Saucony Peregrine ISO

The Saucony Peregrine family is an award-winning one, and in this iteration of the Peregrine ISO, which came after the Peregrine 8, the shoe incorporates the popular ISOFIT upper construction that almost completely adapts to your foot’s movement on the trail. The Peregrine ISO features the PWRTRAC outsole, PWRFOAM midsole, and EVERUN topsole, which all contribute to a good balance between cushioning and responsiveness. On top of that, the impressive outsole of this trail shoe features a whopping 78 lugs which provide amazing traction and can tackle virtually any type of terrain. All of this, along with the durable materials and a great design, comes at a very reasonable price.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Tacky, abrasion-resistant outsole with 78 aggressive lugs
  • Great design
  • EVERUN topsole
  • Amazing traction
  • Performs great on a variety of terrains
  • No blisters and hot spots
  • Moderately responsive
  • Good price point
  • Cons
    • Almost no stability features
    • Average breathability
    • Key Features
      Saucony Peregrine ISO features the PWRTRAC outsole that is aimed at providing great traction and grip on a wide variety of surfaces. The outsole is made out of a tacky, durable rubber compound that is abrasion-resistant and protects the midsole from untimely wear and tear as well. The Coefficient of Friction (COF), which measures the frictional force on a certain object, is 3 times greater than that of the usual carbon rubber. The most impressive part of the outsole, and of the entire shoe, are the deep-set lugs that look like they could tackle anything – and there are 78 of them. This is an amazingly large number of individual lugs, which sets the stage for the entire Peregrine ISO. There are five vertical grooves that go vertically throughout the outsole and broaden in the forefoot area. This groove system allows for some flexibility, especially during the toe-off.
      The midsole, as a coherent part of the sole as a whole, is made out of PWRFOAM, which offers a smooth stride and a little energy-return. This midsole configuration is thick EVA foam that is made to be slightly firmer and more resilient. On top of the PWRFOAM and beneath the sockliner is the EVERUN topsole that provides additional bounce and a cushioned, comfortable ride, especially on mid-distance rides. The EVERUN topsole is a thin layer that is three times as durable as the EVA foam, according to the company. The midsole continues into the upper and cradles the midfoot area, essentially providing extra protection and increasing the overall robustness of the shoe.
      As the name itself suggests, one of the main changes made to the Peregrine ISO, compared to its predecessor Peregrine 8, is the use of the ISOFIT dynamic upper, which is a soft inner sleeve combined with a support cage, that aim to create a dynamic running experience and adapt to all the different shapes and bends of the foot throughout the entirety of the gait cycle. This makes the Peregrine ISO almost a custom-fit mass-produced shoe, which is a fresh and welcomed feature in the trail running community. This technology isn’t exactly new at this point, given that it’s been around in some top-of-the-line Saucony shoes since 2015, and it has become increasingly present in the years following its rolling out. The lacing system is traditional and attached to the ISOFIT overlays, which disperse the lace pressure evenly and prevent any blisters and pressure points from forming.
      The combination of EVERUN and PWRFOAM materials in the midsole, as well as the ISOFIT technology in the upper, has made the Saucony Peregrine ISO a lightweight shoe, in the trail running shoe category. At 10.5oz or 298g for a men’s half-pair and 8.9oz or 261g for women’s, the Peregrine ISO manages to remain fairly light while also being very sturdy. Compared to the Kinvara 9, which is one of the brand’s most popular racing shoes, this shoe weighs just 3oz more than that shoe, and those additional ounces are most likely the result of 78 lugs.
      The Saucony Peregrine ISO features mesh in the vamp area, and the midfoot overlays are also partly made of TPU mesh, which does provide a degree of ventilation to the whole shoe. However, the thick, padded collar, along with the sturdy upper design simply cannot compare to the less trail-oriented, racing shoes – and that’s okay. The important thing is that the Peregrine ISO doesn’t encourage the formation of hot spots or blisters, although you most probably won’t be able to escape the sweat.
      Incorporating the ISOFIT system into the upper is one of the key components in the comfort of the Peregrine ISO. This system provides a supported and extremely comfortable feel that almost all runners thoroughly enjoyed. Other shoes from the brand that also feature this system are the Saucony Guide, Freedom, and Ride ISO. The ISOFIT system is also highly efficient in decreasing the number of blisters and hot spots. The vast majority of runners also enjoyed the Peregrine’s performance on harder surfaces, where close to 100% agreed that the shoe remained exceptionally comfortable even in some harder (pun intended) conditions. Aside from the custom fit system, the sizing and widths of the Saucony Peregrine ISO are standard and true to size, so feel free to order your regular size when ordering online.
      The Saucony Peregrine ISO is a beautiful trail shoe that is simplistic and more design, than color-oriented. The aggressive, deep lugs are visible from the side and add to the robust, but elegant look of the shoe, while the upper creates the perfect balance between a technology-oriented trail shoe and a shoe that can even be worn for a walk or to a bar. The heel and tongue feature Saucony logo, while the overlays have a mark “ISOFIT series” on the overlays. Other than that, the shoe is rather tame, in a good way. The selection of colorways is really fresh when it comes to how often you see the colors on other shoes, and the entire Peregrine ISO looks fashionable and modern.
      The tacky rubber on the outsole is very durable and resistant to abrasions. While this is a neutral trail shoe, meaning that the sides of the upper aren’t as robust and stiff as they would be if this were a stability trail shoe, the upper is built in a way that makes it durable without the extra stiffness in the lateral area of the shoe. One runner even went as far as to say that the Peregrine ISO is comparable to having "winter tires on your feet“. The EVERUN topsole is also made of very durable materials that elevate the longevity of the entire shoe.
      Aside from durability, the EVERUN topsole is also responsible for great underfoot protection that hits just the right sweet spot between feeling the ground beneath you and having a cushioned, comfy running experience. This balanced cushioning creates effective rock protection, while the rubber toe bumper on the vamp protects the foot from rocks that might fall on top of the shoe. This shoe might be compared to a winter tire for your feet, but unlike the tire, it’s not water resistant nor waterproof. Given the amount of padding in the collar and the generally thicker materials used in order to protect the feet from the cold wind, be careful not to soak the shoe in water and have other waterproof trail shoes in rotation, just in case.
      The most responsive part of the midsole is the EVERUN topsole of the shoe, which provides a lively, energetic ride with plenty of bounce and energy-return. This topsole also encourages an energized and swift toe-off, while also enabling smoother landings, which makes for a good trail shoe combination. However, don’t expect the responsiveness of the Peregrine ISO to be nowhere near the amount of springiness some of the road running shoes have to offer. That being said, the Peregrine ISO will provide you just enough responsiveness in order to make your gait cycle easier and smoother on technical trails.
      This trail running shoe is in the neutral cushioned category. It offers minimal arch support and no pronation support, so it’s best suitable for people who have medium-high and high arches. As far as the lateral support goes, the ISOFIT system does an amazing job at providing security and support to the entire foot without forming hot or pressure spots. The padded collar provides an enviable amount of support to the Achilles and the ankle as well.
      The Saucony Peregrine ISO is a trail running shoe that is going to be loved by grass runners and mountain hikers alike. This shoe can tackle a lot of trails and different types of terrain, including mud, snow, ice, or any kind of slippery surface one could find. Additionally, the outsole grooves are good for running over rocks and roots, without the fear of slipping and injuring yourself. The shoe can cater to short races, as well as long ones, but the most satisfied were the mid-distance races that like to log 10 miles per trail.
      At the price that barely steps foot into the triple-digit territory, the Saucony Peregrine ISO is one of the most high-quality, grippy, comfy and stylish running shoes that is probably going to last you for a long time so you won’t regret a cent of the price. This price point is almost a standard for a new trail shoe that aspires to be the number one on the market. Depending on what you need, the Peregrine ISO is a great buy.
      As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Saucony Peregrine ISO features and PWRTRAC outsole with 78 deep-set lugs which provide great traction on dry, wet, muddy, icy, snowy, rocky, or dirty surfaces alike. The traction pattern of the outsole, along with its performance, was deemed by one of the runners so good, that he wasn’t sure if you could make the traction any better. The outsole is made to grip to the surface, and that’s exactly what it does, whether it’s an uphill/downhill trail or muddy path. Another great thing about the lugs is that they protrude a bit from the side of the forefoot, ensuring a non-slip running experience.
      The flexibility of the shoe, in general, is minimal, while the sole itself is very stiff. This isn’t that strange for a trail shoe, given that one of the primary things it should provide for you is a confident stride –you wouldn’t want the sole of your shoe to be too flexible when you’re running on a terrain full of roots and stones.
      The Saucony Peregrine ISO has few stability features primarily because it isn’t a shoe aimed at focusing on stability as an issue separate from the supportive ISOFIT dynamic system. The custom fit system enables you to stabilize the foot entirely according to your needs while also preventing the foot from slipping forward in the shoe box. Additionally, the shoe platform is wider than the shoe box in the forefoot area, providing some much-needed stability during the second phase of the gait cycle.
      The stack height of the Saucony Peregrine ISO measures 22.5mm, while the forefoot stack height comes at 18.5mm, making the heel to toe offset 4mm. This means that the Peregrine is a fairly flat shoe aimed at forefoot and midfoot strikers, while the heel strikers would probably require a period to adjust to the new height and the new style of stride you practically have to adopt when changing the drop of the shoe drastically.
      Key Features
      ● PWRTRAC outsole
      ● PWRTRAC Coefficient of Friction 3x times higher than with carbon rubber
      ● Whopping 78 deep set lugs
      ● PWRFOAM midsole with EVERUN full-length topsole
      ● ISOFIT dynamic upper
      ● Average breathability
      ● Great comfort
      ● Good price point
      ● Durable materials
      ● Trail shoe
      ● Not too flexible
      ● Almost no stability features
      ● 4mm drop
      ● Amazing traction
      Bottom Line
      The Saucony Peregrine ISO is a cushioned trail running shoe that offers amazing comfort and traction. This is a no-brainer for runners looking for a high-quality, lightweight trail shoe, provided that they have no pronation issues and/or low arches. The most important update to this version of the Peregrine family is the ISOFIT dynamic system, which offers increased support and a custom-sized fit.
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      By Lizzy Pavlovic
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