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The Ride ISO 2 by Saucony has proven itself to be a worthy successor to the brand’s Ride ISO running shoe. Although it’s offered in fewer color options, it still features much of the same technology that has made this line’s wear standout; and several new additions and swap-outs have been made to ensure a more enhanced running experience.

Its crystal rubber outsole still features a TRI-FLEX design for easier movement and more secure traction. The brand’s PWRFOAm and EVERUN technologies are still used to create the shoe’s midsole.

The inclusion of a removable contoured insole gives it a FORMFIT design that provides the runner with more accurate support.

ISOKNIT has been swapped out for a double jacquard mesh fabric for secure and seamless wear that offers plenty of breathability.

Yet, the ISOFIT overlay system and midfoot panels are still present for greater support and stability, ensuring that the foot stays locks into place.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comfortable wear

Appealing design

Very supportive

Fits true to size


Breathable wear


Lacks overall durability



Crystal rubber is used to create the Ride ISO 2's outsole, covering most of the underfoot area in the semi-translucent material.

It performs the dual-task of protecting the rest of the shoe from damage and providing the runner with sufficient traction, all while still being entirely unrestrictive on the wearer's movements.

Its tread pattern features the brand's TRI-FLEX construction, which consists of a series of zig-zagging flex grooves along the forefoot, in order to promote a more natural gait cycle.


The Ride ISO 2's midsole unit is comprised of three different parts, all of them work together to create a contoured FORMFIT footbed that comfortably cradles the underfoot.

The primary material is Saucony's PWRFOAM technology, which runs the full length of the shoe and provides the runner with excellent cushioning and constant shock-absorption.

A layer of EVERUN is placed on top to enhance the shoe's overall durability and add to the wearer's comfort.

The final addition to this particular feature is a removable insole with curved sides, which enables more accurate support for a human foot. It also ensures stability by preventing in-shoe wobbling and minor pronation.


A double jacquard mesh fabric is used to create the Ride ISO 2's upper, providing a secure, sock-like fit that's highly breathable and completely unrestrictive.

Buyers also appreciate its seamless construction, as it means that they will feel much less irritation during their runs and at the end of the day.

This is also enhanced greatly by the soft woven lining, which feels smooth against the skin and actively works to control hotspots.

It relies on the brand's ISOFIT system, consisting of printed-on overlays and midfoot panels, to maintain its overall structure and prevent sagging as well as possible damage.

This particular feature also integrates with the lacing system to keep the foot locked securely into place.

The inclusion of a padded collar and tongue further secures the foot and even provides much-needed stability for the ankles and heel.


Buyers have commented that the Ride ISO 2 provides them with a very lightweight wear.

Even though it's within the average range, with men's weighing just under 10 oz. and women's at under 9 oz., all of its materials ensure that it keeps the wearer feeling as light and unrestricted as possible.

This, plus its ability to stabilize and support the wearer, makes it an excellent choice for competition running.


Aside from its supportive wear, the Ride ISO 2's upper also provides the runner with an incredibly breathable wear.

Even with the inclusion of the ISOFIT system, plenty of open space is left along the forefoot and sides to enable proper ventilation into the foot chamber.

Along with the outer fabric's multiple air holes, the shoe's soft woven lining works to reduce and eliminate hotspots where they occur most often.

All of these features, along with the upper's seamless construction, provide wear that not only keeps the foot cooler and dryer but also staves off blisters, odor and other types of infections.

Although it's weight is average for a running shoe, this quality allows it to feel even lighter and, in turn, helps the runner achieve higher speeds during competitions.


All of the Ride ISO 2's highest ratings are for its incredibly comfortable wear, thanks to a multitude of features working together. Each one ensures that this shoe supports the foot yet is also easy to move around in and feels smooth and soft against the skin.

The crystal rubber outsole, with help from its TRI-FLEX construction, provides the runner with equal parts strong traction and flexibility.

Its PWRFOAM midsole technology absorbs shock to reduce pain and fatigue, and an EVERUN topsole adds greater cushioning.

Both of these features combine with a removable contoured insole to create the brand's FORMFIT design.

The double jacquard mesh upper comes with seamless construction and a soft woven lining, creating a highly-breathable and non-irritating wear.

And while the ISOFIT system and laces keep the foot stabilized, a padded collar and tongue support the ankles and heel.

Some reviewers have complained that the collar wears down easily and becomes painful, so buyers should keep this in mind when making a purchase.


When it comes to the Ride ISO 2, both men's and women's sizes are offered in four different colorways each, providing just enough options for those who prefer either neutral or more vibrant color options.

Black is readily available in both size ranges; it also comes in grey/blue or teal/black for men and blue/coral or purple or women.

A cracked pattern called Quakemustard is also available in the colors metal or ice, depending on the sizing.


Most buyers seem to be happy with the Ride ISO 2's overall level of durability, especially in its midsole and outsole.

The crystal rubber allows the underside to withstand rough roads even longer, and it's pliable to avoid potential damage.

The same flexibility can also be found in the midsole's PWRFOAM and EVERUN technologies, which also work to prevent sagging and help the sole retain its shape.

The jacquard mesh is known to be a lot sturdier than typical mesh fabrics and therefore is more resistant to wear and tear.

The inclusion of the ISOFIT overlay system and midfoot panels help the upper to maintain its shape for longer.

The only issue that reviewers have pointed out is that the fabric of its collar can sometimes wear out over time.


The Ride ISO 2 can provide the runner with an adequate amount of protection against common racing and everyday hazards.

Its outsole's crystal rubber shields the underside of the shoe from potential damage and works along with the tread pattern to ensure completely secure traction.

The responsive nature of the midsole's FORMFIT design not only powers the runner forward but also works to reduce the risk of resulting pain and fatigue. The curves of the removable footbed work with the lacing system and padded collar to prevent in-shoe wobbling and accidental removal.

The double jacquard mesh ensures plenty of breathability, in order to keep everything from foot odor to blisters and other irritations at bay.

Furthermore, the ISOFIT overlay system performs the dual task of preventing wear and tear and safeguarding from hazards such as accidental impact.


Two of Saucony's midsole technologies are used to give the Ride ISO 2 its highly responsive wear.

The primary layer is made from PWRFOAM, which is mainly responsible for shock absorption to prevent injuries and ensure a smoother run.

The second layer consists entirely of EVERUN, which is durable, flexible, and promotes higher levels of energy transfer to keep the runner going for longer distances.


The Saucony Ride ISO 2 is able to support the foot from all sides, from the sole all the way up to the ankles.

Most of it comes from the midsole's FORMFIT design, which is thick enough to ensure plenty of underfoot cushioning and protection and responsive enough to prevent pain and fatigue.

The inclusion of a curved insole more accurately supports the natural shape of a human foot, while also preventing in-shoe wobbling.

The double jacquard mesh fabric is used to give the upper a sock-like fit that wraps around the foot, supporting and stabilizing the tendons while still permitting unrestricted movement.

Finally, the tongue and collar and comfortably padded in order to keep the ankles and heel perfectly steady.


Since the Ride ISO 2 is classified as a road-running shoe, it's intended for standard racing competitions and for everyday life.

It's outsole's materials and design provide the runner with secure traction on wet and dry road surfaces, while the midsole's shape and technologies allow it to be fit for long-distance running.

The breathable mesh upper makes it an incredibly comfortable shoe to wear during warmer weather.


Saucony Ride ISO 2 is within the average price range for a running shoe, yet it's still more reasonable than many other similar models on the market.

It can be found on the Saucony website, and at other retailers such as Zappos and Holabird Sports, for only $120.

Buyers can also find lower prices on Amazon and eBay, just as long as they check they listing's reviews first.

Judging by all of the online reactions, it's clear that most reviewers are extremely happy with their purchase.

Not only is it extremely comfortable and versatile, but it also enhances their performance during training and competitions and can even relieve chronic pain and discomfort.

Although some buyers have claimed that it lacks overall durability, this doesn't appear to be a widespread enough issue that it would severely impact the ratings.


Saucony Ride ISO 2 is known to provide the perfect amount of traction for races and everyday life.

Crystal rubber is used to cover all main areas of the outsole, ensuring a secure grip where it's needed most.

The inclusion of multiple flex-grooves, including the TRI-FLEX design, allows the show to further grasp onto different road surfaces whether they're wet or dry.


Many reviewers are pleasantly surprised by how easy the Saucony Ride ISO 2 is to move around in.

Both the outsole and midsole are engineered to completely follow the runner's gait cycle, especially the crystal rubber and EVERUN topsole, and the inclusion of a TRI-FLEX design in the tread pattern keeps the runner from feeling restricted.

Even with the inclusion of an ISOFIT system, the mesh upper's sock-like fit still encourages natural movement.


Even though it's not marketed as a stability shoe, the Ride ISO 2 can still provide the runner with incredibly secure wear.

Its crystal rubber outsole already ensures strong traction, and the various flex grooves provide an extra grip onto the road surfaces below.

While its midsole absorbs shock and transfers it into energy, keeping the gait cycle as smooth as possible, The contoured insole supports the foot and prevents in-shoe wobbling.

The double-layer jacquard mesh upper wraps around the foot for a sock-like fit, and the ISOFIT overlay system integrates with the lacing system to ensure that it stays locked into place.

This is helped even further by the padded tongue and collar, which give support and prevent accidental removal.


With a heel height of 27mm and a toe height of 19mm, the 8mm drop is high enough to provide heel support yet low enough that it won't interfere with the foot's natural gait cycle.

The fact that it's lower than the standard 10mm drop means that it will be able to provide the runner with a better sense of balance as they move.
Key Features

Key Features

Crystal rubber outsole
TRI-FLEX construction
PWRFOAM midsole
EVERRUN top sole
FORMFIT support
Double jacquard mesh upper
ISOFIT printed-on overlays
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Those who are looking for a lightweight running shoe that gives plenty of cushioning for long distances will want to consider the Saucony Ride ISO 2.

Its comfortable and responsive wear offers plenty of support from all angles, which allows the runner to keep going for longer and to reach their highest speed possible during competition runs. The fact that it's offered in several appealing colorways is also a major bonus.

Reviewers have praised this shoe's comfort, accurate sizing, and surprising levels of versatility, as it's just as fit for casual wear as it is for athletics.

Although it is known to have some durability issues, these aren't enough to severely impact its ratings.

All-in-all, this model is well worth every dollar spent and would easily become a staple for almost any runner.