Saucony Hurricane ISO 5

The Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 is a great update to its predecessor, the Hurricane ISO 4. The outsole and midsole are very similar in design and engineering but the upper on this version has been updated to be sleeker and more adaptable. The flexible ISOFIT system will move with your feet supportively.

The midsole is incredibly cushioned and there are a number of stabilizing features to help you experience a more efficient and effective run. The outsole and midsole are both very responsive and you will not be disappointed if you like a soft and springy running shoe.

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Pros & Cons
  • Responsive midsole and outsole
  • Maximum cushioning for comfort and response
  • Flexible outsole and forefoot
  • Supportive and stabilizing engineering
  • ISOFIT upper will adapt to your individual needs
  • Medial post will correct any overpronation
  • Cons
    • A little on the pricey side
    • Outsole is softer than other rubber and may wear faster
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this cushioned running shoe is made up of a unique material that you don’t see in many running shoes: crystal rubber. This is a spongy rubber that is surprisingly durable in nature. Not only does this material protect the midsole from wear and tear, but it also adds additional response to the sneaker since it is softer than other rubber materials used on running shoes. There are a number of chevron-shaped flex grooves placed throughout the outsole which will allow the shoe to move and flex with your foot as you move through your gait cycle. Most of these flex grooves can be found at the forefoot of the sneaker which is the portion of the shoe that needs to most flexibility.
      With a big stamp on the side of the midsole declaring its presence, the main part of the midsole is made up of Saucony’s EVERUN material. This is a full-length foam that makes up the base of the midsole and is designed to absorb shock during landing and allow a smooth heel to toe transition. The EVERUN foam material is centered under the heel in order to deliver efficient and effective energy return upon your heel striking the ground. This is not the only layer of EVERUN foam; there is another layer present on the topsole. The extra layer is placed here to enable even more energy return and to allow the sneakers to endure and respond for hundreds of miles. At the medial side of the shoe’s midsole, you will find a stability post which will help those who are prone to overpronating by correcting their gait. This will also help people who have flat arches. There is yet another cushioning feature evident in the midsole: the removable FORMFIT contoured footbed. This is specifically designed to deliver support to the arch and curves of the forefoot which are areas that typically do not receive much support.
      The engineered Jacquard mesh upper is made to be comfortable and breathable. Engineered mesh is a popular textile material used in making running sneakers today because it is lightweight, stretchy, and is made to fit like a sock. This shoe features a padded tongue and collar for additional comfort and protection against chaffing and irritation. There is an inner sleeve within the shoe that adds comfort and helps you to slide the shoes on and off easily. The inside of the sneaker has a seamless construction designed to prevent irritation. These sneakers also feature the ISOFIT system which is made up of a combination of stretchy fabric, printed overlays, eyelets, and flat shoelaces that work in conjunction with one another to keep the shoe snugly on your foot, giving you a customized and supportive fit. The midfoot area of the upper features a floating support cage which is a feature that is included on a number of Saucony’s running sneakers. This cage is made up of a series of panels aimed at securing your foot in place throughout your gait cycle.
      These are stability running shoes with maximum cushioning so they are not as lightweight as some other sneakers on the market today. The EVERUN foam, FORMFIT contoured footbed, and medial stability post all add to the weight of the shoe. With that said, for the amount of support and comfort you get, the weight isn’t that bad. The men’s weighs in at 11.3 ounces and the women’s weighs 10.1 ounces.
      The engineered Jacquard mesh upper is designed to allow excellent airflow into and out of the foot chamber. Just by looking at the sneaker, you will be able to tell that it is great in terms of breathability. The upper has several small porous holes throughout the forefoot and midfoot areas. The ISOFIT upper will not compromise the breathability very much and you will be happy with how much your feet will be able to breathe in these.
      The multi-layered cushioning offered in these shoes makes them extremely comfortable. Obviously, what you are looking for in a running sneaker depends on what kind of comfort you are looking for. Since these are max-cushioned stability running shoes, they are designed to deliver maximum comfort, softness, and support. The full-length EVERUN cushioning that extends from the heel to the toe is definitely a comfort feature. The FORMFIT contoured footbed is designed to shape to your foot and help the shoe fit more adaptable and comfortable. The ISOFIT upper includes a flexible floating support cage at the midfoot area for support and added comfort. The heel collar and tongue are both padded as well to deliver comfort and help prevent irritation.
      This sneaker looks great in the box and on the foot. They come in a variety of colorways for both men and women and they are all eye-catching without being too obnoxious. Saucony running shoes tend to look like running shoes, meaning that they wouldn’t be able to go from day to a night on the town. The max cushioning featured in these particular sneakers gives them away to the world as being comfortable running shoes. The rounded heel and improved upper design, compared to its predecessor, give it a sleek silhouette.
      The Crystal Rubber outsole of this sneaker is designed to be durable yet responsive. Unlike other rubbers on similar running shoes, this rubber is softer so you may think that it is less durable. Though that may be true when comparing them to super-heavy rubber materials, crystal rubber is surprisingly durable and these shoes should withstand hundreds of hours of road running time. The outsole also protects the maximum cushioning layers from sagging and from unnecessary wear and tear. The stability post in the medial side of the midsole will also help the sneaker to maintain its shape. Thanks to the ISOFIT upper and floating support cage included in the upper, these sneakers will easily maintain their integrity after a lot of use. Overall, these sneakers are supportive and durable.
      These sneakers are engineered to be stability shoes so they are designed to protect your feet on the road. The high cushioning provided by the full-length EVERUN midsole will absorb shock and provide excellent energy return. The medial post included in the midsole will help those who tend to overpronate by correcting your feet from rolling inwards. The Crystal Rubber outsole will protect your feet from underfoot debris and will also provide response because it is softer than your typical outsole rubber. The ISOFIT upper hugs your feel snugly to protect your feet from moving around within the shoe. There is also another layer of cushioned support on top of the EVERUN midsole to allow for even more shock absorbency. The FORMFIT contoured insert helps to eliminate negative space within the shoe to prevent blistering and irritation.
      EVERUN foam is designed to absorb shock and return that energy to your run to propel you forward, resulting in a springy running experience. This large amount of EVERUN foam works in conjunction with an extra layer toward the topsole which adds more cushion and heightened energy return so you will definitely feel the energy as you run. The Crystal Rubber Outsole is also more responsive than other types of rubber because it is soft yet durable. This material will respond to the pressure applied by your foot and work with the maximum cushioning in the midsole to deliver a soft and comfortable ride. This is not a minimal running shoe, rather it is designed to support and stabilize your foot and give you a springy ride.
      Since the Hurricane ISO 5 is a stability running shoe, it is built to provide support. The Jacquard engineered mesh that makes up the upper is flexible and adaptable to your feet. The ISOFIT system is a combination of overlays, stretchy fabric, and reinforced eyelets that help the floating support cage hug your foot securely. Since the shoe is able to adapt to your foot so well through the flexible material and ISOFIT system, it will move and flex with your foot more naturally, automatically supporting you through a highly customized fit. The maximally cushioned midsole will allow your foot to sink into the midsole and provide soft and comfortable support as your run.
      These stability sneakers are designed to hit the road. The outsole and midsole will respond well to asphalt, concrete, and well-groomed trails. There is no aggressive lug system present on the outsole so they won’t help protect you on technical terrain. Because the outsole is featured in a number of different lighter colors, they may show more wear and tear if you wear them on aggressive terrain but if you walk on these types of trails, you should be okay, but it is not recommended to run on them with these shoes.
      These high-quality stability running shoes are built to support you with cushioned comfort and help you exhibit a more natural gait. The technologies featured in this sneaker stack up to a heftier price tag. These sneakers can be purchased for around $165.
      The Crystal Rubber Outsole of this sneaker is a softer type of rubber that delivers more response than your typical rubber outsole. The chevron-like tread offers great traction in wet and dry conditions. Reviewers didn’t have a lot of bad things to say about the traction. Rather, they said it felt great underfoot and delivered decent traction.
      The outsole of this sneaker features a number of flex grooves built into the Crystal Rubber tread. The forefoot is especially flexible and this is something that is definitely useful when it comes to running. This outsole will allow the shoe to move and flex with your foot naturally and comfortably. The ISOFIT upper is made up of flexible mesh and printed overlays that are also designed to move and flex with your foot adaptably as well. For being such a supportive and stabilizing sneaker, it is pretty flexible.
      Being that the Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 is engineered to be a stability sneaker, it offers a large amount of stability. The redesigned ISOFIT upper is more flexible and adaptable to your foot, giving it an individualized stabilizing fit. There is a floating support cage built into the upper that hugs your foot and allows the shoe to move and flex with every movement, helping to support and stabilize you as you move. The medial post found in the midsole is engineered to correct your gait if you tend to overpronate. This, along with the maximum cushioning of the EVERUN material featured, will help you to feel stabilized and natural as your run. The heel of the shoe will also help to stabilize your foot by keeping your heel locked in. The adaptable, cushioned, and flexible fit will deliver excellent stability.
      Despite the fact that these are maximum cushioned stability sneakers, they do not have a large drop. Rather, both the men’s and women’s versions have an 8mm drop. The full-length cushioning system extends throughout the sneaker and the 8mm drop won’t make you crash down on your heels.
      Key Features
      - Full-length EVERUN midsole delivers maximum cushioning and response
      - Medial post included in the midsole to help correct overpronation and delivers a more natural gait
      - FORMFIT performance contoured footbed delivers additional cushioning and helps to eliminate negative space within the foot chamber
      - Jacquered engineered mesh upper is flexible and breathable
      - ISOFIT soft inner sleeve works with a floating support cage for an adaptable and flexible fit
      Bottom Line
      The Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 is made for those looking for maximum cushioning and stability. The modified engineered mesh upper will hug your feet and will work with the ISOFIT technology in the upper to provide an adaptable fit. If you like cushion, you’ll like these shoes. The full-length EVERUN foam is engineered to provide soft comfort and excellent energy return so you will have a springy run. If you have a neutral gait or tend to overpronate, these shoes will help you have a more natural and efficient form. In the end, even though these sneakers are a tad pricey, they will deliver a soft, comfortable, responsive, and breathable run.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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