Saucony Hurricane ISO 4

The fourth edition of the Saucony Hurricane ISO has arrived. This fairly new release features a number of important updates that bring the ISO 4 up a notch compared to its predecessors. It's still the same high-cushioned stability shoe but has received numerous changes to improve upon the well-built, stable design.  Updates include changes to the midsole, outsole, and upper. While reviews are still pouring in for the newly released ISO 4, the first ones coming in are incredibly positive. Want to learn more about what's been tweaked in this new edition of the Hurricane ISO? Our review covers all the bases, from outsole to upper and everything in between.

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Pros & Cons
  • True to size fit
  • Responsive feel
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible sole
  • Very comfortable
  • Supportive & stable
  • Well-cushioned
  • Cons
    • Costly
    • Limited color selection
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Hurricane ISO 4 is made of rubber. The compound is pretty much the same as before with one major design tweak: the addition of Flex Grooves for improved ride feel, toe off, and overall flexibility. Reviewers seem to like the new outsole grooves adding that the shoe felt more flexible, which made the shoe feel more comfortable overall.
      The midsole on the Saucony Hurricane gets a pretty major update. Instead of being relegated to just the heel, the ISO 4's EVERUN cushioning now runs the length of the shoe. The shoe, therefore, feels more cushioned than before. The added padding also helps to increase responsiveness. Gone is the PWRGRID+ midsole. Instead, users are introduced to a more comfortable, better feeling midsole. The shoe also features a standard medial post to provide high-stability to wearers. This version of the ISO has a post that's a little softer than before. Overall, reviewers liked the full-length cushioning, founding it very comfortable and responsive. The well-cushioned midsole makes the shoe perfect for long runs.
      The upper also got an extensive makeover. New overlays at the front of the shoe help create a more resistant shell for enhanced durability. The mesh upper is stronger than in previous models of the ISO and is intended to handle wear and tear a lot better. The new upper is actually made of engineered mesh and features an ISOFIT design for a super secure fit. Reviewers liked the fit of the ISO 4 saying that it felt true to size and fit better than previous models of the Saucony Hurricane. Most also noted that the upper felt lightweight yet still supportive.
      As a maximally cushioned high-stability shoe, a little extra weight is to be expected in the ISO 4. The shoe weighs about 9.9 oz for women and 11.2 oz for men. This version is slightly heavier than the ISO 3, but it's a barely noticeable weight gain. Most users didn't find it necessary to point out this weight difference, likely because it's negligible. The majority of those who reviewed the new Hurricane said the shoe felt lightweight and responsive. Most also felt it was comfortable enough to be taken out for long distances.
      While the new upper design features added overlays and a more durable construction, the ISO 4 is still quite breathable, according to reviewers. The shoe balances a supportive fit with a comfortable engineered mesh upper that works double time to circulate air and regulate temperature. The newly strengthened upper doesn't minimize breathability, rather, it enhances it. The true to size fit also plays a part. The shoe fits well and users reported no uncomfortable pressure points or issues with a narrow construction.
      Thankfully, the new changes to the fourth Hurricane ISO didn't mess with comfort. Those who've tried the ISO 4 so far have found the stability trainer more comfortable than ever before. The true to size fit and responsive feel make the shoe easy to wear. The new evenly distributed EVERUN cushioning is probably the best new feature of the shoe. The full-length midsole cushioning ensures each step is well-padded regardless of what part of a runner's foot lands first on the ground. Replacing the stiff PWRGRD+ midsole was a masterful decision.
      Generally, high-stability shoes with maximum cushioning aren't the sexiest types of footwear available. The ISO 4 isn't winning any fashion contests, but it's not a total ugly duckling. The shoe features a fairly subdued design scheme with basic color choices. The women's version is available in grey/red and grey/blue. For men, there's a black/dark green combo and a grey/blue option. There's definitely a limited color selection but reviewers didn't seem to mind too much considering the ISO 4 exceeded most reviewers' expectations.

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      Not quite a brick, but built like one, the Saucony Hurricane features long-lasting EVERUN cushioning, and a reinforced engineered upper design for a resistant construction. The outsole, simple standard rubber, features a new TRI-FLEX design that adds a bit more give. The new design is better able to handle stress because of this enhanced pliability. Reviewers were happy to use the ISO 4 for long distance training and felt confident the shoe would hold up for numerous long runs. It's tough to estimate how many miles the shoe might withstand before needing to be replaced, since the shoe is fairly new, but it's hard to believe it's anything less than average.
      Maximum stability and maximum cushioning. These two descriptors mean you get heavy-duty protection from the Hurricane ISO. The Saucony shoe now features even more cushioning from toe to heel, which ensures total protection from impact. The midsole cushioning is not only full-length, but there is also a whole lot of it. The ISO 4 also features a rubber outsole to provide traction. Standard stuff. In addition, the medial post - a little softer than in the ISO 3 - helps prevent the rolling inward that's characteristic of overpronation. All of these protective features make the Hurricane a top choice for long runs if you are an overpronator.
      Reviewers found the ISO 4 quite responsive, even with the thick EVERUN midsole cushioning and solid outsole. Runners felt they were able to move freely in the ISO 4, something quite impressive for a high-stability, maximally cushioned road shoe. The flexible sole definitely plays a part. Thanks to the new TRI-FLEX outsole design, movement from heel to toe feels effortless.
      The Hurricane is definitely supportive. The new engineered upper provides the brunt of that support. The new engineered mesh material features overlays to help lock down the foot and secure wearers inside the shoe. The locked down fit helps to eliminate slippage and keep wearers confidently anchored down for a smooth ride. Reviewers liked that the ISO 4 felt lightweight and flexible, while still feeling adequately supportive for all types of running distances.
      The ISO 4 is suitable for road running and minimal running on packed trails. Well-groomed dirt trails shouldn't be a problem. The ISO features a fairly standard outsole that should provide good traction for various types of surfaces. It's a well-built shoe, so it's not going to fall apart or wear quickly, either. It is available in fairly light colors, though, so it's unlikely to survive unscathed on muddy terrain.
      A fairly new release, the ISO 4 is priced as you'd expect. Most reviewers were moving from the ISO 3 to the 4 and found their purchase worthwhile. Most liked the updates and found the new Hurricane was a great improvement over the previous version.
      There's not much to mention about the outsole. Made of rubber with a subtle tread pattern, the ISO 4 provides enough traction for most activities. Reviewers didn't have anything negative to say about this aspect of the shoe but no one was raving about the outsole either.
      Normally, high-stability shoes are pretty stiff. Moving from heel to toe feels unnatural and stilted. There is a reason for this. Stability shoes feature a medial post to help prevent pronation. The medial post is a stiff component that keeps the shoe from experiencing too much side twist action. The post adds structural integrity helping runners who roll inwards excessively. This component of a stability shoe is no doubt helpful, but sometimes the rigid construction can feel uncomfortable. The ISO 4, of course, has a medial post. But instead of a super stiff, rigid, piece of EVA, Saucony has softened up the post slightly. The result? A bit more give for a more comfortable ride experience. The Hurricane also features a new outsole component called TRI-FLEX. These are essentially deep grooves to help make the shoe more flexible. Reviewers agreed that the ISO 4 was much more flexible than its predecessor.
      You guessed it! The ISO 4 provides plenty of stability. The ISOFIT technology helps lock down the foot. The full-length cushioning protects against impact but offers a firm landing zone. The outsole provides traction, necessary to ensure stability. The shoe also features a midsole medial post to help reduce pronation. This version of the Hurricane features a post that's slightly softer but provides the same great stability as before. Reviewers loved the new flexible, fully cushioned ISO and appreciated that it was still just as supportive and stable as before.
      Saucony shoes all have a similar drop height and the ISO 4 is no exception. The 8mm drop is the perfect height to ensure a responsive ride can be had without sacrificing stability.
      Key Features
      - NEW Full-length EVERUN cushioning
      - NEW TRI-FLEX outsole
      - NEW forefoot overlays for enhanced durability
      - NEW Engineered mesh upper
      - ISOFIT upper construction
      - EVA medial post for stability
      - 8mm drop
      Bottom Line
      Are your Hurricane ISO 3's starting to feel like they need to be replaced? It's time to consider getting a new pair of trainers for the upcoming spring training season. Worried about switching from the ISO 3 to the ISO 4? Don't be. The updated version of the Hurricane is better in nearly every way. The outsole is more flexible. The supportive design is more comfortable than ever. The engineered mesh upper is supple, strong, and breathable. The cushioning is no longer only in the heel and runners can now get full-length padding from their beloved ISO. The Hurricane ISO 4 is a great update. It's a great pick for the overpronating runner who doesn't want to wear a heavy, stiff shoe. For those looking for supportive comfort with plenty of cushioning, look no further than the ISO 4.
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      By Steph Coelho
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