Inov-8 Roclite 295

Inov-8 creates shoes that are environmentally friendly throughout its entire manufacturing process. Ultimately designed for tons of outdoor activities along with natural running. Inov-8 shoes do not in any way alter the natural biomechanics of the foot and body. In fact, the shoe morphs with the movement of the shoe, making running a breeze. Being a proud sponsor of the World Mountain Running Association, it is only right that the brand keeps up with all of its audits, making sure that eco-friendly shoe boxes are being used at all times and that their shoes are manufactured properly by not compromising Inov-8’s brand. For Inov-8, a runner’s environment is a priority when designing footwear. They want to make sure that Inov-8 remains a world-leader in innovative all-terrain footwear and that’s exactly what they made possible when they developed Inov-8 Roclite 295 running shoe. This running shoe is built for a variety of surfaces and pack a flexible performance for all runners.

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Pros & Cons
  • Improved flexibility and protection in the forefoot area, thanks to the Meta-Shank Generation II polymer unit combined in the metatarsal areas of the shoe
  • Constant shield from debris assisted by a flexible rubber toe bumper
  • Great breathable, comfortable and secure tightly-woven mesh upper unit.
  • Midsole provides just the right amount of support underfoot and cushioning
  • Cons
    • Inov-8 Roclite 295 is a bit on the expensive side
    • Some runners mentioned the lack of durability, especially since they haven’t held up to wear and tear
    • Also, others have complained that the forefoot area is a bit narrow
    • The soft sole is relatively thin.
    • Key Features
      Composed of a moderately aggressive lug pattern that provides grip that is so reliable on a soft or hard terrain. The Roclite 295 features a sticky rubber material that ensures durability and added grip even in wet conditions. Also, the outer sole helps to provide a more natural forefoot flex due to the Meta-Flex groove. Out of all the shoes in the Inov-8 line, the Roclite outsole has got to be the most versatile. The underfoot tread pattern is very simple. When climbing, the trail is made easier with the help of little tiny teeth or some would say small lugs at the tip of the foot. The heel portion and midfoot are made up of large and medium lugs. Aiding in climbing, these lugs are arranged in a bi-directional way. The sticky rubber compound is used for a number of reasons. One is to aid in shock absorption. Another reason would be to give tackiness when in wet conditions and lastly, to aid in traction, because it is a lot more flexible than endurance rubber compound.
      The midsole of the Roclite 295 provides a great deal of cushioning as well as flexibility, thanks to the injected EVA foam. Some runners have said that the midsole is somewhat lacking. Nothing really special about the midsole. There is only a single density foam used for the entire shoe. No stability cages or multi-density used. But Inov-8 uses a 3 arrow cushioning that makes the Roclite 295 great for long distance running and of course, training. Overall, this shoe is low enough and light enough to make running a lot easier.
      The Roclite 295’s upper is made of a lightweight and breathable synthetic mesh material. With its nylon lacing system, the Roclite 295 has a secure fit and support. The foot is always protected against bruising with the help of the rubber toe bumper. There is plenty of room in the toe box to let your little piggies move around. The toe box is not overly spaced, so your feet won’t feel like they are swimming. The toe bumper actually adds structure along with puncture resistance. One of the features that most runners love about the Roclite 295 is the tight-weave mesh. The brand calls it the Meta Cradle technology. This is a series of fabric bands that just happen to be layered over the upper mesh material, creating a great design. An arch pattern that resembles a web-like structure to hold the foot in place. Now that’s what I call support.
      The Roclite 295 weighs 10.4 oz in men’s and 9.5 oz in women’s. It is a fairly light trail running shoe. Definitely one of the more minimalistic models in the Inov-8 line. The Roclite 295 is less than 300 g per shoe, but the shoe is indeed durable.
      The Roclite 295 uses a newly developed synthetic mesh material upper for an excellent level of breathability. No more worrying about sweaty feet. The shoes provide a cool and dry experience while on a run.
      For the most part Inov-8 Roclite 295 is comfortable. Some runners have mentioned that the shoe could be much wider, but they are true to size. While others have said that they are so comfortable that you barely know they are on your feet. For those who have sensitive feet, rocky terrain or those trails that have loose rocks can cause a weird feeling underfoot because the soft sole is relatively thin. The Roclite 295 would still be considered a very comfortable shoe.
      At first glance, the Roclite 295 is not much of a stylish shoe, but you can tell off the bat that they are off-round running shoes. They look very close to cleats as they have these little tiny teeth like lugs underneath the foot. They come in a variety of color schemes. Ideally capable of matching most running gear. In men’s, you can look forward to neutral colors like black, grey/lime, brown, blue/black/lime, grey/red/black and grey/blue. For women’s, of course, different colors such as grey/purple, grey/navy/blue, grey/pink/white, teal/black, and much more.
      Surprisingly, the upper on the Roclite 295 is a lot tougher and stronger than past versions. After a long time of running, there are no major signs of wear and tear, which is good news. The breathable mesh is definitely stronger than other materials that are used with competitors. This special material wraps around the upper, creating a great deal of resistance to abrasion, but keeping good ventilation and flexibility.
      This shoe helps many runners stay protected from mud, water, and even light rain thanks to the breathable upper. It protects the foot from cold and other moderate temperatures. Some runners have mentioned that in more intense showers the upper has a tendency to get wet inside, but not overly wet. In fact, the foot won’t stay wet for too long. Mud and debris don’t seem to stand a chance with the Roclite 295.
      On a scale 0-5, the level of responsiveness is definitely in the area of a 3. The response is very gradual and delicate in the sole. Very suitable for most runners. For the most part, footwork is very easy to control.
      The Roclite 295 is designed with great arch support. The added cushioning in this shoe provides a secure support around the overall foot. Inov-8 created this shoe with just the right amount of cushioning that helps to soften the landing, without any minimal movement of the foot.
      With the Roclites natural feel, they have no problem in standing up to tests on a variety of terrain. The Roclite 295 are good on pavement, graveled pathways, dry surfaces, soft or hard terrain.
      Inov-8 Roclite 295 is a bit high-priced, ranging around $115 on the Inov-8 website, but can be found marked down on other sites. Considering the durability and high-quality technology and the fact that it isn't the most expensive shoe of its kind, the price seems pretty fair.
      These shoes are good on traction with the ability to use on all terrain whether in dry or wet conditions. They ultimately adapt to different kinds of terrain, making this a great running shoe.
      The Metat-Shank helps to improve flexibility. There is definitely a more natural feel that gives off more flexibility. When a shoe is flexible it is just the best feeling on your foot. Since the shoe is already lightweight most runners have admitted that the Roclite 295 is indeed flexible. Something that runners just happen to love. Who doesn’t love a good flexible running shoe?
      The Roclite 295 is very light and stable, especially when climbing. The large toe and heel bumper make it easier to run on loose rocks. The sole provides an all-around good grip. Some runners are not uses to natural running, but after some time you will notice the feeling of improved stability. There are some cases that the shoe tends to flex sideways because there are no stiff plastic structures. However, these shoes are still considered to be good with stability.
      With a drop of 6mm, with a 6mm footbed the heel is completely out of the way. This can feel a bit on the flat side, but the cushioning in the Roclite 295 make up for it. The heel is not bulky at all, which is great news. Some runners enjoy a less bulky heel, as it helps with a more smoother transition while running. Even though the Roclite 295 is a lot flatter than expected, one thing for sure is it is a great running shoe ideal to use of all surfaces.
      Key Features
      • 5-finger meta-shank provides underfoot impact protection along with greater flexibility

      • Unbeatable Meta-flex groove in front of the metatarsal heads ensures a natural flex to the forefoot

      • Superb upper webbing support

      • Climbing rubber technology used to enhance grip in wet conditions thanks to the shoes sticky rubber compound

      • Great fascia band to reduce fatigue and increase propulsion efficiency

      • Lasting comfort for all runners

      • Three Arrow Midsole great for training and long distance trails
      Bottom Line
      Out of all the Inov-8 line, the Roclite 295 is definitely one of the best running shoes around. Inov-8 created a running shoe built for all-terrain, much narrower in the platform but just the right amount of comfort that’s similar to classic running shoes like Terroc and Flyroc. The Roclite 295 has a reliable grip, especially in wet conditions. This shoe offers debris defense and protection with the help of the Meta Shank and gaiter clips that help to keep out the debris. Inov-8 has improved this version of running shoes by revamping the upper with a tighter mesh to deliver a solid performance. Yes, the Roclite 295 is very pricey, but for the most part, runners love what they love, so if buying a great all-terrain running shoe is at the top of your list then Inov-8 Roclite 295 is what you are looking for.
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      By Ryan Sabin
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