5K, 10K, Half & Full Marathons

  • 5k races

    About 5k races

    A 5K is the shortest of the common running event distances we review at Runnerclick, consisting of 3.1 miles (5 kilometers).  These events can either be competitive or social, depending on the particular event you are looking into running.  5Ks are the most popular of road running events because of their relatively short distance which allows not only the seasoned runners to run, but novice runners, joggers and people that prefer to walk as well.  5Ks are also something fun for families to do together.

    How did we choose the best 5K events in Alabama?

    We checked what events runners looked for the most and we compared statistics on how many runners held interest in any given event.  Feedback left by runners who participated in the course was also considered.  Other factors included how long the course has been around, the race swag you get at the finishline. This can vary from running shoes, insoles, watches, fitness equipment and more. The design and quality of the the medals is another important factors that many runners consider when picking a race.

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  • 10k races

    About 10k races

    A 10K is one of the most common running event distances, consisting of 6.2 (10 kilometers).  These events can either be competitive or more for fun, depending on the particular one you are looking into.  They are twice the distance of the 5K and still relatively short in distance.  Less runners tend to participate than the 5K, but these events still get a lot of not only seasoned runners, but novice runners and joggers in attendance.

  • Half marathons

    About Half marathons

    A Half Marathon event consists of running 13 miles (21 kilometers) and as the label suggests, is half of a standard Marathon of 26 miles.  The popularity, participants of the half marathon distance, and its events have significantly grown since the early 2000's and they continue to do so, with massive events popping up all over the states.  The growth rate of participants for the half marathon distance is currently higher than that of the full.

  • Marathons

    About Marathons

    Marathon events consist of 26 miles (42 kilometers) and the courses are typically laid out through roads. Starting in the Olympics in the early 1900's, marathons have quickly picked up in popularity and in 2017 there are currently more than 800 events being held in North America, and that number is consistently growing.  Over 90% of these marathons are being held in the United States, with 7%  being held in Canada.  About 72% of these marathons are certified, which means they are Boston Marathon Qualifiers.  September and October are the most popular months for marathon events, with over 100 in each month.