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Adidas Energy Cloud Review Facts

In two years the Adidas brand will officially be 100 years old. Despite its extensive tenure it has managed to maintain its lofty status as one of the world’s most beloved shoe brands. They have succeeded in doing this by providing customers with products that many other manufacturers just can’t seem to get right, namely sportswear. Suffice it to say that because of their high status, their products tend to acquire more interested eyes and thus more scrutiny. Now, this may be unfair, but the question most customers and fans have at the advent of every release is “what’s all the fuss about?”

Well in November of 2016, they set their eyes on the Adidas Energy Cloud running shoes. As its name suggests the Adidas Energy Cloud shoes were designed to give the runner a feeling of weightlessness or buoyancy. The Adidas website suggests that while wearing these shoes the runner will learn that the days of aching feet are gone, or will at least become far fewer in number. No corporation would willingly undersell their product, but are Adidas claims simple hyperbole? Check out the review below so that you might better decide if the Adidas Energy Cloud running shoes are worth the fuss.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Midsole is very soft, but still provides adequate support
  • Varied color palette
  • Great price for such a quality shoe
  • Breathable
  • Responsive
  • Great deal of support and stability
  • Heel may be a little too stiff for some runners
  • Lateral plastic slats may dig too far into the shoe and be too uncomfortable for some runners
  • Does not include removable insoles
  • Not versatile in terms of terrain applicability
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  • At first, I wasn’t quite sure if I should buy these; I read all of the reviews about size and how narrow they were. However, not only was the size perfect, after some use, they kept shape and are soft and flexible.
  • I am in love with these shoes. They look great and feel great. Adidas usually run wide but this wasn't the case with these. They are fairly narrow and for once they properly support my foot. Their arch support is pretty awesome as well, which makes running more bearable.
  • I really like Adidas and was searching for a new pair of runners with high arches. The Cloud fit my expectations and look amazing. I am able to use them for running and my intensity training without extra stress due to how light they are. Also, I took them on vacation, where we walked mile after mile, never bothering my feet.
  • I’m a super satisfied customer. I love how light the shoe is and after being on my feet all day, I had no pain or sore spots on my feet. I bought a half size larger than normal and they fit.
  • These shoes do not have very much support for runners. I have very sensitive feet and these have proven to satisfy them the whole day with normal activity with no issues.
  • These shoes have lasted me for over a year. I use them for work daily and they are still very comfortable. Most other brands and styles I have tried don't make it to the half year mark.
  • I’m almost 7 foot tall, heavy and wear a size 13. These fit right and I don't get the numbness in my feet that I do with other shoes. The runner shoe design looks and feels great. Their inner soles are fantastic and comfortable and they have great ankle support as they run snug.
  • These shoes are for normal sized feet and will be a little off for those of us with abnormal width, length and arches. One of my feet are wider than the other so it felt a little off. However, the cloud support is spot on in comfort and they have great ventilation.
  • The material is great on these and they are the most comfortable shoes I own. I am continuously getting compliments on these bad boys. They are light and airy and I would recommend them to anyone.
  • These have lived up to my all-terrain workouts and runs. After putting over 40 miles on them, I have yet to see any signs of serious wear. They have a plastic cage, which keeps the shoe snug and comfy. The good looking design is a plus.
  • These shoes are great for summer days as they breath well. They have great shock absorbency. Be careful when washing as the sole comes out fairly easy; I ran less than 15 miles and it was loose.
  • I can't wear shoes that apply pressure to the top of my foot--pinched nerve. These are perfect for what I need them for.
  • These really help my hip arthritis pain. I started running 4 years ago and these shoes have really helped it be more enjoyable.
  • My feet are on the wider side, so my feet slide to the front a bit. They work great on all surfaces and are very soft -- better than my shoes I use to do marathons.
  • So much cushion and so little weight! They tend to be a little tight with the toes and around the top of my foot. I am hoping that with a little more use that they loosen up.
  • The mid-arch support is outstanding on this sneaker. After trying others, this one topped them all. These shoes make me happy when I run and they are affordable.
  • So much air pushes through these and they are light and sturdy. These are a great summer shoes for sure. These sneakers absorb running pressure properly without giving too much. My medium sized foot fits snug in these so take that into consideration if you have a wide foot. The material isn't really made for rain. When I first got them, they were all over the place and they absorb water.
  • I get shin splints easy and I was amazed that these seemed to keep them at bay. I usually have to use insoles in my shoes, with these I did not. I feel these have helped me with my running posture as well. I am glad that I bought a size larger after reading what people were saying.
  • These sneakers are narrow and balanced so they do not move when I run. You won't have a problem getting the white shoes either because they clean up easy. These are the best shoes ever.
  • All aspect of this shoe fit perfect and they look great. I usually wear out shoes in a couple months, not these. These are superior for sure.
  • Thank you ADIDAS! I adore these shoes! Their arch support is fantastic, I rarely get any pain from them, as mine are really high. The material is high grade stuff too. I am overly impressed. These are the best shoes I have owned.
  • These sneakers are lightweight, very comfortable and durable. I absolutely love them.
  • I do not want to run in these they have been so comfortable while walking in them, I don’t want to wear them out faster. The size is spot on and so is the price. I want to order more.
  • Although comfortable, I cannot get these to slide over my feet. They fold up at the top and it is not cute.
  • I had so much pain in my calves and heels after I wore these. They were not comfortable at all. After playing some tennis, they seem to be falling apart in certain spots.
  • These are more fashion than passion. I used them for running and I had nothing but pain afterwards; they do not have enough support. Maybe they are ok for other things besides running, like standing still.
  • I used these one time and they started to unravel and then the hole ripped out when I was tying the shoe. I have only used them for a few-mile walks and had them less than two months. I am extremely disappointed.
  • This new design was way off compared to the old ones. The plastic on the shoe immediately was hurting me and it doesn't give. I had to return them.
  • After a month of use, the sole started falling apart. After further inspection, I realized it was the whole form of the base of the shoe. They were very comfortable otherwise and they had great support in the arch. However, because of this, when you take the insole out, it becomes a hard surface and isn't comfortable at all. I would not recommend these.
  • They are very slippery when wet. I couldn't walk anywhere in the rain, not even on wet concrete.
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The outsole of the shoe is fashioned from carbon rubber. The infusion of carbon allows the rubber to take on properties dissimilar to those of blown rubber, a rubber compound infused with air during its production. Carbon rubber is a heavier and more rigid compound than its counterpart. Not uncommon, though, is the inclusion of this material in the outsole of a running shoe. It may, in fact, be one of the most common materials used and for good reason. Carbon rubber grants the outsole its tenacity and better equips it to take on the stress and impact forces of a stride. Do not take to this mean that blown rubber has no applicability in the manufacturing of a fine sneaker. Blown rubber is still incorporated in the forefoot and midfoot of this shoe.



The midsole of the shoe is constructed from Adidas’s patented Cloudfoam technology. This material reaches out to claim a portion of the outsole as well. The material is approximately the length of the midsole and is particularly thick. The Cloudfoam material adds a great deal of cushion to the shoe.



The upper incorporates a mesh like material that is very porous. A midfoot cage constructed of TPU connects to the heel counter at the rear of the shoe. The tongue of the shoe and collar of the shoe both have an adequate amount of padding.


The shoe has an approximate weight of 10 ounces, making the Adidas Energy Cloud one of the lighter traditional running shoes on the market.



The shoe has an upper constructed from a synthetic textile. The upper of the shoe is complete with hundreds of micro perforations that allow the sufficient flow of air into the shoe. The design of the upper is ideal for letting free the heat and odors that if created in the chamber of another shoe would have no means of escaping, except, of course through the removal of the shoe.


Many runners were pleased with the shoe’s level of comfort. The shoe is best suited for those with average foot measurements. The forefoot of the shoe is quite spacious so as to provide the wearer with extra room for their toes. Those in possession of wider than average feet may still find the toe box a bit too narrow and constricting. It should be noted that the shoes run true to size. It has been claimed that one can wear the shoe day after day, and for the duration of the day, without feeling any pain or discomfort. The shoe has adequate cushioning that gives it a plush feel, without being too soft. In terms of cushioning, it appears the Adidas Energy Cloud does live up to its name. The shoe also provides the wearer with a snug and secure fit. Some have even described the shoe as having a sock-like feel. A few runners have expressed their dissatisfaction with other ergonomic aspects of the shoe. There are plastic slats affixed to the medial sides of the shoe and some runners cite these plastic slats as a source of pain. Others have criticized the heel as being a little too stiff.


The Adidas Energy Cloud features, in its palette, an assortment of eye-catching colors. These colors include, but are not limited to, blue, orange, and grey with some red. Its designers opted to use a fully soft body for the build of the shoe, forgoing the oft-used leather and canvas mix. This makes the textural quality of the shoe different from its competitors. The shoe includes plastic slats on its lateral sides. The iconic three stripe logo is prominently displayed on the lateral sides of the shoe. Another Adidas logo is affixed to the heel. The overall design of the shoe is a pretty minimalistic one. The shaft length of the shoe is 3”, which is noticeably different than the standard for a running shoe. The width is about average for a running shoe.


Many runners have applauded the ingenuity of Adiwear technology and claim that the outsole of these shoes has a lifespan noticeably longer than that of other running shoes in their closets. The shoe, as a whole, was built exceptionally well, and so runners need not stress about the Adidas Energy Cloud breaking down on them.


The shoe incorporates an Adiwear outsole. This technology was designed to better guard an outsole against abrasions or wear and tear. To elaborate, Adiwear is what prevents the heel and toe of the outsole from being filed away by the asphalt.


The Cloudfoam midsole does a great job of soaking up the impact energies of the one-foot strike and channeling it into the next. Many runners have used the Adidas Energy Cloud for long distance runs, and very few have lodged any complaints about its energy absorption and redistribution.



The shoe incorporates a neutral arch. The shoe features a standard lace system that allows the runner to determine and maintain the fit that best suits them. Unfortunately, the shoe does not have removable insoles, so those runners needing to insert orthotics for added support will not be able to do so.



The Adidas Energy Cloud was designed to function optimally on roadways. Furthermore, some runners report wearing these shoes every day and argue that their feet and shins incurred little to no undue stress.


These shoes are very affordable. They currently occupy a price range that is considerably lower than that of some other shoes that provide a similar function.


The Adidas Energy Cloud will maintain their grip on most asphalt roadways. The tread along the outsole should not be easily worn away. However, those willing to traverse wet pathways may be disappointed as some runners have voiced complaints about its slippage.


Occupying the outsole is an unusual tread pattern that grants the shoe a great degree of flexibility. It has been ergonomically designed so that it can bend and contract in accordance with the feet’s movement.


The Adidas Energy Cloud bolsters a skeletal housing that, in essence, bridges the midfoot to an external heel counter. This mechanism grants the shoe its much-needed lock-down, thus increasing the overall stability of the shoe.


The shoe sports a drop that is 10 millimeters. A drop of this size is not uncommon for a running shoe of this kind, making it neutral for the average runner.
Key Features

Key Features

- Cloudfoam technology
- Adiwear technology
- Multiple color options
- Carbon rubber outsole
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Adidas Energy Cloud is a great shoe that takes serious consideration into function and how it adheres to its namesake. The shoe features exceptional cushioning. Most other shoes on the market will be regarded as considerably less comfortable to the runner who has transitioned to the Adidas Energy Cloud. The Cloudfoam midsole, for instance, gives the runner a buoyant feel. The shoe does a great job of absorbing the impact energies of a stride and redistributing them as propulsive energy to send the runner forward with greater momentum.

The shoe also manages to provide runners with some much-needed support and stability, so that runners can prevent the dreaded ankle roll and other such injuries. The shoe is lightweight and flexible so it is ideal for everyday use. Not only does the shoe succeed in terms of functionality, it's pretty good looking too. The Adidas Energy Cloud comes in an assortment of interesting and fashionable colors. For some, coordinating the colors with their workout clothes will definitely be a part of the fun.

There are some downsides to the Adidas Energy Cloud and while relatively minor and few in number, they are still worth reiterating. The heel has been considered by some runners to be too stiff. The plastic slats that occupy the medial sides of the shoe have also been cited as a source of discomfort for some runners. The shoe also does not have removable insoles so those with foot problems may find it hard to make the accommodations necessary for a more comfortable experience. All in all the Adidas Energy Cloud is a great shoe for an even better price. For most runners, it will be as comfortable as its name suggests, and is an example as to why Adidas has been able to maintain its enormous popularity throughout the years.