Saucony Guide ISO

The Saucony Guide ISO is the latest and greatest model of the company’s highly successful Guide series. Rather than naming the updated sneaker the “Guide 11”, Saucony chose to nix the numbers and go for a slight name change due to the fact that they made so many awesome upgrades. Saucony’s Guide running sneakers have been a trusted stability sneaker for years and this most recent sneaker raises the bar on running shoes even higher. Like its predecessor, the Guide ISO offers a moderate drop of 8mm. However, the ISO boasts more of the company’s “EVERUN” cushioning layer in the topsole, making it more responsive and allowing for smooth landings and strong takeoffs.  This moderate drop in this sneaker combined with the EVERUN cushioning system helps the runner’s foot to feet cushioned and stable throughout the shoe. Another upgrade to these fresh looking sneaks is Saucony’s revolutionary “ISOFIT” system which molds the sneaker to the runner’s foot giving it a more customized feel. The Guide Iso is marketed as a stability sneaker, meaning that it is geared toward anyone looking for a little more motion support during a run and to those who may over-pronate. With that said, this sneaker is highly versatile and can be worn by anyone looking to get in a light run on the treadmill to a marathon runner on their mid to long distance run days. This is an excellent sneaker for anyone looking for a responsive shoe that offers a good amount of cushioning and stability. 

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Pros & Cons
  • Great amount of responsive cushioning
  • Lightweight FLEXFILM melded into the upper
  • 8mm offset 
  • ISOFIT fitting system 
  • Great for a wide array of terrain 
  • Has a pretty stable foot bed
  • Boasts a PWRFOAM footbed
  • Cons
    • There may be a hot spot in the midsole
    • Some buyers say that the forefoot is still not wide enough
    • Some have said that the shoe didn’t feel as “sturdy”
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Guide ISO features Saucony’s TRI-FLEX pattern which looks like a series of three sets of chevrons moving from left to right throughout the forefoot. This provides excellent force dispersion over a wider surface area of the shoe as well as flexibility. This chevron pattern does not continue through the midfoot and heel of the outsole, rather, Saucony has engineered the reliable outsole pattern featuring the same rubber used in the forefoot’s TRI-FLEX pattern.
      One of the greatest features of this sneaker lies in its midsole: Saucony’s EVERUN technology. EVERUN is a material that allows for a continuous amount of cushioning and allows for smooth landings and strong takeoffs. EVERUN was also present in the Guide 10 but the company upped the amount of cushioning in this most current version of the model. The midsole is also combined with a layer of PWRFOAM, giving the sneaker another layer of cushioning. These two features together make the midsole of this running shoe one of the cushiest around.
      A big change in the Guide line of sneakers is the upper. The Guide ISO introduces the company’s new ISOFIT lacing technology. This fitting system combines two features: one being a mesh sock-like sleeve, the other being detached overlays that will mold to the foot when the wearer laces up. The upper is a lightweight mesh and conforms well to feet while the heel of the sneaker remains firm, keeping it from slipping.
      Although much of the sneaker’s upper is made of lightweight mesh material, the stabilizing footbed and stiffer heel give it a heavier weight. Coming in at 10.5 ounces (men) and 8.9 ounces (women), it is heavier than other running shoes but with its large amount of cushioning, it provides a comfortable and safe run. Even though it may way slightly more than some other stability sneakers, the amount of cushioning is well worth it.
      Much of the upper of the Guide ISO is made up of a breathable mesh material. The lightweight ISOFIT system provides ventilation as well, which is an important aspect if you are looking to run a great distance so as to prevent blisters. The integrated FLEXFILM melded into the shoe’s upper allows for a fewer number of layers within the shoe as well, which prevents overheating.
      Both the men's and women’s versions of the Guide ISO come in several different color options. They are a sleek looking stability running sneaker so they aren’t going to look minimalistic in design. Some stability running shoes can appear boot-like with their stability and support features, but not the Guide ISO. With that said, even with the sneaker’s EVERUN midsole which ensures a large amount of cushioning, these sneaks are not at all bulky looking, which is always a big plus in the style department.
      Being more of a stability running sneaker as opposed to a minimal running shoe, the Guide ISO is an excellent option for anyone looking to run mid to long distances. With EVERUN and PWRFOAM in the midsole, these sneaks are sure to last a while. The heel of the shoe is supportive and the outsole is made up of a great amount of flexible rubber so these sneakers should be able to withstand the 300 to 500 mile recommended milage suggestion of running shoes.
      Nowadays, lots of running shoes are scaling back on a great number of features when it comes to their construction. When it comes to the Guide ISO, Saucony certainly didn’t skimp on protection. Even though the company aimed to keep the supportive shoe as lightweight as possible, they also focused on a protective outsole and cushioned midsole in order to keep the runner comfortable and safe on their run.

      One of the first things many runners comment on when it comes to the Guide ISO is how soft and squishy it feels. Of course, as in anything, this comes down to personal preference. The EVERUN and PWRFOAM in these sneakers give these sneakers an extremely soft feel and cushioned step. All of this cushioning allows for a smooth response on landing and takeoff which, in turn, is also smooth on the joints and may even provide a faster pace.
      The Guide ISO has a decent amount of pronation support built into it, helping over-pronators feel more supported on their run. This makes it ideal for all kinds of runners and is an exceptional choice for mid to moderate over-pronators. The midsole of this sneaker boasts a piece of EVA foam that helps the foot feel more centered as well. Because the upper includes the highly customizable ISOFIT technology, this sneaker is designed to stay put on the wearer's foot as well and a snug fit means more support.
      With its TRIFLEX outsole, the Guide ISO is ideal for light to moderate distance runs on smooth, rough or uneven surfaces. It is not designed for heavy-duty trail running but should be able to stand up to a light trail. That makes this sneaker ideal for treadmills, smooth running surfaces, as well as lightly rough surfaces. Even on those, it’s not meant to be worn out on such as the back-woods trails, the outsole is made up of flexible rubber, so the wearer won’t have to worry about feeling sharp or larger debris underfoot.
      Being the latest design in Saucony’s popular Guide model of sneakers, the price tag reflects just that. It is pretty common to pay a decent amount on good running shoes to ensure a safe, comfortable, and efficient running experience. With that said, the Guide ISO falls right in the typical range for the price of an excellent stability running shoe and with the amount of cushioning you get, it is certainly a fair price.
      The TRIFLEX outsole design has been hailed by many wearers of the Guide ISO as an excellent feature of this sneaker. Due to the nature of its design, the sneaker allows for excellent traction and turning even on wet surfaces. This makes the Guide ISO a great choice for anyone looking to run in a variety of weather.
      There is a great amount of flexibility found throughout this shoe. On the upper, the ISOFIT and FLEXFILM features give the sneaker the ability to meld to the wearer's foot easily, all the while remaining breathable and flexible. The TRIFLEX technology found in the chevron pattern on the outsole evenly disperses force of the surface area of the shoe and allows for a great amount of flexibility. It is a little stiffer than some of its predecessors but not by much.
      The Guide ISO is right on the cusp between being labeled a “light stability” sneaker and a “moderate stability” sneaker. Since it is meant to be a sneaker intended for runners who are looking for a little more support, as opposed to a minimalistic sneaker, it offers heel stability and support for over-pronators. The cushioning system in the midsole provides a cushioned stability as well and the EVA foam on the outsole will help the runner’s foot stay centered and stable.
      This stability sneaker has a moderate drop. The heel stack measures 27mm while the forefoot stack comes it at 19mm, giving it an 8mm drop. This 8mm offset keeps the entire foot more cushioned and will help almost any type of runner feel comfortable and supportive. Because of the moderate drop, it is not considered a minimalist shoe.
      Key Features
      - ISOFIT upper fitting system allows for a highly customizable fit on almost any foot
      - EVERUN midsole offers a soft and responsive run which may even help improve speed
      - TRIFLEX technology on the outsole allows for protection and flexibility
      - FLEXFILM is built into the upper, giving the shoe fewer layers, flexibility, and support
      - Both men’s and women’s versions come in a variety of colors
      - Excellent option for over-pronators and those looking for a little more movement support
      - Ideal for almost any kind of run: anywhere from a treadmill to a light trail
      Bottom Line
      In the end, the Saucony Guide ISO is an excellent upgrade to the brand’s already reliable Guide line of sneakers. One of the most impressive features of this upgrade is the advance fitting ISOFIT system. Many runners that have invested in this sneaker have sung the praises of this innovative design and appreciate the fact that it helps the shoe become a highly customized running tool. Along with the ISOFIT system, the EVERUN midsole is an impressive quality. Combined with the PWRFOAM in the sneaker, the EVERUN will help the sneaker become something of a marshmallow on hard-working feet. The springy responsiveness of this midsole makes it an excellent choice for someone looking to up their game in the pace department as well as anyone looking for extreme comfort while running. Although this sneaker is a stability shoe, and not necessarily meant to be a minimalist sneaker, it really is a great option for almost anybody who wants to run light to moderate distances. The Guide has been around for quite some time in the world of running shoes so it is well-known in some circles. With each new design to the line, Saucony ensures some sort of new technology to improve upon the last model, thus improving the runner’s experience. This sneaker really proves itself to be a comfortable, supportive, responsive, and flexible shoe that would work for just about anyone looking to get out there and get some miles under their belts.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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