Nike Zoom Streak LT 2

As the name suggests, Nike's Zoom Streak LT 2 is the second version in the brand's line of racing shoes. Its lightweight construction comes complete with plenty of responsiveness and support to help the runner reach their highest speed possible. This is thanks primarily to a full-length Cushlon midsole with a low drop height and built-in Zoom heel unit. Its waffle outsole is made from a Durlon rubber compound to ensure increased durability and more secure traction. Two different types of mesh are used to create its breathable upper, held in place by overlays. Finally, an internal arch bandage works with a padded collar and dynamic lacing system to provide support and stability.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Very lightweight

-Comfortable wear

-Highly breathable

-Affordable price tag

-Multiple color options


-Does not fit true to size

-Not for long distance runs

Key Features
For a lightweight shoe, the Zoom Streak LT 2 has a surprisingly solid outsole unit. The full length of this feature is covered in Nike's trademarked Durlon rubber compound, which ensures long-lasting protection and greatly enhanced traction. This material even stretches out and curls up over the toe area for some extra protection against accidental impact. Like all other models within this line, it has a waffle tread pattern with smaller square lugs at the forefoot and a more textured yet stream-lined design at the heel. All of these are enhanced by deep flex-grooves carved into the forefoot, enabling easier and more natural movement.
Two Nike-trademarked technologies are put to use for the Zoom Streak LT 2's midsole. The primary full-length unit is made from Cushlon, which is created by mixing Phylon with rubber additives. Not only does this add to the shoe's lightweight wear, but it also ensures high levels of cushioning and responsiveness. However, since this still isn't quite enough for a racing shoe, Nike has also included its Zoom heel unit for an even stronger bounce. Both of these technologies work together to allow the runner to really power forward and, as a result, achieve their optimal speed as they race.
Two different mesh fabrics are used to create the Zoom Streak LT 2’s upper. The forefoot features an open-knit material to enable greater airflow where it’s needed most, while the sides and heel utilize a more tight-knit fabric for greater stability and support. An internal arch bandage is formed inside the shoe for added support and stability. Buyers have the option of choosing between stitched-on suede overlays or printed-on overlays, depending on their personal preference. Both are used to reinforce the lacing system and form the brand’s logo on either side, which acts as a type of midfoot cage. A small, printed-on toe bumper is added to the foot for some much-needed protection against accidental impact. Finally, a padded collar and dynamic lacing system are used to keep the foot locked into place.
The Zoom Streak LT 2 has an average weight of around 5.6 oz., which makes this unisex shoe very lightweight for both men and women. It's basically a requirement for competition shoes to be lighter, as this helps the runner achieve their optimal speed during training sessions and actual races. Unfortunately, this may also be part of the reason why this particular shoe is not the best fit for long distance runs, as those models typically come with more cushioning and overall stability.
Aside from providing a lightweight wear, the design of the Zoom Streak LT 2’s upper also encourages a highly breathable wear. Various types of mesh form this feature and overlays are only used to create a stylized midfoot cage and toe bumper. Because so much of the material is exposed, especially areas that house the most hotspots, airflow has very little restrictions and can easily enter the foot chamber. Not only does this shoe’s enhanced ventilation increase the runner’s optimal speed, but it also allows them to stay comfortably cool and dry both during races and throughout the day. Of course, its tendency to fit smaller than average could diminish this quality for some runners.
When it fits correctly, the Zoom Streak LT 2 offers an incredibly comfortable fit. It Cushlon midsole feel lightweight and cushiony underneath the foot, while its responsive features ensure less pain and fatigue after an intense run. This is enhanced greatly by the Zoom heel unit, which provides extra shock absorption and energy transfer where it’s needed most. The mesh materials of its upper allow plenty of airflow, ensuring a reduces risk of blisters and possible irritations. And the internal arch bandage works wonderfully with the padded collar and dynamic lacing system to provide support and stability while limiting the risk of possible injuries. Of course, all of these features only work properly when the runner is wearing their correct size. And since this model tends to fit smaller than average, it does leave out quite a few potential buyers.
The Zoom Streak LT 2 looks almost identical to all other models within the same line, aside from a few noticeable differences. Unlike later versions, this one uses two different types of mesh for increased stability and more targeted airflow. Its overlays are also larger and more aggressive, with later models only have smaller printed-on ones. As with all other iterations, it does come in an impressive range of color schemes to ensure that there’s something for everyone. While black is always a popular selection, vibrant shades of green, red, and blue are also available for those who prefer to keep their footwear colorful. Most even come with a striped or gradient pattern for some added flair.
Reviews don’t seem to go into detail about how durable the Zoom Streak LT 2 is, although this can be guessed based on its construction and intended usage. Obviously, its outsole is designed to hold up to frequent intense sprints on paved surfaces thanks to is Durlon rubber compound. And the responsive properties of its full-length Cushlon midsole and Zoom heel unit provide long-lasting cushioning and support that that easily retain its original shape over time. Although its mesh upper holds up reasonably welI against multiple uses, its lack of overlays or added protective features to limit it to paved roads and other common surfaces. In addition, it may also be a smart idea for buyers not to use it as an everyday shoe too often.
The Zoom Streak LT 2 provides a decent amount of protection against most common hazards that racers would encounter. The Durlon rubber compound that coats its outsole shield the midsole against potential damage and ensures that its traction stays strong and secure during runs across paved roads. The combination of full-length Cushlon and a Zoom heel unit keeps the foot cushioned and supported while it greatly reduces impact on the runner, meaning that they’ll feel less pain and fatigue by the end of the day. And its breathable upper, which reduces the risks of blisters and irritations, comes equipped with an internal arch bandage to prevent over-flexing and possible injury. Finally, a padded collar and dynamic lacing system keep the foot firmly locked into place all day.
Racing shoes have to offer high levels of responsiveness, as this not only enables the runner to keep powering forward but it also keeps them relatively pain-free by the end of the day. Thankfully, the Zoom Streak LT 2 comes with two Nike-trademarked technologies that work together to help runners achieve their optimal performance levels. The first is a full-length Cushlon unit, made with Phylon and rubber additives, that provides a lightweight wear that offers a noticeable bounce with each toe-off. The second is a Zoom heel unit which not only enhances energy return but also full absorbs impact where it’s needed most.
On the surface, the Zoom Streak LT 2 doesn’t look like it would provide runners with a very supportive wear. But a closer look at all of its features shows that it actually does provide just that, which is no real surprise considering that buyers constantly bend and flex their feet while wearing this model. Its Cushlon midsole runs the full length of the foot to keep it properly cushioned, and a Zoom heel unit gives added support and impact absorption where it’s needed most. Its mesh upper comes equipped with an internal arch bandage to prevent possible over-flexing, and its padded collar keeps the ankle properly supported throughout the day.
According to several online listings, the Zoom Streak LT 2 was designed to be used primarily on dry paved roads. Its tread pattern easily grips onto concrete and cement to keep the runner moving securely on both indoor and outdoor racing tracks. There is no clear indication of how well it can perform on wet or slippery surfaces, however, so runners should keep that in mind and use caution while using this model for daily wear. And while its mesh upper makes this shoe incredibly comfortable during warmer weather, it does mean that there’s no real protection from rain and potentially hazardous debris.
Another amazing plus about the Zoom Streak LT 2 is its reasonable price tag. Online retailers such as Road Runner Sports and Fleet Feet sell this model for only $75, and even lower prices can be found on Amazon and eBay. Many buyers feel that this is an especially good bargain considering its level of comfort and its overall performance during competitive races. However, its tendency to fit smaller-than-average does mean that buyers should consider trying it on first before making a purchase. There is also no information that details how durable this shoe is, so it's obviously best to not use it for rugged outdoor activities.
Although it’s obviously not meant for rugged activities, reviewers still seem to be quite impressed with the Zoom Streak LT 2’s level of traction. As with other models in this line, its outsole features a waffle iron tread pattern with small, square-shaped lugs. These work to easily grip onto both smooth and uneven paved surfaces for an efficient run during both training sessions and competitions. As stated before, however, there’s no clear indication of how well this model can perform on wet or slippery surfaces.
The Zoom Streak LT 2 manages to be incredibly easy to move around in without sacrificing its overall support and stability. Its outsole features several deep flex-grooves, especially in the forefoot where they’re needed most. The full-length Cushlon midsole can bend along with the runner’s natural movements while still retaining its shape, and its upper’s heavy use of mesh leaves buyers feeling mostly unrestricted. Its overlays are still much more pronounced than later versions, so it may not be as pliable and require a little more breaking in. And, of course, its tendency to fit smaller than average does put a damper on this quality for some buyers.
Despite its lightweight wear and lack of corrective features, the Zoom Streak LT 2 still manages to offer runners a decent amount of stability. Its Cushlon midsole is greatly enhanced by a Zoom heel unit to provide a responsive wear that keeps the runner powering forward smoothly without being affected by impact. Its upper is equipped with an internal arch bandage, which works along with the padded collar to prevent over-flexing. Significant overlays are also present around the midfoot and within the lacing system to ensure that the shoe maintains its structure.
There is no online information about the Zoom Streak LT 2's exact heel-to-toe drop height. However, other models within this line have featured a drop height of only 4mm, and its overall platform appears similar to these other versions. Therefore, it's quite safe to say that this model also has a low drop platform at or around 4mm. Racers prefer shoes with this feature, as it provides them with greater balance and posture to aid in their overall performance.
Key Features
-Waffle outsole with Durlon rubber
-Cushlon LT foam midsole
-Zoom heel unit for responsiveness
-Breathable mesh upper
-Internal arch bandage
-Dynamic lacing system
-Affordable $75 price tag
Bottom Line
With help from the Nike Zoom Streak LT 2, racers could easily achieve their optimal performance during training sessions and actual competitions. It's extremely lightweight, meaning that buyers won't feel cumbersome at any time. Its midsole cushions the foot completely while providing plenty of responsiveness to keep the runner powering forward without risk of injury. Its breathable upper keeps them cool and dry while also ensuring a stable and supportive wear. And its traction allows a completely safe run across paved road surfaces. Despite the fact that it fits smaller than average, it's still easy to see why this model was able to garner such positive reviews.
Where to Buy
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