Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3

Under Armour really outdid themselves with the design and execution of the newest iteration of their Speedform Gemini. Under Armour took the feedback from their earlier versions and added some updates to make this version more comfortable and long-lasting. This newest version of the shoe is intricately layered with technological details that make this an exceptional shoe from the upper to the outsole. Runners love this shoe for distance running because it provides the perfect balance of lightweight and cushioning. From the upper through the midsole, the shoe is designed to conform to the unique shape of the runner’s foot to provide a snug, supportive fit throughout. The design of this shoe is unique, and it comes in a wide variety of colors and options. Runners loved that this shoe is able to offer multiple midsole materials to provides added cushioning, but the overall weight of the shoe is extremely lightweight. Runners reported feeling confident on their long runs as well as during their speed workouts. This is a neutral running shoe that features an individualized fit and feel for maximum comfort that keeps runners supported and free from blisters and hot spots during their distance workouts.

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Pros & Cons
  • Stylish
  • Affordable
  • Cushioned and great for long distances
  • Maximum breathability
  • Cons
    • Runs a half size small
    • Not a stability shoe
    • Key Features
      This outsole features a variety of different outsole materials, strategically placed in different areas to provide the most comfortable, durable fit possible. Runners will find blown rubber across the forefoot. This material tends to be lighter and less dense and provides a more responsive bounce. It is designed to add more traction to the entire ride of the shoe as well. In the heel of the shoe, the main material is a high abrasion rubber that is designed to absorb shock and improve overall durability. This material is denser and is designed to absorb the harmful shock of each footfall. Runners who are prone to injury commented that these shoes helped keep them injury free.
      The midsole of this shoe features a few different technological elements that are made to enhance the overall fit and cushioning of the shoe. For starters, Salomon's patented Charged Cushioning Foam is a full-length midsole foam that runs the length of the shoe. It is designed to return energy to the runner and keep them from prematurely fatiguing. It works with the Micro G Cushioning in the heel to provide responsive cushioning that also absorbs shock and keeps the runner safe from impact. This shoe also comes with an embedded sock liner. This adds extra support for the runner. It conforms to the shape of the foot for added arch support. There is also a Threadborne midfoot panel for arch support as well.
      The upper is made from an engineered mesh. This material stretches with the foot to provide an individualized fit. The design of the upper is engineered to provide support and breathability. The midfoot section of the shoe is designed to wrap around the foot and provide a snug fit. Although the fit is snug, the material is lightweight and breathable so runners reported that they didn’t feel restricted in their movement or claustrophobic. Especially in the forefoot and the heel of the shoe, runners can expect to see perforated slits that allow air to flow freely into and out of the foot. This circulates the air inside of the shoe to regulate the temperature and protects the runner from hot spots and blisters. Runners can also expect to find a heel counter along the back of the shoe that helps keep the foot locked in place. This reduces the risk of unwanted movement that can lead to discomfort and irritation.
      The engineered mesh of this upper allows for maximum breathability. There are perforated air holes that dot the forefoot and heel of the shoe to increase airflow to the foot. This helps keep the foot cool and dry and reduce the risk of irritation. Meanwhile, the supportive band around the midfoot, while not covered in air holes still is made from a highly ventilated material. Even on hot runs, runners reported feeling comfortable because of the increased airflow offered by this shoe.
      Even though this shoe provides enough cushioning to carry runners safety through their long runs, Under Armour has stripped any unnecessary elements to keep the weight way down. The men’s size nine is a mere 8.25 ounces. This shoe does a great job of hitting a great balance between cushioned and lightweight.
      Runners found this shoe to be extremely comfortable. Many runners commented on the responsive midsole foam that adapts to the shape of the foot. Under Armour’s patented Charge Cushioning midsole is great for arch support. Runners reported that this shoe is comfortable enough to take them on their long runs without worrying about discomfort or irritation in any way. Runners reported that they were able to achieve PRs in this shoe because they weren't distracted by uncomfortable irritation or blisters or seams in the upper. Under Armour added an embedded sock liner that provides, even more, cushioning to the runner and works to wick away sweat and circulate air around the shoe to keep the foot free from irritation. The engineered mesh of the upper moves with the foot and runners reported that it had the feeling of a second skin.
      For runners who love options, this is the perfect shoe. The Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3 comes in a wide variety of different colors or styles. The midfoot of the shoe is designed with a geometric pattern that sets it apart from other similarly styled shoes. It also has a thin and sleek look that runners found to be the perfect accessory for casual outfits. The shoe is offered in bright colors for runners who want a vibrant look, and it also comes in more classic shapes of black and white for the runner who is looking for more classic styling options.
      The key area of protection can be found in the outsole of this shoe. Under Armour uses two different outsole materials across the shoe. The heel, especially, is designed to protect the rest of the shoe against wear and tear as well as protect the runner from the harmful shock of each footfall. The heel of the shoe is lined with high abrasion rubber. This also adds traction to keep runners safe on slippery runs.
      Runners were pleased with the overall durability that this shoe offered. The upper is extremely lightweight and breathable, but the engineered mesh holds up against the elements and doesn’t fray or rip. Additionally, the dual midsole foams do an excellent job of keeping their spring and shape. This shoe is designed for long distance, and the midsole foam works hard to maintain its shape even after long runs.
      The materials used in this midsole offer a very responsive ride. This shoe comes with not one, but two different midsole materials, the Charged Cushioning and the Micro G Unit. Both of these midsole materials are designed to work together to give the runners a highly responsive ride by absorbing the shock of each footfall and returning the energy to the runner. Although the outsole uses dual materials, it is actually thinner and allows the runner to feel the road beneath them. This helped runners respond efficiently to changes in direction and pace.
      There are two key ways that this shoe supports the runner. The first is through the upper design. Under Armour choose to use an engineered mesh which wraps the foot and supports a natural movement. The midsole of the upper includes a Threadborne midfoot panel that also helps to support the runner. The other area of support you can find in this shoe comes from the midsole. The midsole molds to the shape of the foot and this works to give runners added arch support.
      This shoe is designed for the roads. Distance runners love this shoe because the outsole provides added traction and the cushioning of the midsole provides great energy return that can help keep the runner from fatiguing. The outsole is powerful and durable enough that it can also be used for hikes on groomed trails as well.

      For all the technological elements offered in this shoe and considering how durable and long lasting it is, the price is unbeatable. Not only does this shoe come in just under the average cost of a road running shoe on today’s market, it outlasts many of the more expensive models.
      What is interesting about this shoe is that it offers two different outsole materials on different parts of the shoe’s outsole to ensure that runners are getting the highest level of traction possible. Since the heel and the forefoot respond differently to the ground below it, Under Armour strategically placed added traction elements to the highest tread Ares of the shoe. The heel, in particular, uses a high abrasion rubber that is designed to add extra traction. Runners found that the dual outsole material added the right amount of traction in the right places. Runners even felt confident running on slippery surfaces.
      This shoe moves with the natural movement of the foot. The engineered mesh of the upper stretches to conform to the shape of the foot, providing a bootie-like snugness. The midsole foam is designed to move freely as well. Runners found it to be a good mix of flexibility and support.
      This shoe is not designed to be a stability shoe. It is a neutral running shoe which means that it supports the natural movement of the foot and doesn’t work to improve or change the gait cycle in any way. This shoe is not designed for the runner who needs assistance with over or under pronation issues.
      This shoe has an 8-millimeter drop. This means that there is adequate forward propulsion. Runners who are used to running in a traditional drop shoe will need time to adapt to the lower drop of the Gemini 3.
      Key Features
      - Engineered mesh adapts to the shape of the foot.
      - Threadborne midfoot panel improves support and responsiveness
      - Heel counter for added lock-in support
      - Charged Cushioning midsole is a compressed foam that provides energy return
      - Micro G unit in the heel helps to add support and durability
      - Blow rubber forefoot
      - High abrasion rubber material in the heel of the outsole
      - Embedded EVA sock liner for added cushioning
      Bottom Line
      Under Armour took all the best elements from their prevision Gemini models and applied them to the Gemini 3. They added technological elements to improve the fit and lifespan of the shoe to make it the best Gemini yet. This shoe is a great long-distance companion for runners. The multiple midsole foams and the embedded sock liner provides the perfect amount of cushioning that is also responsive and lightweight. The upper moves with the foot and the thread borne midfoot panel and the heel counter provide the right amount of support to get runners through longest training runs or races. Fashion enthusiasts love the look of this shoe, and all runners loved the multiple designs and colors as well as the lower price tag. This shoe lasts longer than other similar shoes on the market today too.

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      By Stacey O'Connor
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