Saucony Ride ISO

The Saucony Ride ISO is the update to the company’s Ride 10 neutral trainer. Why the name change, you ask? The ISO still feels a lot like the Ride, but comes with some significant changes. Sometimes a considerable change requires a bit of rebranding. The shoe also contains new ISOFIT technology. The latest Ride model gets its name from this newest element. The shoe is marketed as a neutral trainer that perfectly balances cushioning and responsiveness, along with a personalized fit. It’s clear that Saucony isn’t starting from scratch with the ISO. The design is fresh and modern, but the shoe still retains some of the elements that made it so likable in the past. Pick the ISO and ride on.

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Pros & Cons

Excellent balance of cushioning and responsiveness

Several colorways to choose from

Great traction for road running


Those with narrow feet found the fit off

Slightly heavier than other running shoes on the market

Key Features
Looking at the bottom of the Ride, it’s easy to identify the shoe as a Saucony, brand model. The Ride ISO features a TRI-FLEX outsole that disperses impact, provides adequate traction, and adds flexibility. A zig-zag lug pattern provides a little give and delivers traction. The ride, characterized by reviewers as ‘extremely smooth,’ is greatly helped by the outsole’s design.

The outsole is pretty much the same but features a few very minor changes. The rubber composite is virtually identical. The lug pattern is slightly different, and the new configuration makes for a softer landing, say reviewers.
A quick peek at the midsole’s elements will tell you everything you need to know about the ride feel of the ISO. The EVERUN top layer provides responsiveness and impact protection. For those of you not aware, EVERUN is a durable TPU foam material which delivers incredible energy-return. There’s a very minimal amount in the Ride, though, which accounts for its lower price tag. The main cushioning element in the ISO is PWRFOAM. It’s nearly identical to Saucony’s POWERGRID cushioning, and it’s mighty comfortable. The material dramatically improves ride feel thanks to its ability to distribute pressure smartly.

What do reviewers have to say about the Ride’s midsole? The majority said the cushioning felt great and provided excellent feedback. What do you get? A super smooth ride and a package suitable for whatever training run you have on the schedule. The cushioning packs a punch and keeps your feet feeling good as new even after several miles. The shoe also delivers a bit of a pop thanks to the responsive EVERUN component, so even towards the end of your run, you’ll feel spry and energized.

The Ride ISO features a whole new fit system with ISOFIT technology. The idea behind the ISOFIT system is to hold your foot in without poking it or putting pressure on it in an uncomfortable way. The design includes an attached tongue and a brand new pressure-distributing lacing system. The shoe’s two new upper technologies - ISOFIT and FORMFIT - contribute to a secure and adaptive fit. The engineered mesh construction is pliable, comfortable, and soft. The toe box is covered in an open mesh, which helps with ventilation. The shoe also features printed overlays that provide a subtle design element and offer additional light support.

Reviewers loved the new fit system, saying that it held the foot in exceptionally well. A few reviewers noted their concern about the thin forefoot mesh, though none complained about actual tearing. The advantage to a softer more flexible mesh in the forefoot area is that the toe box is better ventilated and toe movement is unrestricted. In fact, the entire upper is a lot more flexible. The softer material makes for a better overall fit, even for wide-footed runners.
Although reviewers mostly characterized the ISO as lightweight, the shoe actually sits somewhere in between heavy and featherlight. It’s slightly heavier than the Ride 10, but the difference is barely noticeable. The men’s shoe weighs about 9.7 ounces and the women’s version clocks in at around 8.5 ounces. The ISO is helped by its responsive midsole. Snappy landings make for effortless runs, and the Ride delivers plenty of pop during toe-off.

The new ISOFIT technology delivers a customized fit, so you get the support and hold you need to crush your mileage goals without feeling squeezed in like a sausage in its casing. The Ride delicately balances support and comfort. The shoe also has a roomy forefoot, so toes can wiggle at will. According to reviewers, the shoe is extremely breathable. The engineered mesh ventilates as you might expect and the overlays are printed on, so they don’t prevent proper air circulation.
The Ride ISO hits all the right notes when it comes to comfort. The outsole is flexible and soft. The midsole is incredibly comfortable thanks to its double-layered design made of EVERUN and PWRFOAM. The toe box offers room to breathe, and the new fit technology works exactly as advertised. Reviewers loved the ISOFIT lacing system, agreeing that it genuinely allowed for a personalized fit. The shoe is also available in wide widths, which is good news since some reviewers found the regular sizing a little narrow. Most reviewers had no trouble with length, however.

Here’s the caveat, not everyone was enamored with the new ISOFIT design. Some found that the lacing system just wasn’t up to snuff and that they were often left with excess material when attempting to tighten the shoes. Most runners who had a problem were narrow footed. You could presumably try wearing thicker socks to combat the issue, but if the fit ain’t right, it might be worth it to try another shoe. For most, the ISOFIT system was a hit, so if it’s not your cup of tea, it’s worth trying something else. What works for one runner, certainly doesn’t automatically work for another.
The design change from Ride 10 to Ride ISO isn’t completely jarring, so runners who ran in the previous edition of the shoe will likely recognize this newest version. The updated design features simple styles with subtle uses of color. There’s nothing loud or gaudy about the ISO. For men, the options available include: white/black/blue, black, grey/blue/red, white/blue/red, and white noise. The women’s versions include blue/navy/purple, black, violet/black/aqua, as well as white noise.
No changes here. The ISO is just as durable as its predecessors. Expect to get at least 500 miles out of these. From the outsole to the upper, quality materials ensure repeated pounding doesn’t take a toll on the Ride. The shoe is, after all, built for longer runs and higher mileage, so don’t be shy about making it your everyday trainer. The outsole is tough enough to handle repeated running day after day. The midsole is resilient and durable. The upper, too, is as sturdy as the rest of the shoe.
The Ride’s moderately cushioned midsole evenly distributes pressure, lessening the impact caused by running. It makes the process of pounding the pavement a little easier on the body. Reviewers noted that landings in the ISO are gentler on the body, compared to prior versions of the shoe. The midsole’s PWRFOAM is pretty good at absorbing overall impact. The heavy-duty rubber construction of the bottom of the shoe keeps the outsole in one piece and prevents it from peeling apart. The TRI-FLEX lug pattern has a powerful grip ability to keep you from wiping out when things get slippery.
The new Ride delivers on its promise of providing responsiveness. The shoe combines a plush feel with a responsive ride thanks to the inclusion of a thin EVERUN top layer along with comfy PWRFOAM cushioning. A few reviewers noted that they didn’t find the EVERUN layer particularly impressive and expected more in terms of feedback and energy-return. As previously mentioned, the top layer isn’t very thick, so compared to other Saucony shoes, the bounce is minimal. Still, the EVERUN delivers enough energy-return to warrant calling the shoe responsive. You’ll get enough snap that you’ll notice it on your runs.
In addition to the snug fit provided by the ISOFIT technology, the Ride shoe features a supportive heel cup. Overall, reviewers characterized the ISO as more supportive than other neutral trainers. Some reviewers noted that the shoe didn’t provide an adequate hold for their narrow feet. This was mainly an issue with the midfoot area. For some, this translated to a lack of support. Overall, though, the ISO offers mild support for runners without pronation issues. The midsole material helps distribute impact, so runners experience balanced landings and toe-offs.
The ISO is designed primarily for road and track training sessions. The smooth as heck ride feel is best experienced on the pavement, according to reviewers. The TRI-FLEX design and rubber outsole return to the ISO and deliver traction that’s fit for all types of training on the roads. If you spend your time on the trails, too, we’d recommend purchasing a second pair of shoes, so your ISOs are fresh for the road.
EVERUN is an expensive material, so you’ll only find a thin top layer featured in the newest Ride model. It still offers a nice bit of responsiveness, but since there’s less of it, the ISO sits at a lower price range compared to Saucony shoes filled with the stuff. Overall, the ISO is a fantastic buy. Pointing out a deal breaker is hard. If you’ve got unusually small and narrow feet, getting the right fit will be tough, but otherwise, the Ride is an excellent shoe that offers everything a runner might want.
The Ride ISO provides excellent handling on wet or dry roads thanks to a deeper tread pattern than previous editions. The rubber lugs deliver impressive grip, and reviewers appreciated how easy it was to move on multiple terrain types. Run like the wind on sidewalks and roads. Or go round and round at your local track. The outsole pattern and rubber provide plenty of grip for either type of surface. Packed dirt and well-groomed trails shouldn’t pose a problem either.
The ISO features a tri-flex outsole design which delivers a natural transition feel. Overall, the shoe is not at all stiff and no breaking in is required. The Ride fits well for a reason, the ISOFIT system includes an upper made of very soft, pliable material. Your foot should have no trouble finding comfort in the ISO.
The ISO is a neutral running shoe, but runners can expect stability in the form of a supportive heel cup and snug ISOFIT design, that hugs the foot without squeezing it too tight. The shoe also holds your foot deeper inside, which aids significantly in terms of stability. Instead of balancing atop something, the deeper design helps ground you.
The Ride ISO features a relatively standard 8mm drop, the drop height is the same as before. Nothing has changed in this area.
Key Features
- 8mm drop
- Neutral shoe
- TRI-FLEX outsole design
- EVERUN & PWRFOAM midsole construction
- ISOFIT & FORMFIT upper technologies offer a personalized fit
Bottom Line
The Saucony Ride ISO represents an excellent update. Reviewers agree that the shoe meets expectations and delivers on its promises. The ISO is true to size and easy to wear thanks to its adaptable ISOFIT technology. Available colorways are easy on the eyes, and the design doesn’t stray far from previous editions. The shoe masterfully combines cushioning, and responsiveness for a ride feel that’s balanced and comfortable. Some runners took issue with the revised upper design, the fit isn’t ideal for those with very narrow feet, but that’s really all there is to hate about this edition of the Ride. The springy, energy-filled ISO is perfect for daily running of all distances, and for those who long for the right blend of feedback and impact protection. There’s no doubt about it, the ISO is an update worthy of its new name.
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By Steph Coelho
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