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Outdoor Fitness Ideas: Fun Exercises To Do This Fall

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There are many ways to incorporate exercise into being outdoors this fall. Outdoor Fitness Ideas: Fun Exercises To Do This Fall www.runnerclick.com

We are sad to see summer go, but bring on all the fall things. From pumpkin spice protein powders to workout gear for chillier weather, it’s hard not to feel festive this time of year. Especially when it comes to getting in some fun exercises for a good outdoor workout.

After the summer heat, it actually feels good to have an outdoor workout. Ask any runner that’s been training during the summer and they will gladly welcome less sticky weather with open arms.

And there is something about getting fresh air in the fall that also feels good. So beyond runs, there are plenty of other outdoor fitness ideas that are fun to do during the fall.

Fall workouts done outdoors
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Take Bootcamp Classes Outside

Bootcamp classes are awesome in their own right. And mostly because these are outdoor fitness options.

The thing about boot camp is its military-like drills are extremely fun. This is because boot camp classes typically consist of various types of exercises to burn calories and build strength.

These workouts generally include a mix of aerobics with strength training. There are often high-intensity interval movements like rounds of mountain climbers, squats and lunges and then time dedicated in the class to working out arms with weights and resistance bands or core.

The best thing about these classes is that the exercises always change, making it fresh and fun every time. Plus it’s made to be done outdoors since no gym equipment is needed (besides bringing dumbbells and an exercise mat).

Many boot camp classes move indoors for colder months, but the fall is the best time for this outdoor fitness class because it’s not too hot yet.

Take a Hike

Hiking is a great fall outdoor workout
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You don’t need to be an extreme fitness enthusiast to appreciate the outdoors. This is why hiking is a great option to do with family and friends.

Take in the scenery of the fall foliage and breathe in all that fresh air while walking local hiking trails.

Those who have a passion for hiking might want to take advantage of the perfect weather by climbing their favorite mountains or backpacking through the wilderness.

Even at a slow pace, hiking is an outdoor workout. For a 160-pound adult, you could burn anywhere from 430 to 440 calories per hour when hiking.

At the same time, it’s relaxing to be in the quiet surrounded by nature. Talk the time to snap some photos or rest and meditate out there with a snack before coming back to reality.

Take It To The Park

It seems like a no brainier that many want to head to their local park for a nice run or walk. And the fall is the perfect time to do so.

Outdoor exercise boosts mood even more than being inside a gym. Add that with running and expect to feel fabulous all fall long.

But switch things up than just taking a few laps around the park to get more out of this outdoor workout.

Include fun exercises to do at certain landmarks or mile breakers like jump squats to a specific or for a quarter of a mile. Use a park bench for a pushup, step up with a knee drive on a bench, or do bench dips.

Biking Around Town

Biking is a great fall outdoor workout
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Channel your inner child and get a new set of wheels. Fall is meant to be spent outdoors, so opt to travel via bike around town.

Make it an adventure and fun workout that doesn’t even feel like exercise by going to the local park and setting up a picnic before clocking in some more miles.

Those who are cyclists might want to take out their bikes for longer miles now that it isn’t so humid out there.

Set Up A Fall Display

Now that the summer is over, it’s time to start decorating for fall. Those who love decorating can turn this into a fun fitness-filled day.

Start by raking the leaves, which can burn 350 to 450 calories per hour. Okay, this doesn’t sound like that much fun, but it is great for building strength because of the lifting, bending and core and arm work.

Those who enjoy gardening can pull out weeds and plant flowers for the fall. This burns an extra 200 to 400 calories an hour.

Arrange a porch display with pumpkins, and add a little workout to it by getting some squats in before placing the pumpkin down.

Pumpkin And Apple Picking

Pumpkin picking is a fun way to burn calories this fall
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Nothing screams fall more than spending time on a farm. Apple and pumpkin picking is a right of passage for the season, so plan a day trip to walk around the tree-lined rows, reaching and squatting for apples and lunging for the biggest pumpkin.

Take a wagon to pull through the farm for a good arm workout or opt to strengthen the biceps by handing on to your pumpkin as long as you can.

Many farms make a whole festival out of its weekend hours, so take the opportunity to play corn hole, race through a corn maze or play tug of war while soaking in the fall sun.

Play Some Football

Even if you aren’t a major football fan, playing the sport is fun in the fall.

Gather all your friends for a game of touch football. Just know that you will burn fewer calories compared to a full-contact game. This means burning about 300 calories for a 150-pound person for a half-hour game.

Expect to slip and slide on leaves, dive for that pass or sprint to the touchdown zone. Chances are this game will be so much fun that it doesn’t even feel like a workout.

Even throwing and catching the ball can be a great arm workout.

Photo by Sarah Shaffer on Unsplash.

Sign Up For A Fall Race

One of the best ways to get a good fall workout outdoors is by participating in a fall-themed 5k.

There are options like The Great Pumpkin Run where runners can even choose to run the course with a pumpkin in hand.

There are other events geared to getting a run in before enjoying treats like donuts.

There are Halloween and Thanksgiving-themed races held all over, as well as signature races held each fall in states that are a fun fitness challenge like running a hilly course or completing a half marathon.

And for fitness lovers, these are the more fun outdoor workouts.

Fall is upon us with cooler temperatures and beautiful colors. Our blog has some amazing outdoor workout ideas to keep you on track with your fitness goals.


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