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What Type of Runner Are You?

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What Type of Runner Are You? What Type of Runner Are You? www.runnerclick.com

Whether you are relatively new to running or if you have been doing it for quite some time, you can identify some of the various types of runners.

Once you get yourself deeply entrenched within the running scene, it becomes obvious that there are whole subcultures of different types of runners.

So it begs the question, which runner type are you?

The 10 Types of Runners: Which One Are You?

1. Endurance Beast

This runner is the one who either leaves you wondering if they have a day job, or contemplating whether or not they spend any time at all at home. Your endurance beast might log 10 miles before work, and then head out again later, either after work or before bed. 

They run whenever they have time. While us mere mortals find ourselves amping up mileage for a half-marathon, endurance beasts are always in long-distance shape.

In fact, some of them could pop out a marathon distance without too much difficulty. 

2. Social Runner

The social butterfly runner can take a couple of different forms. 

One version of this runner is unconcerned with speed or a training plan, and very rarely runs unless it is in a pack. He/she is a regular participant at all the running groups in town and always plans to stay after the run to have a beer.

Another version of the social runner likes to run with others. This social butterfly does make sure that his or her training needs are met, but is always eager for a running meet-up.

social runner

Sneak a peek at your local online social media running group. See the runner who is always front and center whenever a group of runners is getting together?

That’s your Butterfly.

Don’t assume that this person never runs solo or fails to log quality miles.

Some of the social runners do head out solo from time to time. 

3. Bling Collector

This competitive runner is the one signing up for a race all the time. Ask this person how many races they have done and they might not be able to tell you.

A trek into their workout space may show rack after rack of race medals, or they may all be shoved into a box. Either way, they have quite a collection. 

If you want to know how many hydration stations a particular race has or which race gives out the best medals, this runner will know. Every weekend for the next year their calendar is booked solid with races.

They may or may not be fast, but they sure do love to race.

4. Trail Blazer

Trail Blazers love to go off-road running. Trail runners don’t even flinch at whatever Mother Nature might toss at them.

Recognizing that jumping over the three R’s, roots, rocks and running water, are part of the beauty of trail running, these runners keep their eyes on the trail to avoid falling. 

Since dirt and mud are just a fact of life in the woods, your trail runners head out knowing they might get a little dirty.

Not much phases these runners and you shouldn’t be surprised if they are sans music in order to take in the frogs, birds and other sounds of the trail.

5. Crack of Dawn 

Runners who are religious about completing their training runs before the sun comes up, or as it does, are a very dedicated group of athletes. They believe a good day isn’t complete unless it begins with a good morning run.

morning run
created by jcomp – www.freepik.com

They can rarely be persuaded to jog in the afternoons because that would throw their whole schedule off.

These runners’ biggest complaint on race day is that the race starts “so, so late,” while the rest of us are whining about getting up so early to eat our oatmeal.

6. Stress Relievers

Some runners run primarily to relieve stress from their life. That is not to say that they don’t take running and training seriously, just that their main focus is keeping their mental health strong and stress low.

The runners who run to lower stress may favor unplugged runs, but some enjoy pounding music to help wipe away the day. 

Really, there is no right or wrong answer here.

As long as you end the run smiling and feeling better than when you started!

7. Totes Adorbs

Regardless of whether it is a casual weekday run or a race, this runner shows up with full makeup in place and perfectly fitted Lululemon gear.

She doesn’t sweat and is surprisingly pretty fast. You hate her for the apparent ease with which she runs, but you also want to ask where she got her cute running shorts.

If you find yourself torn between thinking it is ridiculous to feel the need to be perfectly put together to run and wishing you could channel your inner Barbie just a little bit, you are not alone.

8. Hydration & Fuel Expert

We all have that friend who has tried it all. Whether your question is about the best gels on the market, what kind of waffle tastes best, or what type of granola bar would sit in your tummy well pre-run, this person has an answer. 

Although they have a preference for which hydration belt or pack is best, the expert will have at least some experience in multiple options.

This is a good friend to have if you are looking to experiment with new electrolyte drinks. 

9. Gadget Collector

This runner has the newest and best watch, earbuds, heart monitor and more. The gadget collector does not just have the fancy watch, but they have figured out how to use it to the fullest potential.

While most of us struggle through new technology and apps, the collector jumps right in with both feet and starts to figure things out. 

runner gadget collector
created by gpointstudio – www.freepik.com

You will also notice he or she has experience in different types of hydration packs, knows a lot about brands of running apparel and has an impressive collection of running shoes.

Oh, and of course, this runner wouldn’t DREAM of running in cotton!

10. Data Nerd

A distant relative to the gadget collector, the data nerd loves to analyze all things running-related data.

 He or she charts workouts electronically, including pace, distance run, and how the run felt.

Your data nerd is constantly analyzing the information gleaned from each run to understand why things were awesome or went south on a given run.

Remember: One Size Does Not Fit All!

One important thing to consider when looking at different types of runners is that one size does not necessarily fit all.

If you have been running a long time, you have seen and can identify the above runners. And if you’ve been running a really long time, you may realize you are a combination of a few of these types.

Both beginner and long-time runners are a diverse group of athletes and regardless of their stride, motivation, outfit, or gear, they are worthy of being called runners.

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