Inov-8 Terraclaw 220

The Inov-8 Terraclaw 220 running shoe is one of the best lightweight, comfortable, and performance grade shoes on the market.  This model is one of the most versatile because of its ability to function on any terrain. They offer great protection and breathability for faster running with an exceptional grip for athletes looking to conquer road trails, steep downhills and everything in between.  The Terraclaw is a recipient of the Red Dot Award for design excellence.  


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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Added drainage in the upper for maximum breathability and comfort
  • True and comfortable fit
  • Dual-C sticky rubber outsole for excellent grip
  • Lightweight and high quality protection with its award winning design
  • Cons
    • Pricey
    • Few color choices
    • Not suitable for casual wear
    • Lack of support for a trail shoe.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Terraclaw 220 is one of the main reasons why it is such a quality shoe. Implemented with Dual-C technology, the 220 has excellent grip for a variety of terrains. Furthermore, the specialized outsole gives the shoe maximum grip in wet running conditions no matter the terrain. The sticky rubber design also adds tremendous durability.
      The midsole features EVA foam which beautifully reacts to energy return and shock impact for a responsive ride. The lift-off phase of running is enhanced by the Dynamic Fascia Band around the midsole aiding in propulsion. Both technologies give this shoe efficient energy return results and allow the runner to gain power with their form.
      The use of a synthetic mesh upper gives the Terraclaw 220 its award-winning breathable and lightweight coverage. Along with keeping the foot well ventilated, the lacing adds to its additional support when running. The heel box gives the shoe its “true to size” feel and also creates a snug fit. For added protection, the tongue prevents debris from entering the shoe and the toe cap protects the foot from bruising.
      The Inov-8 Terraclaw 220 are amazingly lightweight when comparing them to their protection and performance. In both men’s and women’s sizes they come in on the scale at 7.8 ounces. There are not very many other shoes on the market that are offered at this weight with this kind of capability.
      The all-new mesh upper design on the 220’s allow for greater drainage and breathability. Whether or not the athlete is taking on a rainy day, the upper keeps the foot cool and dry throughout the entire run. Your foot will feel fresh with every step on wet and dry surfaces.
      The asymmetrical design of the Terraclaw 220 provides the shoe with maximum comfort and responsiveness. The lace-up vamp also adds more comfort and support with each step. The comfortability paired with its unmatched lightweight protection makes this shoe a top quality product for any runner looking to take on any terrain.
      The Terraclaw 220 has a bright colored design and flashy style. Although they may not be the first pick with casual wear, they are sure to turn some heads when wearing running gear. With four different color schemes, the intensity of the pattern varies. If you are looking for a brighter look to go with the blue and yellow version which offers bright designs especially with the secondary color. For more of a moderate look, the black and red model delivers a classic yet sharp style.
      The premium grade outsole on the 220’s is what gives this shoe exceptional durability. A product with this type of grip on surfaces deserves to have immense durability features, and the Terraclaw 220’s delivers just that. The sticky rubber, Meta-Flex, and Dual-C technologies add durability to the high wear areas of the shoe.
      Inova’s protection design is portrayed throughout several parts of the shoe. Perhaps one of the best features in the Terraclaw 220 is the diagonally sewn tongue which prevents debris from entering the shoe when in use. The overlays located on the toe bumper and upper keep the foot protected without adding additional weight.
      EVA technology located in the midsole results in high responsiveness to shock impact on all types of runs. Conquering rocks, trails, gravel or road terrains is never out of the question due to the reliable energy return properties that result in a high responsive ride. The cushioned flexible design results in great feedback.
      The snug true to size fit of the 220’s gives a moderately supportive feel to this shoe. With neutral arch support, the Terraclaw is still able to support the foot despite its very lightweight nature. When making this model, flexibility was definitely a priority, but the protection features of the 220 make up for the slight lack of support for a trail running shoe.
      It is very clear that the Inov-8 Terraclaw 220’s are an exceptional trail running shoe. This means they can take on every terrain there is out there. From wet to dry conditions, to road and gravel, the 220’s are able to protect your foot while offering optimal grip features.
      If you decide to invest in these shoes, you are going to have to pay a little more. The average price online for these bad boys is around the $120 range. Although they are definitely pricey compared to other shoes on the market the performance is unmatched in just about every category. You pay for what you get with these shoes. Rest assured you will be getting a top-quality product.
      The sticky rubber outsole provides extreme traction on a variety of surfaces. Its grip and wet enhancement features give the Terraclaw’s an edge when running in rainy conditions. If they can perform in wet circumstances, they are bound to satisfy any of your running needs on dry surfaces as well. Lightweight on top and a traction reinforced bottom give this shoe the edge for trail running products.
      As stated earlier, the flexibility of this model is one of its best characteristics. The Meta-Flex technology groove aids in delivering explosiveness during the toe-off phase of running. It also helps in creating a natural flex motion throughout the rest of the running cycle. Rock structures and steep inclines are no match for this extremely flexible shoe.
      The Terraclaw 220 was made with the offroad racing runner in mind. The wide toe box gives a freedom of range for the front of the foot while the low heel to toe rise keeps the ankle stable. This allows great responsiveness and a balanced feel for both rough and smooth rides on a wide variety of terrain.
      On both the men’s and women’s models, the heel to toe drop is 4 millimeters. This measurement is very low on the average scale of shoes on the market. Despite this size the Terraclaw 220 is still able to provide a flexible, cushioned and responsive ride during ground running.
      Key Features
      - Dual-C sticky rubber outsole made for optimum grip on a variety of terrains

      - Extremely lightweight with a 4mm drop

      - Award-winning balance and protection design for every type of runner

      - Added drainage in the mesh upper which also enhances breathability
      Bottom Line
      The Inov-8 Terraclaw 220 is extremely popular among the running community for its very lightweight and comfortable feel. The versatility of this shoe is an added bonus for runners who exercise off the beaten path. The protection this shoe offers is very impressive for the amount of performance you also receive. Although it is ideal for racing on technical trails, it is sure to satisfy just about any of your running needs.
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