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What Type of Runner Are You?

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15 Types of Different Runners What Type of Runner Are You? www.runnerclick.com

Have you ever wondered which type of runner you are? Or did you even know that there are many different types of runners? You may be the sort that thinks running is a simple sport and that there are only fast or slow runners. But lo-and-behold, you discover there are whole subcultures of different runners. So it begs the question, which type of runner are you? Without further ado, here are the 15 Most Common Types of Runners:

The Long Distance Beast

Closely related to “The Person Who Runs Everywhere.” You wonder how this person has a day job because they are always running. They run 10 miles to work, run 5 miles on their lunch break, and then after work it’s time for their “long run”. They’ve completed an ultra (or a few), and for them, a marathon is a breeze.

The Always Racing Runner

If you want to know how many hydration stations a particular race has or which race gives out the best medals, this runner will know. Every weekend for the next year their calendar is booked solid with races. They may or may not be fast, but they sure do love to race.

The Casual Runner

This person runs 2-4 miles a couple times a week and maybe does a 5k every other year.  They run predominately to stay in shape, and not necessarily because they love it.  And they certainly don’t think about running anywhere near as much as the other runners on this list.

The Gadget Runner

This person has the newest and best watch, ear buds, heart monitor, hydration pack, and running shoes. Oh, and of course, this runner wouldn’t DREAM of running in cotton.

The Nearly Semi-Pro Runner

This runner is fast. He/she has qualified for Boston and usually takes home hardware at any local races he/she competes in. Training runs are taken very seriously with hill sprints, tempos, speedwork, and long runs all part of the regular routine.

The Barbie Runner

Regardless of whether it is a casual weekday run or a race, this runner shows up with full makeup in place and perfectly fitted Lululemon gear. She doesn’t sweat and is surprisingly pretty fast. You slightly hate her for the apparent ease with which she runs but you also kind of want to ask her where she got her cute running shorts.

The Nature Runner

This runner loves being outdoors and is probably allergic to treadmills. The preferred location for training is on the trails and in the mountains. This runner is also a big fan of barefoot running and eating granola.

The Social Butterfly

This runner is unconcerned with speed and very rarely runs unless it is in a pack. He/she is a regular participant at all the running groups in town and of course, always plans to stay after the run to have a beer.

The Runner Who Is Faster Than You

This runner is just a leeettttle bit faster than you. Whenever you two run together you always feel the gap is close enough that you should keep up. This person pushes you just outside of your comfort zone and as a result, you have a love-hate relationship.

Morning Runner

The hours between 4 am and 6 am are this runner’s best friend. They believe a good day isn’t complete unless it begins with a good morning run. They can rarely be persuaded to jog in the afternoons because that just would throw their whole schedule off.

The Sometimes Runner

Related to the “Social Media Runner.” This runner only actually runs a handful of times per year. Motivation comes in small bursts and usually comes in the form of a shiny race medal. Races are actually chosen based on bling and Instagram potential.

The Goofy Strider

This runner just has an awkward gait. And maybe an arm flail with one leg kicking out to the side. But you know what? It doesn’t matter, because he/she is out there and is putting in the miles.

The CrossFitter-Turned Obstacle Runner

This person loves the nitty gritty. And the team atmosphere of each sport is a big draw for this athlete. Sometimes ex-military, this runner loves the glory of a primal, dirty, hard work out.

The Hydration/Food Expert

This runner carries several modes of hydration for a 5k and at least two snacks. They can speak in depth about the benefits of chews vs. bars, the best flavors of Gatorade, and the exact amount of carbohydrates you need after a long run. The body is a temple, after all, and the fuel is important.

If you have been running a long time, you have probably seen and can identify the above runners. And if you’ve been running a really long time, you may realize you yourself are a combination of a few of these types. Runners are a diverse group of athletes and regardless of their stride, motivation, outfit, or gear they are worthy of being called runners. There’s really only one type of requirement to being called a runner and that’s getting out and doing it!

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