Asics Gel Innovate 7

The Asics Gel Innovate 7 is a shoe made for runners seeking stability. The shoe provides a generous amount of cushioning and ample support for overpronating runners. The Gel Innovate 7 is offered in various colorways for men and women.  With a variety of stylish color options, there should be something that suits almost everyone. The shoe features a breathable mesh upper and offers a snug fit. The Trusstic system featured in the midsole ensures runners will have a supported ride. The shoe is also fairly lightweight, considering its role as a stability shoe. Wearers will enjoy a very comfortable and supported ride in the Asics Gel Innovate 7. Though it's to be noted, that some runners expressed concern about the shoe's durability.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Well cushioned
  • Offers great stability and support
  • Offers an array of stylish options
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Cons
    • Higher price tag
    • Durability concerns
    • Rigid construction
    • Key Features
      The Asics Gel Innovate 7 features a hard rubber outsole that protects the shoe from wear and tear. The AHAR+ Ride rubber featured in the outsole protects the shoe from extended use and increases durability. The Innovate 7 also features standard Asics Gel Cushioning which offers runners protection in the form of cushioning for the wearer. The Gel Cushioning is mainly featured in the heel of the shoe, so heel-strikers will likely find that the shoe offers good shock absorption. Wearers found that the shoe was nicely cushioned and mentioned that the Innovate 7 was quite comfortable.
      The Asics Gel Innovate 7 is a shoe that falls into the stability category. It features a Duomax Support System, a midsole technology that increases the shoe's stability and gives wearers increased support during their runs. The midsole also contains the Trusstic System which allows for a weight decrease in the shoe and offers up better stability for runners who choose the Gel Innovate 7 as their regular trainer.
      The Asics Gel Innovate 7 features the standard Asics mesh to allow for better breathability on the run, whether a runner is out on a very hot day or is dealing with wetter conditions than usual. Most runners found that the shoe was quite comfortable but some wearers commented on the fact that the shoe offered a snugger fit than they were used to. Going up a half size might be advisable for runners who prefer a little more wiggle room. The shoe also features areas with 3M reflective bands to ensure runners are visible even in the darkest conditions.
      The Asics Gel Innovate 7's Trusstic System allows the shoe to maintain a lesser weight. The Innovate 7 is fairly lightweight, considering that it's a stability shoe. Runners commented that the shoe is comfortable and offers a fairly responsive and lightweight ride. The upper is constructed in such a way that the weight of the shoe is reduced compared to earlier Innovate models. It's a not a racing shoe by any means though and would be a good choice for overpronating runners who are looking for a fairly lightweight trainer for everyday runs.
      The shoe features the standard Asics mesh which increases breathability and allows for ventilation of the wearer's foot. The Asics Gel Innovate 7 is a shoe that offers average breathability. The Innovate 7 does fit slightly tighter than earlier versions, something wearers were not expecting. This snugger fit might compromise the shoe's ability to breathe, some runners who are heavy sweaters might prefer to go a half size up to ensure a comfortable fit. A shoe that is too tight will increase the heat buildup within the shoe and make for an uncomfortable run.
      Wearers of the Asics Gel Innovate 7 found the shoe to be very comfortable. The Innovate 7 offers great stability for over pronators and a generous amount of cushioning to allow for a secure and comfortable ride. The stability features and ample cushioning do not increase the weight as one might think. The Innovate 7 is, in fact, a rather lightweight support shoe that offers a responsive run for the wearer. The sock liner can be removed from the shoe so that runners may use custom orthotics but if kept in, it offers additional comfort for the wearer.
      The Asics Gel Innovate 7 is quite a stylish model. With the Innovate 7, Asics offers flashier colors than usual. There are pops of colors in each shoe and some of the color choices even introduce neon colors to the mix. The color combinations of the Innovate 7 are much trendier than other Asics offerings and would satisfy any runner looking to add a bit of style to their run. Runners who like to match shoes to their outfits will undoubtedly find a shoe that works in the Innovate 7's offerings.

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      The Asics Gel Innovate 7 does contain AHAR rubber in the outsole and even features a stronger more durable AHAR+ Ride rubber in its outsole. This AHAR+ is even more durable and increases protection from general wear and tear. It's surprising then, that several runners commented on the lack of durability for the Gel Innovate 7. Wearers found the shoe did not last as long as they might have liked. For the price, this seems a bit of a risk. Wearers may have had different heel strikes or been heavier which might increase the rate of wear and tear.
      The AHAR rubber outsole in the Asics Gel Innovate 7 allows for protection from regular wear and tear. The Innovate 7 also offers protection in the form of Gel Cushioning which keeps a runner's joints safe from excessive pounding. The stability features also ensure a safe ride for runners. They will find that their foot is secure in the shoe thanks to the Trusstic and Duomax systems. The shoe's mesh upper also offers protection from overheating and allows for proper ventilation of the wearer's foot.
      The Asics Gel Innovate 7 is quite responsive thanks to the Trusstic System which offers a more efficient ride and mimics the anatomy and function of the human foot. The Gel Cushioning is also a factor in the shoe's responsiveness. The Innovate 7's heel cushioning gives the runner a bouncy and nicely cushioned ride. The Innovate 7 is not the world's most responsive shoe since it does feature AHAR+ Ride rubber in its outsole. The rubber construction makes the shoe stiff and some might find it too rigid.
      The Asics Gel Innovate 7 is a stability shoe meant to decrease overpronation in runners who find themselves needing a secure and stable ride. The Duomax midsole system offers increased support for the runner who needs a secure ride. While some wearers commented that the shoe was a bit too snug for their comfort, the snug fit ensures increased stability for the wearer. The stiffness of the shoe is also a factor in creating a stable platform for runners to enjoy their runs. Some over pronators will appreciate the rigid construction as it will prevent their feet from rolling inward.
      The Asics Gel Innovate 7's AHAR rubber outsole ensures that runners can pound any surface and enjoy a stable and comfortable ride. The outsole features an even denser rubber than other models, called AHAR+ Ride. It is more durable and allows for even better traction. Still, the Innovate 7 is not a trail shoe by any means. It offers stability and traction but might not be the perfect option for more rugged terrain, mainly due to its mesh upper. Runners might find the mesh upper is too flimsy to handle more intense trail conditions.
      The Gel Innovate 7 clocks in at around $100 for both men's and women's versions. The shoe is nicely cushioning and offers great stability, but some runners did find that it did not stand the test of time. Durability is a factor that runners should definitely consider when eyeing the price of a shoe. The Innovate 7 might be priced a bit high for a shoe that does not last as many miles as one would expect from a solid running shoe.
      The Gel Innovate 7 features AHAR rubber in its outsole which allows for good traction in wet conditions. Runners looking to enjoy runs in colder and potentially icy weather may want to add spikes or crampons to their shoes since the Innovate 7 is not made to deal with slippery conditions. The traction features in the shoe's outsole are standard and not specialized by any means. Still, runners will feel secure and solid when running on pavement.

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      The Gel Innovate 7 is not very flexible, mainly due to its rigid AHAR rubber outsole. The lack of flexibility, though, ensures a more stable ride in this stability shoe. Overpronators who find they are unstable when running will appreciate the rigid and supportive Innovate 7. Runners who prefer a more responsiveness and fluid feel in their shoe will want to look elsewhere. The Trusstic System, modeled after the human foot's anatomy, does offer some semblance of flexibility so runners will find that there is some give when running in the Innovate 7.
      The Gel Innovate 7 is a stability shoe made for those that overpronate and so it features various technologies that increase the shoe's support. The Trusstic System is a lightweight addition to the shoe that offers support for the wearer. The Midsole Duomax system also increases the support the shoe offers. The Gel Innovate 7 also features California Slip Lasting which means that the upper is attached straight to the midsole. This increases stability and support for the wearer. The snugger fit, mentioned by wearers, also increases stability and helps to reduce over pronation.
      The Asics Gel Innovate 7 features a 10mm drop. This is a standard drop distance for many Asics brand shoes. Wearers did not find issues with the heel to toe drop. The higher drop is likely due to the generous amount of rearfoot cushioning in the Innovate 7. The Gel Cushioning allows for a more comfortable run and protects runners from the shock of each footfall on the body.
      Key Features of the Asics Gel Innovate 7
    • AHAR+ Ride rubber featured in the outsole

    • Duomax Support System midsole technology

    • Trusstic System in the midsole

    • Gel Cushioning in heel
    • Bottom Line
      The Asics Gel Innovate 7 is a stability shoe that offers excellent cushioning. It is a great option for the overpronator looking for a good amount of support and padding for regular training days. The Innovate 7 fits snuggly around the foot and offers breathability by way of its mesh upper. Some users did mention that the shoe fit a bit too tightly, but the fit of a shoe is usually a personal preference. It would be wise to try the Innovate 7 before buying, even if a runner has enjoyed the fit of the previous models. Some users also commented on the lack of durability for the Innovate 7, which is surprising considering the construction of the outsole which is outfitted with AHAR+ Ride rubber. The Innovate 7 is a good option as an everyday trainer for the overpronating runner.
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