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Are Running Shoes Good For Standing All Day?

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Are Running Shoes Good For Standing All Day? Are Running Shoes Good For Standing All Day? www.runnerclick.com

For people who stand on their feet all day, finding comfortable shoes may seem to be a never-ending journey! The last thing you want is to be wearing shoes that cause foot, leg or back pain.  Did you know that good shoes provide the foundation essential to good posture and overall body health and wellness?

If you want practical advice on good shoes for walking and/or standing all day, look at people who hustle for a living. Some examples are nurses or wait staff in restaurants. 

Types of Shoes for Standing All Day

As you search for shoes to stand in all day, there are questions you need to be asking yourself. Are there certain requirements you need to comply with? Or are you able to wear whatever you like or are most comfortable with? Do you need shoes that are easy to clean due to the type of work you are performing?

For example, some factory workers are on their feet all day but are required to wear some type of work boot or shoe with safety toes. That limits the possibilities somewhat. Of course, there are boots that are both comfortable and have those safety features also!

shoes for standing all day

Tennis shoes such as walking shoes or running shoes are another category. While comfortable, if you work in certain jobs they may not be allowed. Wait staff may be required to wear shoes a certain color. You also may want shoes that are super easy to clean, due to spilling. 

Nurses are well known for wearing clogs, such as Danskos, or crocs to work. This is another category of shoe. The last category is for people who do a lot of standing but feel compelled to wear a dress shoe (either because their employer requires it or out of personal feelings). Personally, I just turn to a solid-colored sneaker for those occasions. However, there are some super comfortable dress shoes out there. 

What to Look For

Prior to choosing shoes that you will stand in all day, you need to know some specific things to look for!

  • The outsole should be wide and flat
  • The entire outsole should contact the floor
  • A cushioned midsole
  • Wider toe box
  • Room to splay toes and for adequate foot movement
  • Good grip for floor surfaces

Are Running Shoes Good for Standing All Day?

Running shoes can be good for standing all day. Some are certainly better than others.  When looking for a running shoe that will keep you feeling good after a long day, there are a few things to consider (beyond what we already discussed!). 

Support is a key component for people who will be on their feet for long periods of time. You want shoes with good arch support and lots of cushions.  Stay away from shoes that are flats. Sure, you can get a running shoe that is a racing flat, but that is a poor combo. 

are asics good for standing all day

You should look for shoes that are durable also. Quality construction means quality durability. Keep that in mind when shopping. This may mean you pay a few more bucks, but sometimes you do get what you pay for. 

Sometimes running shoes are super light so that you don’t feel that extra weight over the miles. When looking for a shoe to stand in all day, do not focus on weight. It is likely that they won’t be very light because to be durable and supportive, that means heavier. 

Are Asics Good Shoes for Standing All Day?

Ask a nurse if you are hoping to find some Asics that are excellent for standing and walking during your workday! Some specific brands and types are:

All of these shoes offer gentle support, flexibility, and durability. 

Are Hoka Shoes Good for Standing All Day?

are hoka shoes good for standing all day

The Hoka Clifton gets great reviews in regards to standing all day. In addition to the overall comfort of these shoes, they are available in solid black. This allows a wearer the potential to pass them off as a pair of quasi-dress shoes. If you work in some professional environments, that is a huge perk!

Speaking of being both comfortable and looking professional, there is yet another shoe to consider. Hoka One One Hupana is voted “best for casual style” and comfort. They have less cushion but they are much more stylish for a work environment and as a substitute as a dress shoe. 

The Hoka One Bondi is another popular choice. With the patent cloud-like cushion and comfort, it offers “360 degrees of comfort.” 

A shoe great for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis who are on their feet all day is the  Hoka One One Gaviota. This offers the wearer’s knees, feet and and back extra support. 

Are Brooks Shoes Good for Standing All Day?

According to Prevention magazine, the Brooks Ghost is an excellent choice for people who stand or walk all day and was voted one of the top 12 shoes for nurses. Known for quality running shoes that can withstand a marathon, they hold up to the challenges a hustling medical professional is put through. 

are brooks good for standing all day

The extra cushion for the Brooks Levitate is another great choice for people who stand all day. If your read reviews, you will see complaints from runners that the shoe seems heavy. As you read earlier in the article, that is not necessarily a bad thing for a shoe to stand in all day!

Are Crocs Good Shoes for Standing All Day?

are crocs shoes good for sranding all day

The people who make Crocs are committed to making a shoe known for comfort and stability when standing all day. A quick visit to the Croc website and they proclaim, “Best Shoes for Standing All Day!”

Intentionally designed for comfort, with bumps on the inside of the clog that massage your feet, crocs are making a huge comeback. Popular recovery shoes for runners, crocs are a “go to” for many people looking for comfort!

If you’re looking for comfort when standing all day, you will find that there are a lot of fine options out there. With some trial and error, you will find what works best for you and your body.

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