Nathan Vapor Air 7L 2.0 Hydration Vest

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Nathan Vapor Air 7L 2.0 Hydration Vest Review Facts

Over the years, Nathan Sports has gained a solid reputation for creating efficient, versatile, and highly durable outdoor athletic gear. Its lines of hydration gear are known to be some of the best received in the industry, from vests and belts to reusable bottles and flasks. And multiple online reviews show that the Vapor Air 7L 2.0 hydration vest is quickly joining these elite ranks, thanks to its simple yet carefully crafted design and materials.

Like all running vests, it already comes equipped with a two-liter bladder that’s BPA-free, easy to fill, and utilizes a quick-release hose for simple access to water whenever it’s needed. Additional hydration in the form of bottles can also be stored away in either of the front pouches, which include added room for snacks or supplements. Additional compartments and features can store away everything from keys and a phone to an extra set of clothes and even a pair of trekking poles. Breathable materials keep the runner dry and prevent chafing, while reflective hits provide much-needed safety for low-light conditions.

Editor's Pros & Cons

-Free of BPA

-Adjustable sizing

-Comfortable wear

-Breathable materials

-Easily accessible system

-Plenty of storage pockets

-Reflective hits for low light


-Expensive price tag

-Limited color options

-Not for all body types



The Vapor Air is designed to make hydration and storage more efficient during long-distance trail runs, hikes, and even mountain bike rides. It’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t leave the wearer feeling fatigued or achy at the end of their activities, yet it comes with plenty of pockets and pouches for any tools of supplements that they would need while on the go.

The two-liter bladder can be easily filled and stored away in the back pouch, and a quick-release valve provides easy access to hydration without any interruptions. Trekking poles can be secured and kept out of the way when not in use, thanks to two sets of bungee loops on either side. And its adjustable fit allows the wearer to layer a jacket underneath for continued use in cooler temperatures.

Furthermore, all of the main materials that this vest is made from greatly add to its already versatile wear. The outer fabric stays water-resistant to protect the wearer’s belongings from rain or snow, while a breathable mesh lining keeps them dry and comfortable during intense runs or sunny days. And, finally, reflective hits are included for 360-degree visibility in low light conditions and an added element of safety.


The Vapor Air’s materials are specifically selected and engineered to give it highly breathable wear that ensures greater comfort and easier usage in all forms of weather. While they aren’t completely detailed on any of the product listings, the most notable one is a breathable mesh fabric that makes up the lining of the vest. Since this is what comes into direct contact with the body, it’s able to wick away sweat and allow proper airflow to keep the runner cool and dry and prevent any resulting irritations.

Multiple buyers have praised this particular quality, saying that they never feel gross or uncomfortable even after wearing it for hours. They are able to stay dry in the hot sun while knowing that their belongings are still protected from sudden rain or even snowfalls. They’ve also enthusiastically backed up this product’s claims, stating that they have never experienced chafing at any point.

With all of this said, however, this vest won't feel all that breathable when it fits too big and too heavy. Its Adaptive Fit adjustable sizing does help a great deal


For the most part, buyers seem to be very happy with Vapor Air’s overall level of comfort. They've readily pointed out how breathable its materials are, which wicks away sweat and actively prevents chafing and discomfort during hot days. This vest's already lightweight design keeps the runner from feeling fatigued, even when they've filled up all of its pouches and pockets, and its adjustable wear means that a wide range of buyers can comfortably wear it and layer a jacket underneath during the cooler months.

Yet all of this will only be the case if it’s sized correctly, as there are several buyers who have complained that it doesn’t fit them properly no matter how many times they’ve tried to adjust it. Of course, even though this vest has been marketed as unisex, it is still designed to best fit a man’s body and will only be comfortable for those who are the correct shape. It should also be mentioned that the female version of this vest, the Vapor Airess, is sold at the exact same price and is obviously designed to accommodate a woman’s upper body.


The Vapor Air is available in two different size ranges for men, which are extra small to medium and large to triple-extra large. It's listing on the Nathan Sports website states that it can fit a chest size range between 30 and 38 inches or between 38 and 48 inches. In addition, its weight is 12.2 oz. with the empty bladder and 8.3 oz. without it.

Of course, the biggest reason for why it's available in these size ranges is because this vest is equipped with the brand's Adaptive Fit adjustable sizing system. It's present in the form of pull-cords that adjust the armholes and two straps that attach across the chest.

Despite this, it should still be mentioned that this suit might not be right for all body types. Those that are smaller framed, especially most women, have complained that it becomes awkward and uncomfortable even after it's adjusted. In this case, those who wear female sizes can purchase the Vapor Airess in blue for the exact same price.


Even though it's made with lightweight and breathable fabrics, the Vapor Air has proven itself to be a surprisingly durable piece of equipment. Considering the environments that it's intended to be used in, and how often buyers are likely to use the vest, it makes sense that Nathan would ensure that it can withstand the elements and be good to use for as long as several years.

The combination of breathable mesh and water-resistant fabrics enable moisture-wicking, which prevents bacteria build-up that could cause early degradation of the materials. Extra stitching is also added to certain areas, specifically the pockets and all adjustment features, for stronger reinforcements and protection against gradual wear and tear.

As with all athletic clothing and gear, buyers should still research how to properly care for this vest to ensure that it's able to truly last. This, of course, means cleaning it up afterward and storing it away when not in use, as well as leaning the maximum weight that it can safely and competently hold.


As with all hydration packs and vests, the Vapor Air is equipped with a wide range of accessories to aid the wearer during their activities. It already includes the two-liter bladder, complete with a hose and quick-release valve, which can be easily replaced for $32 via the Nathan website if need be. And long with its main back storage compartment, several other pockets and pouches are added for even greater convenience.

A large kangaroo pocket at the back helps the runner to easily stash away flasks, tools, and even an extra change of clothes or shoes. A transparent zippered pocket allows them to easily find any essentials that they've stored away, such as a set of keys or their phone, and four additional pockets are attached to the front of the vest for water bottles, snacks, or any supplements that they would need right away.

Two pairs of drawcord bungee loops are fixed to the back to keep trekking poles safely out of the way when they aren't in use. And even though they aren't noticeable at first, this vest comes complete with reflective hits that allow the wearer to stay visible from 360 degrees in low light conditions. This could also add a great deal to the runner's safety while on long nighttime jogs through urban and suburban areas.


Just like all other hydration vests, the Vapor Air only goes down to the bottom of the rib cage. This means that it won't get in the way of the buyer's activities, yet it's still substantial enough to hold the two-liter bladder and all other necessary hiking and running equipment.

The brand's name is featured prominently on the back in bold yellow lettering, along with drawcord bungee loops which are in the same color. The drinking hose runs across the front and is easily secured with a magnetic clip at the bottom. And along with its multiple pockets for convenient storage, 360 reflective hits are also included for safer running in low light environments.

This vest is only available in the color combination Black/Charcoal/Nuclear Yellow, which buyers don't seem to mind at all as they have purchased it primarily for its overall performance. And the fact that it's mostly black and grey means that it can pair very well with almost all athletic looks. The women's version, the Vapor Airess is only available in the color scheme Blue Jay/Blue Radiance.


Although the Vapor Air's price seems to be quite standard for a hydration vest, it's still very expensive to most buyers. It can be found on the Nathan website, and at other online retailers such as REI and Back Country, for $150. Buyers can also find reduced prices on other sites such as Amazon, eBay, or Holabird Sports.

Based on its reviews, it's clear that most buyers find this vest to be well worth the money they've spent. Not only does it offer an incredible amount of convenience to long-distance runs and hikes, but it's also durable enough to withstand constant use in rugged environments and various forms of weather. Reviewers also appreciate its adjustable sizing, comfortable wear, and reflective features which add greatly to its versatility.

With all of this said, however, it might still be a good idea to try this vest on first before making a purchase. Some buyers have complained that it doesn't fit them properly even after they've adjusted it. Women are still in luck, however, as Nathan's Vapor Airess hydration vest is sold for the exact same price as this model.
Key Features

Key Features

-Adaptive Fit adjustable sizing system
-2L bladder with a quick-release valve
-7-Liter storage capacity
-Breathable, chafe-free fabrics
-Transparent zippered pocket
-Large back storage compartment
-Drawcord loops for trekking poles
-Front pockets for bottles and snacks
-Only in Black/Charcoal/Nuclear Yellow
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Those who are extremely active and love spending time outdoors running, hiking and biking should absolutely consider adding the Nathan Vapor Air 7L 2.0 hydration vest to their gear collection. It manages to be surprisingly lightweight and breathable while still being able to store away all of the necessities that buyers would need while they're out. The two-liter bladder is actually very easy to fill up and clean afterward, and its BPA-free design makes a lot of people incredibly relieved and happy.

Addition hydration can also be stored away in either of the front pockets or in the large kangaroo pouch in the back. Other compartments can also hold everything from snacks and a cellphone to an extra change of clothes or shoes, and drawstring loops are added to store trekking poles. Extra protection is also offered in the form of 360-degree reflective hits that give runners some peace of mind while in low-light environments.

In addition, there also seems to be very few downsides for those who are considering a purchase. Its price tag is definitely expensive yet still comparable to similar vests that are currently on the market, and many consider it to be well worth the money spend when they observe its usefulness, versatility, and overall durability. And while it still might not be able to fit certain body types even with the help of its adjustable sizing, women can still opt for the Vapor Airess model and receive a vest that's better designed for their frame.