99. The women's jacket is going to run you a little more with an MSRP of $99.99. As with almost everything these days, you can usually find these on sale for much cheaper.

Customers love these jackets and say that they are worth the money they paid for them. The jacket may seem a little pricey at first, but keep in mind that these are an investment. Because these are durable and long lasting you will not have to pay that money again for quite a while, as this will last. Many customers have purchased this in multiple colors and they would recommend these to their friends and running buddies.
Key Features

Key Features

-Mesh lining in the jacket to make it amazingly breathable
-Added ventilation due to the mesh inserts across the arms, lower body and upper back
-Hidden pocket inside the jacket with a media port
-Fitted jacket, it sits next to the skin and does not squeeze
-Utilizes Under Armour Storm technology to make the jacket water resistant without restricting the ventilation
-3-piece adjustable hood that has a modified collar to give you additional coverage
-The body of the jacket is made out of a woven material that is light and durable
-Great fit so it does not restrict your movement
-Jacket includes a translucent woven overlay to give you additional protection and durability
-There is a drop tail hem so you will get better back coverage
-Made with reflective materials on the body of the jacket for your safety when running in low-light areas
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that customers love these jackets. They are fantastic for all types of runners, whether you are running long distance marathons or you are going out for a morning jog. The jacket is super lightweight but at the same time it is durable and built to last. The mesh inserts located throughout the arms, back, and lower body makes sure the jacket stays well ventilated and allows for maximum airflow. The breathability, coupled with the fact that it is made out of sweat-wicking materials makes sure that you stay dry and do not sweat through the jacket. If you do happen to get wet, whether you are excessively sweating or you are stuck in the rain, the jacket is quick drying so you will not remain wet for too long. Customers love the all-around look and feel of this jacket and many have recommended or would recommend this jacket to their friends and family. It is a great investment for any runner.