Asics Gel Cumulus 19

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Asics Gel Cumulus 19 Review Facts

Asics Gel Cumulus 19 is the 19th iteration of this popular model, so it’s clear that Asics is doing something right with this design. Runners raved about the overall comfort that this shoe provides them. It comes with a responsive, cushioned midsole that can carry runners on grueling long runs but the shoe is lightweight enough for 5ks and speed work as well. This shoe features loads of trademark Asics technology but because it is a slightly older model than its newest version, runners can get this shoe for a fraction of the price of the newest model. Runners who have slight issues with under pronation and who need additional arch support for their high arches love this shoe. In addition to a seamless design, Asics made some aesthetic changes to the upper to make it more fashion forward and sleek in its design. Runners can still expect up to 9 different color options. Overall, this is a solid shoe that supports the natural movement of the runner and is a perfect companion for logging lots of miles.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Multiple color options
  • Added cushioning and comfort
  • Narrow toe box
  • Runs small
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  • Buyers say Asics Gel Cumulus is a great alternative to the Nimbus line. They are comparable in performance but at a lower price.
  • Buyers say these work well for their long distance training.
  • The durability stands the test of time with buyers logging hundreds of running miles.
  • There are many repeat buyers.
  • There is some praise from reviewers over 50.
  • For buyers with average to narrow feet, the toe box is roomy enough to have a little wiggle room.
  • The heel cup has cushioning and a secure hold to prevent slipping.
  • These are supportive enough to help training performance.
  • Most say there is a decent amount of cushioning to make these comfortable without being squishy.
  • These are breathable with a good level of ventilation around the toes.
  • Buyers describe these as well-made and of good quality.
  • Compared favorably to Asics Kayanos.
  • There are some reports of these helping to relieve pain in joints and pain from plantar fasciitis.
  • With proper sizing, these can accommodate custom orthotics.
  • There is praise from buyers who use these for jobs that require being on your feet all day.
  • There are very few reports of blisters or hot spots.
  • Reviewers say these are comfortable for cardio and aerobics.
  • Some say they felt some improvement in pronation when wearing these shoes.
  • There are mixed reviews on how these compare to previous versions in the Gel Cumulus line.
  • Some buyers found the sizing to be inconsistent with previous versions. It may be necessary to buy a half to full size larger than normal.
  • Compared to previous versions, some reviewers claim the overall quality has worsened.
  • There are a few reports of issues ordering online from third party sellers.
  • If you are looking for a super plush shoe, these aren't the best that Asics offers.
  • The outsole is a little stiff and lacks flexibility.
  • The laces are long which can get in the way for some people.
  • The cut and cushion of the heel cup fits best on narrow heels.
  • There are limited options in wide sizes.
  • There are some reports of holes quickly forming in the upper above the toe box.
  • Some reviewers experienced issues with quality control resulting in parts of the outsole separating after light use.
  • The cushion in the heel can make the back of the heel cup fold under the foot when putting these on without fully adjusting the laces.
  • These are no longer available from some sellers.
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The outsole is made from a durable rubber material that is designed to stand up to multiple miles on pavement, track, and treadmill. The impact guidance system (IGS) technology that runs along the outsole is designed to provide a natural link between the heel strike and toe off to help the runner with their gait cycle. The outsole also features a Guidance Trusstic System technology that wraps the midfoot in added support and provides structure to the gait cycle.


One of the star technological elements of this shoe is the lightweight, yet supportive midsole. For starters, the rear foot and forefoot of the midsole will benefit from Asics’s patented Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Technology Cushioning System. This midsole material is designed to absorb shock and reduce pain and potential injury to runners. The Convergence Gel Technology used in the rear foot of the shoe provides adaptable cushioning and a smooth ride. The midsole foam material is made using Asics’s patented FluidRide midsole foam. This foam manages to be both cushioned, cradling the foot in adaptable comfort, but also lightweight and durable enough that it bounces back to its original shape mile after mile.


Compared to the Asics Gel Cumulus 18, the 19 has gotten a more stylish remodel. Asics recreated the upper to fit better but also to look better. Runners can still expect to find 9 different color options, but the color choices have been resigned and the overall look is more sleek and stylish. In terms of fit, the upper of the shoe is designed using a seamless technology that helps keep the runner safe and comfortable because they don’t need to worry about seams or stitches that can lead to blisters and hot spots. The upper is made from a breathable mesh that wraps the foot in a supportive, lightweight material. It keeps the runners’ foot cool by allowing air to freely circulate into and around the foot.


Although the shoe is made using lots of patented Asics’s technology, the engineers of this shoe worked hard to keep it as lightweight as possible. With that being said, this isn’t going to be the shoe for the runner who is looking for a minimalist running shoe or a mere 5-ounce running partner. This is a cushioned, solid shoe but because of the FluidRide midsole foam that is very lightweight while still providing maximum cushioning to the runner. A men’s size nine weighs 11.3 ounces while the woman’s size nine is 9.1 ounces.


The upper of the shoe is designed with a lightweight mesh that is both supportive and breathable at the same time. Runners commented that this engineering allows air to freely flow into the shoe, regulating temperature and keeping their foot cool. The upper also features discrete eyelets around the laces that provide an added layer of breathability to this shoe.


Over and over, runners raved about the overall comfort that this shoe provides. This shoe is designed for the runners who have a neutral gait to the runner who struggles with mild under pronation. Since under pronators tend to put pressure on their small toes and ride the outside of the foot, Asics added in extra cushioning and supports in these areas to keep the foot protected and comfortable. Additionally, the patented Asics’s FluidRide midsole foam is known to provide excellent shock absorption that reduces the risk of injury and pain. The discreet eyelets around the laces reduce tension in the laces and create a more customizable fit for each runner. The seamless construction of the upper eliminates the risk of blisters or hot spots caused by seams or stitches.


One of the updates from the Asics Gel Cumulus 18 is the revamped upper. The new upper has a more stylish design and comes in new and unique color combinations. Runners reported that the upper of the 19 is the most stylish one yet and allows them to wear the shoe as not only an athletic shoe but also as part of a stylish, casual outfit. Runners can expect to find the shoe in 9 different color options that include muted colors like black with white details or bright, vibrant options like Aruba Blue with Turkish Tile.


The outsole of this shoe is designed using high tech, durable technology to ensure that the shoe lasts for a long time. The Rearfoot and forefoot gel technology is designed to reduce the amount of shock that the runner absorbs in each footfall. Additionally, the Guidance line along the outsole helps to protect the runner from the elements.


In terms of protection, runners can expect to find it in a few areas. For starters, the lightweight breathability and seamless construction of the upper protect runners from blisters and hot spots that can be caused by excessive moisture and friction. Secondly, the added cushioning and FluidRide midsole will protect runners from injury to the joints by absorbing impact and helping to correct mild under pronation issues.


The entire outsole of the shoe is designed to respond to changes in direction and pace while still keeping the runner comfortably on their feet. The IGS (impact guidance system) technology designed into the outsole provides a natural link throughout the entire foot. It connects the heel to the toes and provides runners with an adaptive, responsive fit.

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In terms of support, one of the key areas is the guidance trusstic system technology along the midfoot. This responsive rubberized material provides lateral support to runners to keep their foot in place during dynamic movements as well as runs. The upper, on the other hand, lacks some of the more structured overlays found in earlier models of the shoe.


This shoe shines on the pavement as well as synthetic track materials. Runners found the flexible outsole to be a good companion for dynamic movements performed on a track or in a gym. The support for higher arches is great for long runs on a pavement as is the rearfoot and forefoot gel technology cushioning. This shoe lacks the more aggressive lug system or reinforced traction that would make it a suitable choice for off road adventures.


As long as runners aren’t concerned with acquiring the latest models, the Gel Cumulus 19 is a great choice. It comes with many of the newest updates, but because a newer model is available on the market, the 19 is a fraction of the price of the Gel Cumulus 20. This is great news for the runner on a budget. Additionally, due to the added tech throughout the midsole and outsole, runners reported that this shoe lasts a long time and holds up against intense and numerous miles.


The outsole of this shoe is divided into sections that are divided, laterally with a guide line that runs from heel to toe and horizontally with indented, durable rubber. The sections themselves employ a circular design that provides limited traction. These shoes are not designed to grip the ground below it and certainly are not designed to provide runners with added traction on trails or off-road excursions.


The upper of the shoe is where runners can expect to find the most flexibility in the shoe. Unlike older models, the upper of the Gel Cumulus 19 is seamless and is covered with fewer synthetic overlays. This creates a bootie-like construction that conforms to the shape of each runner’s foot. The outsole of the shoe, although supportive due to the guidance trusstic system technology along the midfoot, is also flexible due to the guidance line midsole technology that runs from the heel to the toe of the shoe. This helps promote a natural gait to the runner.


This shoe is designed for the runner who has a neutral gait to a gait that with mild to moderate under pronation. Since the under-pronator tends to ride on the outside of the foot, putting pressure and stress along the little toes, this is where Asics added more support and cushioning.



Runners who are used to running in a shoe with a traditional heal drop will have no issues with these shoes. Runners reported they needed little to no “breaking in” time for these shoes. The heel height of the shoe is 23 millimeters while the forefoot height is 13 millimeters, giving the Gel Cumulus 19 a heel drop of 10 millimeters. This is the average heel drop for most running shoes, so runners who are looking for a zero drop should select a different shoe.
Key Features

Key Features

- ComfortDry sock liner adds cushioning and wicks away moisture
- Guidance Trusstic Sytem provides midfoot support and stability
- Seamless Construction along upper reduces risk of hot spots and blisters
- Guidance line along the midsole supports the natural gait of the runner
- Discreet eyelets along the laces add comfort and a customizable fit
- FluidRide midsole foam manages to be both cushioning and lightweight
- Impact Guidance System supports a natural movement
- Rear foot and forefoot gel technology absorbs shock
- 10 millimeter heel drop
- 9 different color combinations offered
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Asics has created a cushioned, comfortable ride in their Gel Cumulus 19. This is the 19th iteration of this particular model, and while it has retained much of the technology that has helped runners fall in love with this line, it has gotten a revamped makeover in the upper, making it more stylish and comfortable due to the seamless constructions. This is a shoe for the runner who is looking to complete longer training runs as well as shorter, speedier drills or lateral movement. The outsole is designed with a unique guidance trusstic system that provides midfoot structure and stability for the runner with a neutral gait as well as the runner who has issues with mild to moderate under pronation. Although this shoe has some of the best technologies that Asics has to offer, it is nearly half as much as the newer Gel Cumulus 20, making this a great option for the runner on a budget who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality or style.