Optoma Nuforce BE Sport4 Wireless Headphones

If you are looking for a pair of headphones to take to the gym, exercise or just go for a walk, these are the wireless headphones that you are waiting for. They are engineered with noise canceling and strong bass from the sound. The Optoma Nuforce BE Sport4, are great for listening to music. Optoma is an audio and visual solutions company, they are a world leading designer in audiovisual solutions. With a long lasting battery this pair of wireless headphones will last you all day without any fear or spread it out over a few workouts or long runs and it’s sure to last. Superior noise cancellation however the microphone could use a little bit of improvement so it might not be the best pair of headphones if you are planning to use these while talking on the phone.

The Optoma Nuforce BE Sport4 has proudly been awarded Tech Radar's recommended wireless earphones with a five-star review. Digital trends recommended gym earphones and T3's recommended running earphones. So if you are in the market for a new pair of headphones while being active, we've found your pair.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons


Good sound quality

Good Battery life

Selection of ear tips in different colors

Noise cancellation

Solid price point


Low Battery Buzzer sound

If you don’t turn off they stay on

Poor microphone quality

Key Features
These are mostly played while at the gym or running. Any outdoor activities can easily be worn with these. Primarily intended for the gym, the audio quality is perfect for that. The fit is secure and snug and can easily be adjusted on the go. These can be worn during the day but they really are designed for fitness. The bass and sound on these will motivate you for long runs, short runs, or that long gym session. It’s also easy to sweat and be outside in the rain or snow no matter the climate, because these are completely sweat and waterproof. The Optoma Nuforce BE Sport4 are made for outdoor activities and sports, that’s really what they were designed for. So strap them on and take them for all of the activities you plan on doing. Even sledding or snowboarding, you name it cold or warm weather, these are ready to go with you.

Basic Features
There are a few basic features starting with the fact that the Be Sport4 are aptX and AAC compatible. They also have a strong 10-hour battery life, some have even proven to get slightly longer than 10 years. The SpinFit TwinBlade nine ear tips that vary in density and they are squared off and not circular. The ear tips can also be worn as a [infographic]mix and match and come in different colors. These are also designed to stick and stay for physical activity.

A very exciting feature is the zipper case comes with a clip to clip onto the gym bag. There is a mic and playback control on the cable, that some mention it could be in a better overall position on the cable or easier to differentiate. The mic is nothing special but there is an in-line mic included.

One exciting feature is that you can access voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana. All you have to do is press the ‘O’ and then speak. There is also a remote that comes with the microphone. The built-in microphone can certainly be used, but some have said that it’s not it’s the greatest feature. Of course, it’s there if you decide to use it.
Advanced Features
Definitely an advanced feature to focus on is the quick charge technology for those moments when you need to get a quick charge. The quick charge technology gives you two hours of playback time in only 15 minutes of a quick charge. There are built-in magnets on both earpieces that will allow you to take them off and wear them around the neck. They are stylish enough to wear them around without a worry.

Sweat a lot? No problem, IPX5 sweat and water resistant, which is great if you tend to sweat a lot or if it happens to rain on your evening run. No need to worry about technology, you can keep moving forward. Lastly, graphene-coated drivers deliver clear audio and can be used with Apple or Android products.
Sound Quality
The quality of the sound is really great but unfortunately, the microphone picks up a lot of outside noise and it is difficult to make phone calls. Many customers have mentioned the microphone quality is not great, which is another reason why it is not a good idea to make a phone call. The overall sound is heavy on the bass and the tremble is lower. Things like clapping are hard to hear. If you get the proper fit with the ear tips the bass will make the perfect noise cancellation headphones. Optoma Nuforce BE Sport4 are engineered to block out all outside noise and to muffling voices from the outside. The best part is the bass sound it’s really spectacular.

The focus on the sound quality is to listen to music while exercising, therefore, the Optomo Nuforce BE Sport4 focused on creating a product where you can hear the music and enjoy the music.
These are easy to talk and control, there is an in-line remote that makes it easy to control the volume, media playback and activate Siri or Google Assistant without ever having to touch your phone, this is top of the line connectivity. There have not been any mentions of poor connectivity. The Nuforce BE Sport4 features Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Technology, one of the top Bluetooth connectivity. Featuring the integrated mic with in-line remote, the connectivity issues are engineered at the highest level. In today’s world, it’s important to stay connected and with these wireless headphones, you will be connected.
These are special because each earbud has a cut front cavity tube to make for a better fit and comfortable fit. It’s a revolutionary style with the SpinFit TwinBlade ear tips and they provide maximum comfort and stability. They are lightweight which definitely helps the comfort and overall fit. Many customers mentioned that the Optoma Nuforce BE Sport4 were comfortable and they enjoy wearing them. The different sizes of ear tips allow you to find the style that fits your ear and the comfort level that you like. While of course ensuring that they don’t fall out while exercising. Sometimes you won’t even know they are there with such a comfortable fit.
The headphones have an understated design and can easily transition from the office to the gym and to the house. You can also wear them around the neck, as a fashion statement with the magnetic hooks. Any color you want for the ear tips is available which can suit any look or style. The style is gym-appropriate and the design is eye-catching especially with the different colors of ear tips. There is a black and silver, so pick what you fancy. The earbuds have a bead slider that holds the cable together. It’s up to you to make it a loose fit if that’s your preference.

Lastly, the magnetic closure is great because you can create a necklace and wear it around your neck. They can easily become an understated necklace. The color preferences certainly help and you can also buy replacement tips which of course switch up the style.
These are built to last and to make it through long workouts and long days. The cable is really strong and with the tangle-resistant cord, it’s definitely not going to be cut or go anywhere. Not only are they durable but the housing is built to last, constructed of aluminum and polycarbonate to keep them lightweight while maintaining the durability that is needed from sport earphones. These come in at less than half an oz which is definitely on the lightweight side. The price is very smartly priced especially given the durability on the cord and the fact that it’s a tangle-resistant cord.

The sweat-proof and waterproof aspect play a big part in durability because even mud, snow, sweat, intense hiking or running sessions with upholding with Sport4.
Ease of Use
A pair of headphones that are very easy to use especially for a pair of wireless workout earbuds this is the Optoma Nuforce BE Sport4. They are easy to fit on almost everyone and the battery life is so great you could go for a few days as long as you make sure to turn them off. One problem is that when the battery is going to die it will beep a lot before it dies, this is a major problem of the headphones.

The buttons to pause, skip song are located in easy access, however, some have mentioned it hard to recognize what does what. This can make it challenging mid-workout when you are trying to operate them. The controls are complicated for many while others had no issue with them. It’s a personal preference at the end of the day.
Power Source
The overall battery is really strong on the Optoma Nuforce BE Sport 4 and holds for a solid 10-hour battery life. It also takes 2.5 hours for a complete charge cycle to have a full battery. Keeping the volume at a moderate level will ensure longer battery life. There is also a fast charger at 15 minutes you can get over two hours of charge life. It’s an easy 15-minute charge and you will get 2 hours of listening time. Now that’s a serious power source right there.

This is a solid price point coming in at $80, they have a lot of features packed in for the price. Most competitors with the sound quality as such would charge more, so overall despite some of the poor reviews this is a good price. An all-around great pair of workout headphones since they are wireless, this is a good deal. It’s important to ensure you get something that you paid your money for, with a waterproof and sweatproof and strong bass sound these are definitely leaving you rocking all night long. This is definitely something to invest in if you go running a lot of hit the gym a lot, you will not be disappointed.
Key Features
These headphones have some really great features, including magnetic closures to wear around the neck. They also work on voice command with services such as Amazon Alexa and Siri. Yes, these are workout headphones and people do sweat, but don’t worry you can listen without having to worry about water and sweat messing with the components of the headphones. Top of the line water resistant earbuds. Not only is it water resistant it’s also a tangle-resistant cable so no need to worry for someone who tangles up all of the cables. Noise-canceling ranks up there as a key feature and is definitely important at the gym if you want to tune into your own music.
Bottom Line
If you love to listen to music while at the gym or going on a run, these are the perfect headphones for you. Lightweight, easy to use, fantastic sound and durable for days. Noise cancellation for anyone to get into the zone and with magnetic fastener, easily wear them around your neck. The sound and bass are much better than the BE Sport 3, in case you were curious about the difference this is the main difference in the overall sound quality. The bottom line is you are gaining a lot for the price here especially for an athlete or a regular person who visits the gym. These are worth the investment with the top of the line Bluetooth capabilities there won’t be any problems connecting to the phone and connecting to Google or Alexa Amazon services.
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