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The top running shoes for racing Buying Guide
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10 Best Racing Shoes Reviewed & Tested
Racing footwear must posses attributes which will help to increase and sustain effectiveness. Check out our guide on the best racing shoes. For racers, ideal footwear needs to be able to provide comfortable support in a lightweight, breathable package. On that is flexible and responsive enough to ...
The top rated spikes for racing Buying Guide
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10 Best Spike Racing Shoes Tested
Here comes 2018 and the different weather seasons for spiked shoe runners. It's time to get the best pair of spike racing shoes which work for you and get out and win races. The spikes for shoes are grouped as firstly: cross country running and these spikes need to handle uneven and challenging s...
On Cloudrush is like running on clouds.
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On Cloudrush
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When it comes to running shoes, there are two major philosophies that dominate the design process. One is a jack-of-all-trades style of footwear, where the aim is to design a product that will offer high versatility and the widest possible appeal. The other style is a highly specialized one, where a ...
An in depth review of the Under Armour SpeedForm Sprint Pro
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Under Armour SpeedForm Sprint Pro
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The Under Armour SpeedForm Sprint Pro is a track and field shoe. It has a soft and lightweight synthetic leather upper with laser etched perforations in the upper and tongue for breathability and ventilation. The External TPU Heel Counter and the seamless internal heel cup and silicone grip keep the ...
In depth review of the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite
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Nike Zoom Superfly Elite
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The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is an impressive looking track spike that's obviously meant to go fast. The shoe features a full-length metallic spike place with non-removable spikes. The highly advanced track spike was designed using 3D printing technology. The plate is extremely lightweight and rigid ...
In depth review of the New Balance Hanzo S
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New Balance Hanzo S
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The New Balance Hanzo S is an homage to Japan's road running culture and is constructed to replicate the design of Japanese-style racing shoes. The fit may not be for everyone but there's still plenty to like about the New Balance Hanzo S. The competition racing flat is a low to the ground shoe made ...
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