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Our Favorite Free Exercise Videos for Runners

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free exercise videos Our Favorite Free Exercise Videos for Runners www.runnerclick.com

If you spend a little time online you will find some amazing online workout sources right at your fingertips. Yup. You can find awesome, FREE exercise videos with a simple click, clack of the keyboard. Did I mention they are free?

I’m in Wisconsin, but my story rings true across most of the world. One day I was heading in to work and the very next day, our Governor announced that due to Covid-19, school districts across the state should prepare for the potential to have to educate virtually. We had a meeting planned to discuss that fact and, before the meeting could happen, the government shut down all schools throughout the state. I was devastated but there was one consistent thing in why life: my workouts.

As time passed, more and more non-essential things closed down. Restaurants, movie theaters, workout facilities. Sure, we all understood. But the transition was difficult. How are we supposed to keep our fitness? More importantly, how are can we manage our stress levels in this difficult time without a physical outlet? It turns out, once I hit the worldwide web, it was easier than I thought.

1.Fitness Blender

fitness blender free exercise videos

Fitness Blender is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for free online workout videos. This site has topped four million subscribers since the coronavirus has people observing the Stay At Home policies.

Hoping to allow every person to choose very individualized workouts, Fitness Blender has different systems in place. Of course, you can just browse through their video selection. However, you can also search using specific criteria to hone in on your personal needs.  Areas for searching include:

  • Level of difficulty (1-5 scale)
  • Trainer gender preference (male, female or both)
  • Body focus (upper, lower, core or total body workout)
  • Training type (cardio, yoga, low impact, balance and agility, barre, plyometric, etc.)
  • Equipment:  You can simply click “no equipment” if you have nothing available to you. It also allows you to choose from a fairly extensive list of items you might have in a home gym such as a kettlebell, dumbbells, jump rope, resistance bands, medicine ball, workout bench, etc.)
  • Time: You can also input the amount of time you have for your workout!

Using this search page, you can find the perfect workout to fit your needs!

2. Pop Sugar

popsugar free workout videos

Pop Sugar also offers free online fitness videos. Although it lacks the refined search engine for honing in on the perfect workout to meet your needs and desire on a particular day, Pop Sugar still offers some exceptional workouts.

A simple scroll through their page shows you details on each workout such as one that states, “You won’t need any equipment for this 30 minute HIIT workout.” Or another workout meant to tone arms where you can clearly see that the people have hand weights.

3. Sweaty Betty

sweaty betty workout videos

Famous for their high-end workout gear, Sweaty Betty also offers free online workout videos. Their categories are basic: Latest workouts, Dance, Yoga, Workout are the four categories. Visitors to their site are encouraged to just browse through the workouts and choose something fitting to their individual needs.

4. Nike Training Club

nike training club

Nike Training Club is a free app offering targeted workouts. When you log into NTC, you see a few clear search areas:

  • Muscle group – this breaks down into abs & core, arms & shoulders and glutei & legs
  • Workout Type – Users choose from endurance, mobility, strength and yoga
  • Equipment – This area is not foolproof as the three categories are basic equipment, full equipment or no equipment.

Glitches: As someone with quite a bit of home equipment, I find some of the workouts I am missing items. Yet, when I click basic equipment sometimes it is only one item being used. However, I have found that I can click “full equipment” then choose a workout. If I choose a workout then scroll down before playing, it lists the specific item or items I will need. That has served me well, it just takes a few moments longer.

Perks: You can also search by trainer if you like a particular trainer’s style, which is awesome. Also, you can pick “short workouts” if you only have a limited amount of time. There are workouts ranging from six to sixty minutes, so you can truly find a little something for everyone in the Nike Training Club App.

5. Ashley Conrads 24/7 Fitness

Ashley Conrads 24/7 Fitness

Ashley Conrad’s 24/7 Fitness makes some amazing workout videos. A big name in fitness, simply google Ashley Conrad workout videos and you will get hit with a deluge of amazing workouts!

Her videos range from 10 minutes to sixty, from beginner too advanced. Some require equipment and others just your body weight is enough. This Core video is my absolute favorite!

6. Nike Run Club

nike run club app

It may not seem like a workout video or app, but hear me out. If you have some type of cardio equipment at your disposal, the run club app is more useful than you might originally think. First, check out the Guided Runs section. If you have a treadmill, there are very specific workouts involving treadmills where you can add incline, vary speed, etc.  If you have a fancy elliptical, this app can be used for that also.

Any of the speed run workouts can be used with any type of cardio machine. The power pyramid, for example, starts with a workout, then has you complete 1:00 at mile pace, 5:00 at 5K pace, 10:00 at 10K pace, then back down to 5:00 at 5K pace, and 1:00 at mile pace. How does that look on an elliptical or a bike? I just try to replicate the perceived effort in my head and with my heart rate. It keeps me focused and not looking at the digital readout obsessively.

Keep Fit, But Give Yourself Grace

Hopefully, a glimpse through these different online forums and apps have shown you that there are a multitude of resources at your disposal as we navigate this unprecedented time together. None of us planned to spend weeks and weeks at home, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be unexpected blessings that result!

Do your best to maintain fitness during this time but if you are juggling working from home, helping to educate hour kids, maintaining the home responsibilities and fitness, give yourself some grade. It doesn’t have to all look perfect. Just do the best you can and work some “me time” into your life. You won’t regret that decision.

Whether it’s free exercise videos, a free fitness app, or just a walk through a quiet neighborhood with the kids, keep moving and breathe. You’ve got this!

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