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what are the best running shoes overall? Buying Guide
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The Best Overall Running Shoes Reviewed
Searching for the best running shoes on the market? Let us help, with rundowns of our top picks for the best overall running shoes for 2017. Finding The Best Overall Running Shoes Running, for many, tends to develop into something that is so much more than just a sport, or simply just another fitne...
our list of the best cycling shoes Buying Guide
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10 Best Cycling Shoes Reviewed and Compared
When it’s time to gear up for riding, having a good pair of cycling shoes is just as important as the bike itself. Cycling shoes are designed to be stiff in order to transfer more power to the pedal with each stroke for better performance. Since they clip into the pedals, the cyclist can use their le...
our list of the 10 best hiking boots fully reivewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Hiking Boots Tested and Fully Reviewed
A good pair of hiking boots is essential for anyone regularly hitting the trails. Boots will improve the comfort of your feet and can protect your joints from the impact of the rugged terrain. Fortunately, these boots do not need to weigh you down and many modern models have such comfortable flexibil...
Our list of the 10 best Reebok shoes for women fully reivewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Reebok Shoes for Women Reviewed
When it comes to athletic shoes, most of us want to buy the most comfortable and high performance shoes without spending a fortune. With so many different brands of athletic shoes at varying price points, it can often be difficult to know where to start your search when it is time to purchase new ath...
Our list of the 10 best looking puma sneakers Buying Guide
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10 Best Looking PUMA Sneakers Reviewed & Rated
As a shoe brand, PUMA is a popular choice for everyday wear. PUMA shoes are known for their style, from metallic looking leather to unique design elements. When it comes to making a decision about which pair shoes you’ll buy next, one of PUMA’s many options would look great in your shoe collection. W...
our list of the 10 Best Puma Sports & Running Shoes Buying Guide
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10 Best Puma Sports Shoes
Puma is well known- brand with the reputation of making quality shoes, and based on the research we conducted, their reputation is still well-deserved. They have athletic shoes in a number of different sports, so below we've summarized the best athletic shoes Puma offers for a variety of sports. Puma...
The best Adidas running spike shoes include the Sprintstar running shoes. Buying Guide
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7 Best Adidas Spike Shoes Tested & Reviewed
It takes a whole lot of hard work, perseverance, determination, and training to be a star on the track. But it also takes the right gear to be able to reach that PR. That means in making sure to invest in a good pair of spike running shoes that will help leave the competition in the dust. When loo...
The 10 best flip flop sandals reviewed and fully compared Buying Guide
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10 Best Flip Flop Sandals Tested & Reviewed
Flip-flop sandals, also commonly referred to as just flip-flops, are some of the most versatile pieces of footwear you can own. Tried and tested for thousands of years and very functional. If we can identify one choice of footwear which has held as comfortable and functional for thousands of years,...
The 10 best CrossFit shoes reviewed and compared Buying Guide
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10 Best CrossFit Shoes Tested and Compared
Runners often get stuck in the monotony of everyday running. While doing so keeps you in incredible cardiovascular shape, the repetitive movement isn’t ideal for total body strengthening and increases your susceptibility to injury. So, many runners turn to CrossFit for a challenging and exciting way ...
10 Best Tough Mudder Gloves Buying Guide
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13 Best Tough Mudder Gloves Reviewed & Compared
Tough mudder courses were created for the singular purpose of being challenging, to push its runners to their limits and to have them walk away knowing they are better for having tried. A good athlete knows their body’s limits and a veteran knows that the right equipment will help them go just that l...
10 Best Obstacle Course Racing Shoes Reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Obstacle Course Racing Shoes Reviewed
The usual rules for high-performance shoes in running terms get thrown out of the window. The performance is not about local runs in parks, a road run, moderate or challenging trail runs or even competitive running events. For obstacle courses, we need shoes which can cope with the complex challenge ...
Top 10 best yoga shoes reviewed and compared Buying Guide
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Top 12 Best Yoga Shoes Compared & Reviewed
In every sport, the right equipment enhances your athletic experience and performance. Yoga is no different. Yoga centers on meditative movement that is meant to relax and strengthen your mind and body. Since simplifying your thoughts and motions to gain both calmness and flexibility is part of t...
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