New Balance 247 Classic

New Balance is a well-known and respected brand in the sneaker world, whether that be performance or casual sneakers. With the 247 Classic, New Balance introduces a new silhouette to its repertoire. This is a clean and sleek design with a mesh, synthetic leather, and neoprene upper which is unique in and of itself. This shoe is designed to tackle the concrete jungle and can withstand hours of use per day. The REVlite foam midsole will absorb shock and cushion your foot with responsive efficiency while the bootie-like construction of the upper will keep your foot snug and secure. This shoe comes in a variety of impressive colorways so you are sure to find one to match your needs and preferences. The New Balance 247 is an excellent addition to any sneaker-enthusiasts collection.

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Pros & Cons
  • Attractive, sleek retro-inspired design
  • Available in a number of colorways
  • Affordable price tag
  • Durable rubber outsole provides protection and durability
  • REVlite midsole delivers cushioning and response
  • Layered upper provides a comfortable, breathable, and adaptable fit
  • Bootie-like construction makes them easy to get on and off
  • Cons
    • Some say the heel pull tab can irritate your leg if you wear no-show socks
    • Some say they run small
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the 247 is made up of a solid textured rubber. All along the outside of this outsole, you will see a ribbed design that will help keep feet in line. Throughout this ribbed design, you will see flex grooves that will help the shoe move with your foot. The middle part of the outsole features a hexagonal pattern of flush rubber that will help with traction but it is not incredibly grippy since these lugs do not protrude from the outsole. The rubber is fairly flexible but since these are lifestyle sneakers, they aren’t meant to really grip the ground with absolute certainty.
      The midsole of this casual sneaker is pretty responsive considering the fact that it is not necessarily performance sneaker. The foam that makes up this shoes’ midsole is called REVlite foam and it is a compound that provides the same responsiveness and durability of heavier foams. REVlite foam delivers a lightweight ride yet doesn't minimize the construction or sacrifice any underfoot stability or cushioning. The word ‘REVlite’ is stamped on the side of the midsole and serves as a reminder to how awesome the material really is. The midsole is both cushioned and responsive and will not disappoint, even if you wear them for hours a day.
      The upper of the New Balance 247 is really where this sneaker shines. The silhouette of the 247 classic is a new design for New Balance but it has a retro feel to it. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing with its vintage design, but it provides an excellent and comfortable fit. This upper is made of a mixture of different materials. The main underlying material is a breathable engineered mesh upper which delivers a lightweight and adaptable fit. On top of the engineered mesh, you will find synthetic leather-like material that keeps the foot in place and protects the rest of the sneaker. The toe box area features mainly engineered mesh while the midfoot and bottom heel portion features the synthetic leather material. The heel counter is unique in that it features a neoprene material which is flexible and comfortable. This neoprene material extends to the tongue of the shoe. The tongue is attached to the heel counter and results in a bootie-like construction. The natural stretchy characteristics of neoprene help to give the heel and foot a comfortable and snug fit. The 247 also features a reflective heel pull tab which aids in an easy on-off experience and helps to keep you visible in low-light circumstances.
      The New Balance 247 Classic is not necessarily a performance sneaker so the weight does not technically come into play if you are talking about weight vs. performance. With that said, the sneaker is a little heavier than many other running sneakers on the market due to its solid rubber outsole and layered upper. The engineered mesh and neoprene are both lightweight materials so the sneaker will not end up feeling too heavy on the feet. Those two parts of the sneaker combine with the lightweight REVlite midsole resulting in a fairly lightweight casual sneaker.
      The engineered mesh of this sneakers’ upper gives the shoe a breathable characteristic. However, the synthetic leather materials that overlay the mesh do detract from breathability a little bit. Many sneakers on the market today are engineered using extremely lightweight mesh throughout their uppers making them extremely breathable. Although the 247 classic does have engineered mesh on its upper, the overlays make them slightly less breathable.
      These lifestyle sneakers offer a great deal of comfort in their construction. The lightweight yet soft REVlite midsole provides soft comfort and an adaptable fit. The integrated neoprene sock, collar, and tongue give the sneaker an extremely comfortable feel because they form a bootie construction which hugs the foot snugly and comfortably. A number of consumers comment on how comfortable the sneaker is right when you slip it on and several have stated it is comfortable after wearing them for hours on end. The toe box of the sneaker is a little wider than many other lifestyle sneakers and provides a comfortable and roomy fit for almost any foot shape.
      The New Balance 247 Classic offers a simple yet classic look and meets the current popular retro-inspired style. This shoe combines form and function and works well for anyone who is constantly on the move. This sneaker is offered in a number of neutral colorways that will go well with almost any outfit. This specific silhouette is new to New Balance but is recognizable to many retro-looking sneakers that have appeared on the market in the past and in today’s market. They are really great looking sneakers if you like the look of vintage attire.
      The New Balance 247 Classic is a durable shoe considering the fact that it is a lifestyle sneaker. The durable rubber on the sneakers’ outsole helps to protect the sneaker from abrasion and naturally occurring wear and tear. Although the REVlite material present in the midsole is 30% lighter than many other midsole materials present in sneakers today, it is pretty durable, especially because the outsole protects against its wear. With that said, because it is a soft material, you will notice some creasing in the midsole after use due to compression. The upper is made up of layers of materials rather than a single engineered mesh so they are more durable than a great deal of other sneakers. The synthetic leather overlays and neoprene materials provide protection and durability of the sneaker’s make-up.
      This sneaker offers a decent amount of protection if you use them for what they are made for. Although they can be used for light workouts, they are engineered to be lifestyle sneakers for everyday use. The durable rubber outsole is protective against underfoot debris while the REVlite midsole will protect against a certain amount of shock. The upper of the 247 Classic will protect your feet from the elements unless you wear them in extremely muddy and wet situations. All in all, these shoes are protective enough to keep feet dry and comfortable if worn in everyday situations.
      Although the New Balance 247 is not technically engineered to be a performance sneaker, it does offer a surprising level of response. The durable rubber outsole works in conjunction with the REVlite material present in the shoes’ midsole and helps to deliver a lively and responsive experience. Many other performance sneakers on the market today are chock full of technologically advanced features that help to propel you forward, making them very responsive. The 247 does not necessarily fall into this category but they are fairly responsive for a lifestyle sneaker. The REVlite foam in the 247’s midsole is the most responsive material in this shoe and is designed to absorb shock and help to add a little spring to your step.
      The 247 Classic is not a support sneaker but it does offer a good deal of support, even as a lifestyle casual shoe. The solid rubber outsole will help to support your feet because it is fashioned with ribbed rubber all along its perimeter. This design emulates a lateral crash pad all the way around the shoe and will help to keep your feet aligned and give you a proper gait. The REVlite midsole will help to cradle your foot within the sneaker and will keep your foot in place. The neoprene heel collar and tongue help to keep your foot snug within the shoe and prevent from any wiggling or moving from side to side inside the foot chamber. In addition, the synthetic leather material found on the shoes' midfoot and heel will help keep the foot steady and prevent from unnecessary lateral movement.
      The New Balance 247 Classic is ideally suited for the concrete jungle. That means that it is best used when worn to work or casually out and about in your everyday adventures. The outsole of the sneaker does not have aggressive lugs and does not boast a great amount of technologically advanced features that will help carry you over the more technical terrain. You will experience a great feel in these shoes if they are worn for everyday or for light workouts on solid ground.
      These sneakers are priced very affordably considering the fact that they are so comfortable and stylish. New Balance is a well-known and trusted brand name in sneakers so the price tag is even more exceptional considering these factors. They deliver excellent response, comfort, and design for an $80 price tag.
      The New Balance 247 Classic does not have a ton of traction technologies on its outsole. Accordingly, the outsole is made out of one solid piece of durable rubber with textured designs. The ribbed rubber design that runs along the perimeter of the shoes’ outsole provides enough traction for everyday use but will not help too much if you decide to wear these shoes to tackle more difficult activities. The center portion of the outsole features a hexagonal pattern which will help to keep you safe in moderately wet scenarios but will not protect you if you choose to go for a wet-weather run. All in all, these shoes offer a good level of traction for everyday wear but it is not recommended to wear them in harsher weather conditions or for more high-intensity exercise activities.
      These sneakers are not designed to be super-flexible since they are not engineered to be high-performance shoes. They do offer a certain level of flexibility in the outsole with their flex groove present in the ribbed perimeter found on the outsole. The center part of the outsole does not offer a ton of flexibility because it is a solid sole with no cutouts or flex-grooves. The lightweight midsole is pretty flexible because of its naturally-lightweight makeup while the upper is mainly flexible in the forefoot because of the engineered mesh that is present.
      The stability offered in these lifestyle sneakers is impressive when you are considering the fact that they are not performance shoes. The main stability features are present in the shoes’ upper. The fact that the sneaker is layered with materials alone helps to stabilize the foot and keep it steady. The synthetic leather materials and soft neoprene fabrics help to hug the foot and provide a supported and adaptable fit. If you have issues with your feet, these shouldn’t be too bad because they are meant to be worn every day, rather than for performance. They are built for neutral feet but will stabilize you enough if you use them for what they are designed for, no matter what your foot issues may be.
      The midsole of the 247 Classic is soft and comfortable and offers an average drop. Because these are lifestyle sneakers, the drop does not come into consideration as much as if they were performance shoes. These shoes deliver a neutral drop but also provide more cushion and support compared to other casual shoes out there.
      Key Features
      - Bootie-like construction delivers both comfort and support
      - REVlite midsole is designed to deliver response, shock absorbency, and cushioned comfort
      - Layered upper made with engineered mesh, synthetic leather, and neoprene is comfortable, breathable, and supportive
      - Retro-inspired silhouette meets current style standards
      Bottom Line
      If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable lifestyle sneaker with a retro look, then look no further than the New Balance 247 Classic. This sneaker delivers in a great number of categories including response, comfort, and design. The silhouette is reminiscent of many vintage sneaker models yet offers a more contemporary flair with its impressive construction and the prominent N logo emblazoned on the sides of the sneaker. These shoes are easy to put on and off with their bootie-like design and neoprene heel, tongue, and heel collar. Although many of the colorways offers are muted, they are all great looking and will give you a leg up in both the style and comfort departments.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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