ASICS Patriot 8

The ASICS Patriot 8 is a cushioned daily training shoe designed for the European market. With several improvements from the previous version, this shoe is a good choice for beginner and seasoned runners looking for a shoe that can rack up the miles. Fairly lightweight and with good support features, runners will feel fresh on their feet after both short and long distance runs. An improved upper with increased breathability will keep the feet cool and comfortable. Reflective details help reduce the safety concerns of night runs. Runners and walkers looking for a comfortable and dependable shoe should find the latest updates to the Patriot to their liking.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Durable high abrasion outsole
  • Trusstic system for support and forward momentum
  • Breathable and comfortable mesh upper
  • Many standard colors to chose from
  • Good beginner shoe
  • Affordable price tag
  • Cons
    • Hard model to find in the U.S.
    • Some claim the shoe runs narrow
    • Wide widths are hard to find
    • Key Features
      The blown rubber outsole of this shoe is made from ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR®). AHAR is a very lightweight yet durable compound that provides good traction on most hard surfaces. ASICS claims it is three times more durable than standard tread rubber. The tread of this shoe is located in the high-impact areas of the shoe with strategically placed grooves for flexibility. This helps the overall durability of the outsole and the entire shoe by allowing it to bend and move with the runner’s foot. Runners commented that the shoe had good traction and made a great treadmill and gym shoe.
      The midsole of the Patriot 8 is made from EVA foam which offers good cushioning underfoot. A Trusstic System® in the midfoot area provides support to the arch of the foot. The Trusstic system is a plastic shank in the middle of the shoe that works with the ligaments on the bottom of the foot. As the foot lands, the Trusstic system turns the foot into a lever which helps propel the foot forward. This system adds structure to the shoe and works with the grooves in the outsole for added flexibility. Not all runners liked the feel of this system and said it made the midfoot feel too rigid. Other runners did not even notice it.
      The improved and breathable upper of this shoe is made from a mesh material which allows good airflow into the shoe. Synthetic leather overlays have been redesigned and reduced for even more breathability. A standard lacing system works in conjunction with the overlays to adjust the tightness of the fit. This shoe features seven eyelets which means the wearer can adjust the laces as needed for a customized fit. A padded tongue and high heel collar keep the foot secure and comfortable within the shoe. 3M reflective accents on the sides and back of the shoe ensure visibility in low-light training runs. A thin and removable EVA sockliner helps with cushioning and the fit of the shoe. It can be replaced with a sturdier or customized orthotic if needed.
      The Patriot 8 weighs 10.4 oz (men’s size 9) and 8.3 oz (women’s size 7). This is not the lightest training shoe, but most runners did not have a problem with the weight. Because this shoe is popular with beginners, the weight of a shoe does not become an issue until speed and racing times are a priority. Long distance runners who are just looking to put in some easy miles should not be bothered by the weight.
      The updated upper material and smaller overlays make this shoe very breathable. There were very few complaints about the breathability of the Patriot 7, but new technology can sometimes make a good product even better. Runners commented that the shoe kept their feet cool and dry and they experienced no blisters or hotspots. The upper material dries quickly when used on rainy runs. It is not waterproof so the feet will get wet. The included EVA sockliner offers some moisture-wicking properties to keep sweat from building up within the shoe.
      Most runners describe this shoe as very comfortable. 24mm of EVA foam in the heel and 14mm in the forefoot help cushion the foot from the road. A padded tongue and padding around the ankle keep the foot tight in the shoe. Although thin, the EVA sockliner adds a layer of foam under the foot. The flexibility of the forefoot also makes for a comfortable ride. Some runners found the shoe to be narrow and did not have much room for their toes to wiggle. The shoe does come in wide and extra-wide widths, but this size is often hard to find online. In its standard size, this shoe is best for runners with narrow to average feet. Two top eyelets allow the runner to lock in the heel by adjusting the tying pattern of the laces.
      The Patriot 8 has a contemporary running shoe style. The overlays have been simplified for this version of the shoe and help break up the side panels. The color options can vary depending on where you buy the shoe. Ladies have an option of black/silver/berry, navy/light orange, black/pink, charcoal/pink/black, black/white/silver, white/gray/pink, light blue/pink, and all black. Men have an equal option of dark blues, blacks, and grays to choose from. If looking for a slightly brighter color, the men's version does come in lemon yellow with black highlights. These shoes will not attract a lot of attention. This may be good for runners who like to use their running shoes for everyday activities. The color choices and look of the shoe make it a good everyday shoe that will complement most casual clothing.
      The Patriot 8 is a fairly durable trainer and everyday shoe. The AHAR rubber outsole can stand up to many miles of heavy road friction. The EVA midsole foam provides a cushioned ride, but is also very resilient and will hold its shape for hundreds of runs. A doubled-stitched overlay on the toe and extended portion of outsole protects both the shoe and the foot from rough terrain. Although designed for runners, walkers will also benefit from the durability aspects of this shoe. Heavy heel strikers may find that the heel tread wears out quicker than the forefoot. This is common of most running shoes where the majority of the impact is in the heel.
      This shoe is designed for road and hard pavement running. The outsole tread is fairly flat but has a good grip on hard surfaces. The cushioned midsole keeps the foot off the ground and protects from rough terrain. The flexible outsole allows the shoe to bend where needed which helps the runner move naturally for an unrestricted gait. The upper works well to hold the foot securely in the shoe and helps prevent side to side movement. This shoe can be used on dirt roads and mild trails, but runners will want to watch for sharp rocks and slippery spots.
      This shoe has some responsive features. The midsole foam has good spring that adds energy to every step. The Trusstic System in the midfoot helps the foot act like a lever which pushes the foot forward as it begins to lift. The flexibility of the forefoot also adds to the overall responsiveness of the shoe. Beginning runners said the shoe had a nice springy feel. Some seasoned runners said the shoe felt a little heavy and stiff after long runs. This shoe is not meant to be a racer, but it can be used for 5Ks or short tempo runs.
      The Patriot 8 is designed to be a neutral shoe for wearers with medium to high arches. The midfoot Trusstic System carries the arch and supports the plantar ligaments on the bottom of the foot. As the runner lands and starts to lift the foot for the next phase of the running cycle, the Trusstic shank turns the foot into a lever which pushes the foot forward for a powerful toe-off. Some runners found this system to be too stiff and made the shoe uncomfortable at slow speeds. The system was less noticeable at faster speeds. Most walkers had no complaints about the feature. The upper also supports the foot by providing a tight fit and keeping the foot centred within the shoe.
      This shoe performs best on solid surfaces such as paved roads, sidewalks, tracks, and the treadmill. The outsole tread is designed for good road traction and has excellent grip on hard surfaces. The shoe can be used on dirt roads, grass, and mild trails, but runners will want to avoid sharp rocks and other hazards that could damage the shoe. This is also a good shoe for Zumba, boot camp, gym activities, and any sports played on hard surfaces. The shoe also does fairly well on rainy days.
      The Patriot 8 retails for $90 in the U.S. and £44.99 on the European market. An online search will find the shoe listed for quite a bit less than that. Most websites have the shoe on sale for about half that price. Anyone looking for a versatile shoe that will last for many miles will get their money’s worth if they can find this shoe in their size for under $50. A few runners felt the shoe runs small so trying on any shoe before buying is always a good idea.
      The design of the tread on this shoe provides solid and dependable traction on most hard surfaces. When used as a road shoe, runners had no problem with the shoe slipping or sliding, even under wet conditions. The tread is fairly flat which makes it primarily a road shoe. There are no raised lugs to handle loose soil or rocky terrain.
      This shoe is quite flexible. The grooves in the forefoot allow the shoe to bend freely and naturally with every step. The midfoot foam is also quite pliable and does not interfere with the runner’s stride. Although slightly heavy for some runners, this shoe is a good long mileage shoe that will deliver a comfortable and flexible ride for the entire run.
      The Patriot 8 is a neutral shoe with average stability features. It is best for runners who have medium to high arches. The cushioned midsole provides most of the stability by allowing the foot to sink slightly with every landing. The tight upper also helps with stability. In addition to the material keeping the foot secure and centred, the upper is attached to the midsole which prevents side to side motion while running.
      This shoe has a heel-to-toe drop of 10mm. A 10mm offset in a cushioned shoe is good for heel-strikers as it helps soften the impact of hard landings. Forefoot runners can also enjoy running in the shoe without feeling like the heel is getting in the way. Wearers used to running in a lower-drop shoes may notice the height of the heel. For a beginning runner, a 10mm drop is fine. Runners looking to develop better form may want to transition to a lower drop at some point.

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      Key Features
      • AHAR rubber outsole

      • Cushioned EVA midsole

      • Trusstic Propulsion System

      • Removable EVA sockliner

      • Breathable and flexible mesh upper

      • Reflective highlights

      • 10mm heel-to-toe drop

      Bottom Line
      The ASICS Patriot 8 is a versatile shoe that should appeal to runners and walkers looking for a shoe with quality components. Asics is a company that caters to runners of all levels and abilities and knows not everyone can afford to spend $100 on shoes. The Patriot 8 is an attractive shoe with an attractive price tag and still has many features of the company’s higher priced shoes. A durable and breathable upper, cushioned midsole, and responsive and stability enhancing components make this shoe well suited for many activities. Running, walking, CrossFit, Zumba - you can use this shoe for one or all of these activities and still have some spring in your step at the end of the day.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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